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Looking for a plastic surgery cash surge strategy that makes you money? Here it is… When cosmetic patients are in your office, they should stay focused on one thing – YOU and YOUR SERVICES.

Get rid of the People magazines, turn off the TV and stash anything else that distracts your patients. They need to be educated about all your plastic surgery procedures to help them look and feel their best.

Replace all of that “fluff” with simple digital photo frames that are “silently” running before/after photos and showing off your great plastic surgery skill and expertise.

The goal is for your plastic surgery patients to start a conversation with you about a plastic surgery procedure that caught their eye and they want to learn more about it.

These eye-catching photo frames need to be eye-level in your reception area, each exam room, as well as the restrooms.

But here’s the pearl:

You show great plastic surgery before and after photos and the caption needs to be a pain point with a solution.

For example, this graphic very clearly says Liposuction for Belly Fat. Now your visiting plastic surgery patient has a visual of what liposuction for belly fat can do for them. If they have belly fat, that could be the only prodding they needed to ask you to tell them more.

By the way, Belly Fat is one of the most popular google search terms for people who want to lose their tummy so use it to your advantage.

Digital Photo FrameClick on graphic to enlarge

The point is, this plastic surgery cash surge strategy is simple.

No Ads.
No Sound.
No Vendor Logos.
Just Problem, Solution and Proof.

My clients have made hundreds of thousands of dollars from this one strategy so use it and prosper!

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