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Postcards are a fun way to announce a new procedure, introduce a new staff member, celebrate various holidays throughout the year and invite your patients to your events.

You can customize postcards using your own pictures and graphics or you can select from our library of ready-made postcards that are eye-catching and compelling enough to get your telephone to ring. Prices vary depending on quantity and design work involved.

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Case Study :

A large 6×9 2-sided color postcard was sent to 1,500 aesthetic patients introducing a new aesthetician to the practice as well as a special offer to experience a facial treatment from her.

Patient postcards
32 Microdermabrasion Treatments =
6 Botox Treatments =
5 Skin Care Products =
$ 375
3 Surgical Consultations =
Revenues =
Costs to Design, Print & Mail =
( $2,600)
Total Return on Investment =
+ Increased Patient Loyalty
+ Brought in Long-Lost Patients
+ Increased Referrals
+ Open the Discussion for Surgery
+ Goodwill is Priceless

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