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Convert More Callers and Consultations!
Virtual Training for Physician(s) and Staff

What I have found in my last 17 years of working with hundreds of practices is that so much money is left on the table when your staff is not trained to close callers to appointments and consultations to paid procedures.

My training is guaranteed to increase your conversions in BOTH areas by at least 10% so what it’s worth to you to get 10% more appointments and 10% more booked procedures?

Here’s what you can expect:

Currently 10% More
Calls 100/month 110/month
Consults 50/month 55/month
Procedure $5,000 $5,000
Revenues $250,000 $302,500

That’s an extra $630,000 per year when your staff is properly trained and here’s how we’ll do it: Based on the skill level of your staff we learned from our mystery-shopping, I will then conduct customized, interactive training on the following topics:

Training #1:“How to Turn Your Phone Calls Into Profits”

This training is for all staff who answer your phones (even if they are just back-up staff). The topics will include:

  • 5 phone fixes to be addressed on EVERY call for the best possible outcome
  • how to strategically ask for the appointment without pushing
  • how to promote YOU, the physician, as the BEST choice and much more..

Training #2: “Prospect to Patient: How to Get a Patient to a YES”

This training is mainly for you, the physician and the patient care coordinator (although all staff can benefit from it since every step in the patient experience leads to a Yes or a NO. The topics will include:

  • how to frame YOU, the physician, as the best choice BEFORE the consultation
  • how to address price questions and patients who want to negotiate
  • how to professionally “close” the consultation without being pushy and much more

There is an interactive training with a Q&A session so you and your staff understand how to use the strategies so your results improve immediately. After each online training session, you receive a package of the DVD Replay, power point slides and guides to use for new staff training as well as refreshers for your current staff since this is all about on-going, never-ending improvement.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back

It’s simple. If your staff goes through my training and doesn’t improve by at least 10% within the first 10 telephone phone calls and patient consultations, just let me know and I’ll issue you a full refund – period.

No more cringing when you hear your receptionist botching a new patient call. No more frustration watching prospective patients walk out your front door without booking. No more wasted time on consultations going nowhere because your patient coordinator will NOW professionally represent you as the BEST CHOICE and they’ll book the consultation to a paid procedure and fill your schedule…now that they have the proper training.

Give yourself a raise this year without hiring more staff or buying more advertising. I charge $15,000 to spend the day with your staff to teach them what I will be teaching on this online event. You can keep losing callers and consultations later or invest NOW in solutions – it’s your choice.

Recap: Here’s what you get

  • (2) Customized and Interactive Online Trainings for you and your staff.
  • (3) Mystery Shopping Calls to your practice to get a feel for
    your staff’s skills to help identify what training would be most
  • DVD Replays as well as Instant Replay digital link. Use this for ongoing review and never-ending staff training for improvement.
  • Power Point Slides of the Online Training to refer to when you are looking for quick references and prefer reading vs. watching the DVD
  • Cliff Notes for Converting Consults: Quick reference guide to practice the key fundamentals needed to turn consultations into profits.
  • Phone Tracking Exercise Pad to practice the 5 key fundamentals needed on every call to turn them into profits.
  • “5 Phone Fixes” Guide to use as reminder of the fundamentals to use on EVERY CALL. This alone will triple your conversions.
  • Laminated Guides: quick reference guides for successful surgical and minimally-invasive patient visits“ to use as reminder of the fundamentals to use for every consult.


  1. Single payment of $4,997 or

  2. 2 payments of $2,775