Plastic Surgery Podcast Marketing

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Plastic Surgery Podcast Marketing

Plastic surgery podcast marketing is the latest media channel that works well for several reasons:

  • You’ll reach a larger audience of prospective patients
  • You will enhance your current branding
  • It improves your SEO rankings since you’re on more platforms

BUT, you must commit. We need to start here because if you are serious about starting your own podcast, you have to show up regularly and do what it takes to keep this media channel alive.

Know Why You Want a Podcast.

Why do you want to do plastic surgery podcast marketing? The obvious answer is to attract more cosmetic patients to your practice and that’s a good reason.

Maybe you want to be the “voice of reality” for prospective cosmetic patients to help them separate the reality from the hype. Being an educational platform is also a great why.

You may also want to grow your brand and build a reputation in this industry as an influencer.

Or, maybe you’re simply ready to grow and expand and this is a fun way to stretch your skillset. There’s no right answer. There’s only an answer that will keep you engaged and committed.

Now that your why is established, here is what you need to get your podcast up and running:

Pick a Podcast Name and Theme Song

Keep it simple and memorable. Think about your audience and what they’re interested in. For example, “Plastic Surgery Real Stories” podcast.

Google the name to be sure nobody else is using it. And, buy the URL and set up podcast, youtube, website accounts with that name so you are omni-channel findable.

Choose background music for the podcast intro and end. There’s lots of music free for commercial use at Audio Jungle and SoundCloud.

Choose a Podcast Platform

There are many so decide carefully. A couple things to consider are transcribing services and does it have a simple podcast WordPress plugin? 

Tip:  I use Zoom for audio AND visual to upload the audio on podcast channels and then use the visual to upload videos of the podcast to YouTube and Vimeo. This helps a lot with reach and google rankings.

Podcast Equipment You Need

It takes very little investment to get started but getting the audio right is your highest priority. Nobody wants to listen to a podcast that is garbled and difficult to understand.

Get yourself a really good microphone. Check out Blue Yeti or Audio-Technica ATR2100. I suggest adding a filter as well so your “Ps” sound good. (link).

I personally record using Voice Memos on my mac and QuickTime Player to listen back.

Editing software is free such as Garage Band and Audacity. You can also use YouTube to edit.

Upload to your podcast platform and it will disperse to the various podcast channels.

Podcast Content Ideas

This is the toughest part. You must get creative when it comes to creating content…and lots of it.

But here’s the good news. As a plastic surgeon, you hear patient stories every day. That’s fresh, ongoing content and here are more content ideas:

  • Interview your patients
  • Solo Commentary
  • Storytelling
  • New procedures
  • Celebrity critiques
  • Personal stories about you, family, hobbies, pro-bono efforts, etc.

Now take the above content and have each podcast episode flow as follows:

-Theme song with introduction and what this podcast is about

-Main content is an interview, solo narration or a patient story

-Wrap it up with call to action to subscribe, share, review and contact you

Tip: Listen to other podcasts in the plastic surgery industry such as my own, “Beauty and the Biz”, but also other industries to get great ideas for how to improve your own podcast.

Podcast Marketing for Plastic Surgeons


Practice Offline

It’s an odd feeling to be in a quiet room and talk to a microphone. There’s no feedback from the audience so you have to remember to keep your voice up and your energy active.

Practice many times. Tell a story. Interview your family. Do some dry runs and listen back to the recordings.

How Often Do You Podcast?

The point is consistency. It’s best to do less consistently than do it in spurts. I recommend at least bi-weekly, so you gain a following who keeps your podcast on their cell and checks in for new episodes.

Marketing Your Podcast

Spread the word about your podcast to grow your audience such as:

Add it to your website and add a “Subscribe” buttonPodcast Marketing for Plastic Surgeons

  • Email your patient list notifying them when new episodes are launched
  • Social media posts reminding them to check out your podcast
  • FB, IG and LinkedIn Advertising
  • Adroll and retargeting ads to those who visited your website but left
  • Contact Facebook Group admins who can share it with their audiences

Tip:  Whenever you interview a cosmetic patient, encourage them to post it on their social media platforms so their followers get to know you as well.


Yes, plastic surgery podcast marketing is work if you want to grow a successful podcast. However, the benefits can outweigh the hassle when you do it right.

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Plastic Surgery Podcast Marketing

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