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Mystery Shopping LIVE: Calls to Consults

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Ask Catherine

This Week’s Question:Mystery Shopping LIVE: Calls to Consults

Dear Catherine,

Today I walked by the front desk and cringed when I overheard my receptionist talking to a prospective cosmetic patient.

She was being friendly enough but it’s WHAT she was saying that disturbed me.

The caller was obviously interested in a tummy tuck because I heard my phone staff say, “Yes, we do tummy tucks.”

But then I heard her say, “It’s a pretty big operation and it takes months to heal.”

To add insult to injury, I next heard, “$10,500 but it could be more if the operation takes longer” and “OK, Bye”.

When I asked her what that call was about, she told me the caller was price-shopping and shrugged.

I now realize my receptionist needs more training to handle these calls since that may have cost me $10K.

My question to is, what could my staff have said to turn that caller into a consultation?

Dr. U

Catherine’s Answer:

Hello Dr. U,

Thank you for a great question. Your practice phones can make or break you, depending on who is managing them and how trained they are to take a caller to a booked consultation.

Although handling cosmetic practice phones is a learned skill that takes practice, like any other professional skill, here are some pointers to turn your calls to consults:

Bond with the Caller

When your receptionist offers her own name to the caller, the caller is much more likely to offer theirs. Now the receptionist can use the caller’s name to bond with them and make them more comfortable to share additional information as the call moves along.

Get the Referral SourceMystery Shopping LIVE: Calls to Consults

Your receptionist now needs to ask out how the caller heard about you. Because if the caller says one of your patients told her about you, your receptionist should book the consult now. However, if they say the Internet, your receptionist will want to ask more qualifying questions such as what is their time frame.

Position the Physician

Your phone staff must be trained to NEVER give out prices BEFORE pre-framing you as the BEST choice. Otherwise, the caller could get sticker shock because they don’t have any point of reference between price and skills.

I’ll bet that’s what happened on the call you overheard.

If that was the first call the caller made, they heard $10,500 and ran off to make more calls or do more research to find out if that was high or low.

So, let me ask you this? Do you think that was a common caller experience to your office or a one-time fluke?

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This Webinar is no longer available, please check out our online store for tools to  help you with patient attraction, conversion, follow up and retention.



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