Receptionist Training

Turn Your Phone Calls into Profits


Let’s face it. Times have changed. 

  It’s way too competitive to be mediocre. It’s also way too costly to attract a new patient so you can’t afford to lose them at the phone stage. I’m sure you’re painfully aware of how difficult it’s gotten to convert prospective patients due to the insane amount of competition and information available.

 This creates confusion and fickle prospective patients who know if
they don’t like their experience with you on the phone, they can
always call your competitors. That means you want to be better than your competitors, so they choose to book their consultation with you.

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What Are Bad Phones Costing You?

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You would be amazed at the loss of revenues when you don’t have the right people, scripts and strategies in place to convert your callers to booked appointments. 

By the way, if you think your staff is already great, just know my team and I have been mystery shopping cosmetic practices since Year 2000 and every practice can use improvement on their phone strategies and scripts to convert more callers.


Announcing The Converting Club for Receptionists

Here’s What You Get:

  • 18 Training Videos where I personally lay out the strategies and scripts to effectively convert callers to appointments.
  • Quizzes your receptionists completes after each training module to help them learn and retain the most important points.
  • (2) Mystery Calls Per Month
  • We will mystery shop your office to help ensure they learned effective strategies are being used. This helps your receptionist(s) bring their A-game every day.
  • Monthly Report Cards and Call Recordings are sent to you every month so you can monitor their progress.
  • Accountability – We will monitor your receptionist’s participation by how many videos and quizzes they have completed and “prod” them along the way.
  • Certification – By the end of this training, your receptionist will have the advanced skill set to be a qualified “Best Practices Certified Telephone Ambassador” for your practice and receive a certificate they can proudly display.

Your Receptionist Will Have Complete Access to These Tools that Transform Her Into a Revenue-Generating Machine:


Video Modules by Topic



Each video module contains a quiz to test your receptionist on the most important points. This helps to ensure retention.


(2) Mystery Calls Per Month

We will mystery shop your office to help ensure the learned effective strategies are being used. This helps your receptionist(s) bring their A-game every day.


What Other Surgeons Say About My Phone Training Materials...

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“Your staff did an excellent job with their mystery shopping calls and written report. It was nice to hear that my staff was doing a good job, and that there were still many areas that could be done even better. There were many great bits of information in the report and our conversation really helped to pull it all together. I’m looking forward to utilizing the scripting materials and the phone conference with my staff. I plan on implementing your suggestions tomorrow.” –– Edward Buckingham, MD – TX
Dr J Shah

“I really like your new audio series “How To Turn Your Phone Calls Into Profits”. Hearing the variety of your lively voices roleplay the caller and the receptionist helped me visualize your concepts better. And because it’s so interactive, my staff will retain the information better. This tool will be mandatory for all new staff hires and that will make my job easier.”  — S.J. Shah, MD – NY


“I caught the PM receptionist using one of the lines from “Exceptional Receptionist: to snag a potential Botox patient who was there to have her son seen for acne! Thank you for your excellent ideas.”  — Renee A. Glover, MD – NC