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There is a reason you charge more. You have the skills and expertise to back it up. So rather than lower your prices when a prospective patient shows you the “deal of a century” they can get from someone else, here’s a better approach.  Let a “bargain-shopping patient” share their own story like this one:

“(Dr. X) ruined my life.  He performed a rhinoplasty on me that destroyed my face.  He gave me a very upturned piggish nose that looks ridiculous.  In addition, my lower eyelids became permanently sunken in and darkened.  Now, I always look tired and sad.  He also damaged the oil glands in the skin covering my nose, as a result the skin on my nose is always dry and scaly. 

My ability to breathe through my nose was greatly diminished, he, unbelievably, narrowed my airways.
When I asked him why he diminished my ability to breathe, he simply responded that he’s only a cosmetic surgeon and that he doesn’t concern himself with breathing issues.  

When I cried about my mangled face, he just went on and on about how he does the fastest rhinoplasty in America.  He brags that he never spends more than 35 minutes in the operating room with a patient.  Well maybe that’s the problem!  Where is he running to?  Maybe he should spend a little more time in the OR to make sure that he’s giving his patient a nose that matches his face.

Eventually, I found two doctors that were able to restore some of my dignity and make my face look human again. 

I have spent over $100,000 in efforts to fix my face and ability to breathe.  For the past 10 years, since this man ruined me, it has been an endless stream of consultations, surgeries and skin treatments just so that I can get back to looking somewhat normal

Dr. X charges much less than other surgeons, but he’ll cost you a lot more when you desperately need to find another doctor to fix his mistakes. 

Don’t be stingy with your life.  Don’t go for the cheapest and most available surgeon, like I did.  Do your homework and research when selecting a doctor.  Make sure that the doctor is trained to do the work you need.  Make sure he has before and after pictures of other patients with similar issues.”

You most likely have a similar patient with a similar story. Get that in writing with their photos and their permission to show your other prospective patients and blog about it.  And, be sure they do patient reviews around it because you really do get what you pay for.

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