Where Will Your New Patients Come From?

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I just returned from my Mastermind Conference where I hang with a small group of top Marketers in the world to share what’s working and what’s not when it comes to growing a business (or practice).

The consensus was mass external marketing to complete strangers is out and strategic alliance marketing is in.  The noise is too loud in today’s massive media explosion for you to be heard.

What will work is having a group of patients who sing your praises to their friend (who believe and trust them).  So your job is to make it easy for your patients to brag about you.  Here’s one idea that works like a champ:

Use patient appreciation events and in-house seminars to get face time with your patients and their friends so they see, hear and touch you.  They will remember you longer, stay loyal to you and their friends are more likely to choose you now that they’ve spent Live-Time with you.

The bottom line is this:  it’s all about the quality of a patient today and NOT quantity.  You need solid patients who love you, stay loyal to you, return again and again and refer their friends.  Referral systems are a great way to guarantee your patients keep you on their mind even after they walk out your door.  I hope you hear me on this one.


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