New Year. New Plan. New Patients.

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New Year. New Plan. New Patients.

New Year. New Plan. New Patients.

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Topic: New Year. New Plan. New Patients.

Dear Catherine,

I went over my numbers for last year and learned I’m spending twice as much on marketing as I used to and definitely not seeing twice the results. If anything, I’m spending more and getting less results. I need a better plan this year since I want to promote my practice in a smarter, more certain way.

What do you suggest?

Dr. J,

Catherine’s Answer:

Dear J,

Thanks for your great question.

If you are spending more on marketing than you used to and are not seeing positive results, it is time to adjust your “patient-attraction plan for 2015.

Since some of the answers to your question are in your numbers, that’s the best place to start so here’s a simple exercise…

Look at your advertising and marketing expenses from 2014 and fill in these blanks for each promotional project:

Project/Ad/Promotion + Cost                                $_________

# of leads from that promotion                               _____

# of consults from those leads                               _____

# of patients who said yes                                      _____

Revenues from the yeses                                     $_________

Difference between Project Cost – Revenues =   $_________

If your answer is positive >>> CONTINUE Spending

If your answer is negative >>> DISCONTINUE Spending

By the way, if you can’t fill in the blanks above because you spend money on “name recognition and awareness campaigns” that are NOT trackable to tangible results, I would think twice about investing in it. Or, at least first invest in promotions you can actually track results to so you know you are getting a return on your investment.

The answers you are looking for are ALWAYS in your numbers.

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