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Ask Catherine: [Patient Retention Wins]

…is a weekly post where I select and personally respond to one question received from my consults, Webinars, emails or talks that I believe will help the most practices. Please provide your feedback!

Ask Catherine

This Week’s Question:

Dear Catherine,

I’ve been in practice for 12 years and I’ve built up a patient database of 2,500 cosmetic patients. But my staff and I noticed many of them don’t return at all or they only return for their Botox treatment and not much else. What should I be doing to build a loyal following?  Dr. S

Catherine’s Answer:

Hello Dr. S,

Well, there’s good news and bad news. The good news is you’ve done a great job building up your patient database. I know that took a lot of money and effort to make that happen so congratulations.

The bad news is you have NOT done a very good job leveraging those relationships by building in and implementing patient retention strategies.

Did you know the majority of those patients still invest in cosmetic services; but sadly, they have moved on to your competitors?

You may be interested to know, the #1 reason patients leave your practice is…Your Indifference!

Taking these valuable patients for granted and ignoring them opens up the door for your competitors to swoop in and woo them away.

I watch so many practices spend an absolute fortune attracting new patients but put no effort into nurturing these patients who already know, like and trust them.

My recent article in Surgical Aesthetics lays out my top 3 strategies to win back these long-lost patients:

A happy patient is a returning / referring patient.

A happy patient is a returning / referring patient










Post-Op Flowers Help with Recovery

Post-Op Flowers Help with Recovery


Patient Appreciation Events Build Patient Loyalty

Patient Appreciation Events Build Patient Loyalty

Hold a Brainstorming Session

Get together as a team to come up with your own creative ideas to build patient happiness and loyalty. Think of how YOU like to be treated and what keeps you going back to the same service providers over and over.

What has worked for you to keep your patients loyal to you and your practice?

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