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Because here’s the problem….

You have a lot working against you to build a busy AND profitable cosmetic surgery practice in today’s crazy competitive world.

It’s not just the relentless competition surrounding you at every turn.

It’s also the advancements in technology that make patients hold off on surgery, assuming the latest injectable or laser
will do the trick.

And it’s the fickle consumer patients who KNOW they have many choices so they come ready to negotiate with you.

Not to mention google rules changing daily so you no longer see your practice show up on the first page of the search rankings because google does not consider you an “Authority Site” ….   whatever that means.

And, then there’s confusing social media. If its the cutting edge tactic to new patients, why can’t you see how it’s making you money? You only see how much time your staff is clocking in to “socialize” with strangers you are never going to meet.  UGH!

But it’s not your fault!
How the heck are you supposed to deal with all of these changes?

Nobody ever mentioned any of THIS in medical school (heck, it might not have been around then).

If you can relate to this, then I have a solution.

The answers to these frustrations, and many more, are all waiting for you in my Brand New “More Patients Academy  Online Learning Center” because it’s what you DON’T KNOW that is costing you dearly.

As a matter of fact, several of the answers I give you have proven to double revenues within 30 days .

Actually, one guide alone increased revenues by 15-27% within 4 days. 

Imagine what it would be like to attract cosmetic patients that gladly pay top dollar for your skills and expertise.

Patients who become raving fans and your best sales ambassadors who work for free because they respect you and your work so much.

For the past 17 years, I have worked with plastic surgery practices all over the world to generate over $17,000,000 additional revenues for them using my creative marketing and business strategies to get them more patients and more profits.

I have used my degrees in marketing and in business to guide surgeons to win in this complex game in this aesthetic rejuvenation industry…


“Catherine Maley has one of the best Marketing Minds in the aesthetic industry, bar none. She understands the aesthetic patient and she also understands the challenges and frustrations we face as aesthetic physicians. 

 I run a huge practice with 40+ staff and her materials are devoured by my team. We are always searching for strategies that work and give us results and Catherine provides that in an easy-to-understand AND easy-to-implement strategies.
You will benefit from Catherine’s tools whether you are new in practice or a seasoned professional. Turn to Catherine for guidance- she knows what she’s talking about!” 

Edwin F Williams, MD
Williams Surgery Center – NY

More Patients Academy is an online learning center designed to give you:

– Step-by-Step proven strategies to attract more patients WITHOUT spending
   more on advertising or hiring more staff

– A business plan so you are certain to stay healthy, happy and profitable

– Peace of mind knowing you have a proven plan and well trained team in place
      to keep a steady stream of your “preferred” patients coming to you


​”After attending Catherine’s online training, we got lots of ideas and were able to create a plan for the rest of the year. We are “at ease” knowing we have a plan in place and ready to go. Thanks Catherine.​”

Donna Rich, MD – TX

“Catherine Maley turned our practice around. We attended her How To Convert More Consultations webinar and implemented her system the following week. We converted more consultations in that week than we did in the entire month. Our practice went from a painful 50% no show rate to a remarkable 85% show rate. Even more impressive was our close ratio – from 35% to 80% and still increasing. We would recommend her to any practice that’s looking to not only increase their profits today, but sustain a healthy flow of income for many years to come.”

Sam Assassa, MD – CA

“Catherine was so helpful to me in learning how to be the best coordinator I could be when I joined this busy cosmetic practice. “Catherine was so helpful to me in learning how to be the best coordinator I could be when I joined this busy cosmetic practice. Thanks to her training, I increased my knowledge, used her strategies and my conversions went up enough to now be labeled, “The Converting Super Star” in our practice”.

Stephanie Deswert, Patient Coordinator – PA



Here’s what you get when you join More Patients Academy Online Learning Center:

– 16 Online Training Modules ready for immediate viewing  on a variety of patient-
attraction, staff-training, practice- building and leadership topics;

– Power Point Slides for each module so you can follow  along and “swipe” the scripts and
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– Strategy Call with me personally to help guide you through sticking points that may
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You get a “deep-dive” with graphics and step-by-step processes on the most important topics that make you profitable:
  • How To Differentiate YOU From Your Competitors
  • How Your Staff Can Market You While You’re in Surgery
  • How To Dramatically Increase Your Email Results
  • How To Run Your Practice Like a Business
  • How To Convert Callers to Appointments
  • How To Comfortably Convert Consultations
  • How To Follow Up AFTER the Consultation that Didn’t Book
  • How To Set Up a Reliable and Predictable Marketing Plan
  • How To Hold a Patient Event that is Fun AND Profitable
  • How to Market to All Generations Without Going Broke
  • How to Double Your Revenues This Year
  • How to Position Your Physician as the BEST CHOICE
  • How to Get 10 More 5-Star Patient Reviews Within 30 Days
  • How to Sell Retail
  • How to Advertise to Get a Response

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