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The secret is: You don’t compete – you differentiate!  You make sure your old, current and prospective patients know why you are different, specifically why you are perfect for them.  That starts very early on and continues indefinitely.  The aesthetic patient is always asking, “Is the price worth the time, money, effort or can I get the same result for less elsewhere?”  To keep the, you must show them why they chose you, and show them often.

Since patients buy emotionally and then justify logically, it’s your job to remind them (in subtle ways) you are more qualified, more experienced and more skilled than others.  Or perhaps you are faster, offer extended or special hours for appointments, or offer a guarantee.  You never want to criticize your competitors, so focus on how you go above and beyond..  Build yourself up so your patients come to the logical conclusion on their own.

How do you build up your image?  Print your medical association and hospital affiliation logos on your website, your business card, your letterhead, practice brochure and everywhere else your patients will see it.  Be sure they see testimonials from other physicians who sing your praises since that’s super credible to a patient.  Go above and beyond your competitors.  “Sell” services you can perform that others cannot such as hospital privileges “just in case”.

Better yet, address the issue head on!  Write a special report called “5 Things You Should Know About Your Aesthetic Physician” or “The Truth About Injectables” and then write it with a slant that would be only favorable to you. Now offer this special report in your advertising, your promotional materials as well as your Website to attract your preferred patients.

One last note, you have to know who you want to attract.  Adding qualifiers to your promotional efforts helps you weed out those patients you don’t want and attract those patients you do want.


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