Are You a One-Hit Wonder?

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If you spend all of your time, money and effort getting a new patient to say yes to you and then never see them again after their procedure, you are doing them, you and your pocketbook a disservice.

The patient liked and trusted you enough to say yes. The hard part is done. The least you could do is reciprocate by staying in touch, following up and seeing how they are. You can do some of that with post-op follow up appointments. It shows you care and gives you more opportunity to bond with the patient.

However, there’s a group of patients who won’t bother with follow-up appointments. They’re happy and don’t feel the need.  That’s the group you want to reach out to throughout the year and give them other reasons to visit you.

An aesthetic patient has endless needs so it’s almost guaranteed if they had an issue with their looks, there’s a really good chance another issue has their attention.

Keep in touch to keep them coming back again and again.


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