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Unless you’ve been on a deserted island for the past year or two, you know patient reviews are part of your new reality.

Thanks to peer-to-peer forums, Yelp, and countless other review sites, you are being scrutinized by your patients.  Good or bad, they are talking about you.

Here is what you can do to ensure that talk is all good:

A “WOW” Patient Experience
Make your patient feel special and cared for every single time they call or visit you. You are in the business of feelings, so do everything you can to make your patients feel cared for and cared about.  That encompasses their entire experience with your office – from your receptionist answering the phone in a friendly manner, your staff greeting visiting patients with a smile, and your building rapport with those patients so they feel comfortable.

Give Them Satisfying Result
Give your patients a good result.  Make sure it’s a result they are happy with; something their friends will comment on.  A look they feel was worth the money.  And, by all means, address any concerns a patient might have about the result they got.  You cannot afford to ignore their dissatisfaction, because that’s when they turn to the internet to vent their frustration with you.

Ask for Feedback
Be proactive about what is being said about you on the internet.  When your patient tells you how happy they are with their result, ask them to share their story in a testimonial either in writing or in a video.  You could give them instructions on how to give you a good review on review sites, or you could mail/email them a post-op survey.  Make sure to thank your patients for their feedback and for their interest in helping spread the word about you to other would-be patients.

Stay Informed
An easy way for you to monitor what is being said about you in cyberspace is to set up a Google alert using your name and your practice name.  Google will email you anytime your name(s) are mentioned. That will give you the opportunity to address issues and/or maximize nice things being said about you.


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