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I will Find and Train a Patient Care Coordinator
to Convert More Consultations for YOU

I will handle all facets of finding you a patient card coordinator that knows how to bond, qualify and convert your prospective patients. This is a one-month service to find and includes the following services:

  • I Write the Ad for Indeed
  • My staff reviews each resume for YES, MAYBE, NO
  • If YES, my staff researches them online & makes the initial call
  • I then have them text me (to see if they follow directions)
  • I ask a variety of questions about their skills, experience, and career goals
  • If they pass all of that, I forward the resume to you to set up phone interview (I provide questions for you to ask)
  • If that goes well, you have them come in for interview (and ask more questions)
  • I then check references
  • You pick one!

I will now provide them with additional training materials. They will get access to my online training videos to watch and learn:

  • How to Convert More Consultations
  • Selling the Invisible: Advanced Converting Strategies
  • How to Follow Up After the Consult

I will do a 1-on-1 training call that includes role-playing and Q&A to ensure they understand the advanced strategies.

They are given Free Bonus Flip Scripts to practice with and for easy reference.

They will also be held accountable. They will be required to fill out the weekly metrics for their position and we’ll review the consults to determine what worked, what didn’t and how to handle objections and get to a YES. (I recommend they continue this practice with you or I can continue to do it for you for a nominal fee per month).

Fees: $5K One-Time Fee + up to $200 Indeed Fee + Free Bonus Flip Scripts + Free Training Videos (Value $994)

+ Accountability call(s) with me for one month.

Note: If I am not able to find someone within the month, I will extend it for another month for an additional $2K + $200 Indeed Fee OR I will give you the ad, interviewing questions and metrics for you to take over for free.

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What Other Surgeons Said…

"Catherine found me the best coordinator I’ve ever had. Maryanna came with experience, a drive to succeed and after 3 months has me booked out further than anyone I’ve had in many years of practice. This hire was a game-changer for me."
"I was ready to take my practice to the next level. That meant adding a new key player who knew how to convert cosmetic consultations. Since I didn’t have the time nor experience with this, I hired Catherine to find me a rock star and she more than exceeded my expectations. Catherine found me the best patient care coordinator I could have asked for. She worked out a payment plan that was fair to me and motivating to my coordinator. She also provided training tools to help my coordinator convert better, even though was already experienced. The results have been phenomenal. So good, in fact, that my income increased 250% and I’m booked at for 3 months. Don’t waste any more time or money doing it yourself. Outsource to someone you trust!"
"I was having staffing issues and turned to Catherine to help me. She not only identified the type of person I needed to hire but also how to use my current staff to their best ability. Within weeks, Catherine found me an A-Player and I couldn't be more pleased. We finally have a great team in place. I highly recommend calling Catherine for your staffing issues."