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Make it as user-friendly to the prospective patient as possible.  Include a major benefit statement that depicts the patients’ vision – not yours.  Keep it simple, add credibility such as medical association logos and any PR you’ve gotten and add a video of you welcoming them to your website.  The more interactive, your website, the better.

And give your visitors a good reason to interact with you  Allow them to ask you a question download a special report or submit their photos for a virtual consultation.

Prospective internet patients are typically looking on the Internet for a solution that bothers them.  They are frustrated, tired of, or disgusted with something and want to change it – now.  They are super motivated at the moment so you want to leverage that to your advantage.  And, the patient will turn to the physician who answers their questions now and who made them the most comfortable to go the next step to learn more. So, how do you do that?  Your website:

  • Includes benefit statements to tell the patient what they will experience when they choose you
  • – Video of you welcoming them to your practice
  • – Video introducing each of your staff members they will meet when they call, visit and have surgery/procedures performed.
  • – Other patient videos saying how great you are and how they love their result
  • – A downloadable special report to answer their burning questions
  • – A downloadable gift card to experience your practice for the first time

The better and most complete experience your prospective patient has on your website, the more chance you have of them converting to a call, then an appointment and then a procedure.


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