Why compete with other surgeons through heavy discounts when you can keep your prices and still get new patients?

A Done-For-You Marketing Platform

A Win-Win Loyalty Program For You And Your Patients

Increase Your Trust Level In Your Patients’ Eyes

Save Money On Advertising While Getting More Patients

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What Clients Say About the
Kiss Club

“I really like the increased loyalty of our patients due to The KiSS Rewards Club. They like the emails and social media and are talking about it up and that’s increasing our new patient referrals. We also love the reviews.”

Clair Duffy

Jacksonville Plastic Surgery

Your Opportunity to Escape The “Discount War”

Are you struggling to attract new cosmetic patients without heavy discounts?

Does online marketing feel like a waste of time and money?

It’s no secret that online marketing has a massive potential to get you new cosmetic surgeries.

However, the competition for these valuable patients is fierce, and advertising platforms know that!

The more lucrative the business, the more they charge YOU for every lead and patient.

To make matters worse, for most surgeons, the easiest way to stand out from the crowd of thousands of other surgeons is to offer discounts.

And once you’re down that road, you have to compete with them and eventually offer your services way below their value.

But there’s a better way to attract new cosmetic patients!

2020 KISS Case Study:

A plastic surgery practice in a very competitive area wanted to increase their patients’ lifetime value with surgical and non-surgical revenues. Their goal was to decrease discounting their services, while decreasing their advertising costs by nurturing their current patients. Even though COVID shut them down for 2 months, they still managed to have a great year of profits.

Referrals: 52   Reviews: 140   Video Testimonial: 1   Social Shares: 5

Had Surgery: 67 (Value $5k x 67) = $335,000 ( only 6 months )

Appointment Requests: 49 (Avg Value = $300) = $14,700

New Patient Sign-Ups: 372 (Avg Value $150) = $55,800

Member in $3k tier: 66 = $198,000

Member in $5k tier: 14= $70,000

Revenues From Referrals = $19,379

Total Revenues = $19,379

Redemptions/Hard Costs

Botox: 190 x $120 = ($22,800)

Filler: 22 x $200 = ($4,400)

Total Consumable Hard Costs = ($27,200)

Done-For-You Marketing Costs = ($24,000)

Profit = $1,376,481

ROI = 2,7688%

The Power of Social Proof

What do cosmetic patients love more than discounts?

To look stunning and irresistible.

The main reason why they decide to have cosmetic surgery is to feel beautiful.

And let’s face it, cosmetic surgeries can be potentially risky. After all, not every surgeon is experienced and skilled enough to perform a flawless surgery.

With that said, the results of a failed surgery can often be horrific and irreversible.

Nobody wants to be a lab rat. Cosmetic patients wish to be operated on by a skillful, experienced professional.

And since the internet is full of reviews, opinions, and recommendations about everything (including cosmetic surgeons) – that’s where everyone looks first.

Patients will come to you because they know you’re the best at what you do and have the reviews, the before/after photos, and the testimonials to back that up.

These surgeons know what we’re talking about:

Kiss Rewards Club
Case Study #1 Results:
One Month (3k Database)

Email Open Rate:                        30%

New Sign Ups:                              120

Referrals:                                       12

Reviews:                                         26

Facebook Likes:                            26

Instagram Likes:                           32

$3k Tier Club:                                38

$5k Tier Club:                                6

Revenues:                                      $89,000

Redemption Costs:                     $4,530

ROI = 1,293%

Kiss Rewards Club
Case Study #2 Results:
One Month (700 Database)

Email Open Rate:                        25%

New Sign Ups:                              22

Referrals:                                       6

Reviews:                                         4

Facebook Likes:                            20

Instagram Likes:                           22

$3k Tier Club:                                31

$5k Tier Club:                                9

Revenues:                                      $83,000

Redemption Costs:                     $2,440

ROI = 1,814%

Kiss Rewards Club
Case Study #3 Results:
One Month (2.5k Database)

Email Open Rate:                        14%

New Sign Ups:                              54

Referrals:                                       4

Reviews:                                         8

Facebook Likes:                            4

Instagram Likes:                           22

$3k Tier Club:                                N/A

$5k Tier Club:                                N/A

Revenues:                                      $135,000

Redemption Costs:                     $1,600

ROI = 3,705%

How KISS Loyalty Club Is Going to Help You

You must be thinking, “Well, social proof and reviews are great, but how doI get them? Do I have to beg my patients?” Not at all!

That’s where we come in.

Plastic Surgery Consult
Give Your Patients Something to Talk About!

This patient used the KiSS sucker to sing the praises of her surgeonand The KiSS Club to her own social media platforms.

That’s how you encourage your patients to refer their friends in a fun and effective way.

Here are comments from patient
online consult forms talking about KiSS:
Plastic Surgery Consult

Message: Hi, I’m working with cheri and have a scheduled surgery on May with Dr. —– I was trying to sign up for your kiss program. I have also reffered a friend to — —- for a mommy makeover with Dr. —– thanks so much!

Procedure/Comment: Please sign me up for kiss program. I am referring my sister and I am having a procedure. Thank you.

By shifting your marketing efforts from new patients to your existing patient base, you can get the same results for a fraction of the cost.

And no, you don’t need to stop getting new patients. You just need to use the power of social proof to let your existing patients do the hard work for you.

“But why would they do that?” you might ask.

When someone sees a friend or a family member after successful plastic surgery, they will surely ask them to recommend the surgeon.

Some of your patients might recommend you, but they wouldn’t be all that motivated.

With our KISS loyalty program, they are getting KiSS rewards for every referral they bring to your practice and for every recommendation they make!

Now, that’s what we call motivation. With our loyalty program in place, you can offer your patients KiSS rewards while getting new patients – all without spending money on ads or offering discounts.

And that’s not all! As you know, many cosmetic patients don’t stop after one procedure.

If you want to make sure they come back to YOU for their following procedures, you need to reward their loyalty. And the best way to do that is with an exclusive loyalty program.

Of course, the Botox and wrinkle filler vendors have their own loyalty programs, but these aren’t exclusive. Your patients could benefit from them by choosing ANY practice that uses the same vendors.

But with KISS Loyalty, they will receive unique rewards by being only YOUR patients, making them up to 10X more loyal to you.

How The Kiss Loyalty Club Works

We designed our loyalty program to give you a hassle-free, automated way to manage your existing and referred patients.

We do everything for you while you concentrate on what you do best – making people feel more beautiful.

That includes:

10-Minute Training on our cloud-based platform

Managing your outreach on social media

Improving your email messaging and conversions

Driving your existing patients back for more procedures

Generating new referrals from Facebook and Instagram

Encouraging your patients to post reviews, testimonials, and “before and after” results

That’s just a small part of all the benefits you get with KISS.

And What Do Patients Get?

Your patients receive 1 KiSS for every dollar they spend. That gets them excited to collect additional KiSSes for Free Botox, Filler, and Lasers when they:

Return more often

Refer their friends

Leave a review

Share you on social media

Approve their photos for your gallery

Give you a video testimonial

Complete surgery (optional)

Please note we are NOT DISCOUNTING. We offer free rewards in exchange for patients growing your practice for you at a minimum of 750% profit margin.

Kiss Rewards Club
Case Study #4 Results:
One Month (10k Database)

New Sign ups:                               59

Referrals:                                       1

Video Testimonial:                      5

Reviews:                                         7

$3k Tier Club:                                32

$5k Tier Club:                               1

Revenues:                                      $180,104

Redemption Costs:                     $3.997

ROI = 2,604%

Kiss Rewards Club
Case Study #5 Results:
One Month (1k Database)

New Sign ups:                               11

Referrals:                                       6

Reviews:                                         1

$3k Tier Club:                               40

$5k Tier Club:                               20

Revenues:                                    $52,627

Redemption Costs:                    $1,880

ROI = 2,699%

It’s time to stop wasting time on fruitless marketing efforts and start getting new patients the smart way!

Plastic Surgery Consult
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Key points made in interview by KiSS Client:

“There is lots of competition around us, so you have to differentiate.

This was not a “break the bank investment” and it made sense.

“Onboarding was seamless and smooth.”

It changed the conversation from discounting to adding value with KiSSes.

Patients love collecting and redeeming KiSSes.

I still use Brilliant Distinctions and they work well together, but they can only get KiSSes from us so that’s helping with retention and loyalty.

Thank you for coming up with such a great idea!”

Share you on social media

Many patients have resurfaced.”

The best part about KISS is that you Risk Nothing!

You can use our KiSS Loyalty Program for 60 days and if you and your patients aren’t thrilled with the results, send us a message, and we’ll refund your money.

The next step is for us to talk so I can ask questions to determine which pricing level will give you the best results.

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