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VASER invited me to be their guest speaker on their last Webinar entitled, “How to Plan a Successful Open House”.  This is the best way I know of to bond with, educate and create loyalty with your patients in today’s competitive world.

I laid out a 12-point plan that used to bring my clients revenues of $20,000-$48,000 in 3 hours!  To recap, here they are:

1.       Select a Coordinator

2.       Pick a Day and Time

3.       Involve Your Vendors

4.       Pick a Theme

5.       Catering

6.       Design & Mail Invitation

7.       Promote Event

8.       Get Buy-In From Staff

9.       Hosting the Big Night

10.   Educate Your Visitors

11.   The Morning After

12.   Tracking Results

I go into great detail on each of the above points in the Webinar you can WATCH NOW or I have a complete module on the topic that includes a guide book, a DVD and plug and play graphic files by clicking here.

For a Free Marketing Checklist, Visit or call Catherine at (877) 339-8833.  Her firm specializes in creative patient attraction – conversion – retention strategies to drive aesthetic profits.

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