Text Marketing for Plastic Surgeons

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Text Marketing for Plastic Surgeons

Texting has been around for a while and is on the rise as an effective plastic surgery marketing: what’s working now strategy.

Once users have opted into your list (required), you can send them special promotions, updates, appointments reminders, surveys, and much more.

Need proof that SMS is one of the best digital marketing strategies?

Consider that the average open rate for text message marketing campaigns is 98% – compared to a 20% open rate for email marketing.

Also, SMS response rates are 295% higher than phone call response rates. (source)

Why Text Your Cosmetic Patients

The reality is you have to be where your cosmetic patients are to engage with them and that is on their cell phones. That’s why text marketing for plastic surgeons is growing in popularity.

Text Marketing for Plastic Surgeons

Texting is the highest engagement rate of any marketing medium by far. The stats show 82% open rates and 90% of message are read within three minutes of receipt.

This is exciting because you can reach out to your patients with a push of a button. The response is almost immediate and can be a nice boost to filling up your schedule and bumping up your revenues.

Texting also helps with patient retention because you are staying top-of-mind with your patients.

BUT, you must put a plan in place so you don’t end up in hot water since there are rules about texting your patients so use these tips to get started:

Tips to ensure text success:

Get Permission to Text

If you don’t already, start collecting consents from your patients so you have approval to text them.

On your patient in-take forms, ask them. But do it in a compelling way. For example, “Check here if you would like to receive periodic VIP Text Club offers”.

Invite Patients to Opt-in to Text Marketing

You need a plan for text marketing for plastic surgeons wanting to market plastic surgery procedures. Start with a “VIP Text Club” and make a big deal out of it. Mention it everywhere… on your website, in your social media posts, banner ads, newsletter and checkout signage. Add a compelling reason for them to join now such as an automatic gift card towards their next visit or a free skin care product of their choice.

You get your patients’ permission by asking them to send a keyword to your short code cell phone number such as “Text “GIFT” to 12345”.

Know Thy Patients

While you are building up your consent list, here’s a way to get started now. Using your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform, segment a list of patients you have a great relationship with who would love to hear from you via text.

Be sure they can respond STOP to immediately be removed from the texting list, if they are not interested.

Use a Text Marketing Platform

A texting platform automates all of this and keeps you out of trouble since it will automatically delete someone from your list who opts-out because they don’t want to get text messages.

It will also give you reports to track your results so you know how many were sent, opened, opted-out and so on.

Compelling Text Messages

This is not a time to be coy. Text messaging for plastic surgeons needs to be direct and clear. Text a short message that is compelling. I suggest it be of urgency and include a special offer with a tight expiration. For example:

Text Marketing
Text Marketing for Plastic Surgeons

Or, skip the images and just text a message like this:

Join our KiSS Rewards Text VIP Club.

Get 50 Free KiSSes towards Free


Text KISS to 12345. Dr. Smith

Text Marketing for Plastic Surgeons

Include Call-to-Action Buttons

Text marketing for plastic surgeons needs to include these buttons to increase patient engagement. This helps your patients value the text, read it and act on it.

  • “Click Here” – Oftentimes, you need more time and space to explain a particular cosmetic procedure.  In that case, a “Click Here” will send them to your website landing page for the details.
  • “Text-to-Win”
  • “Show this text” – Ask your patients to show the text to your check out staff to earn a promotional discount.

Timing is Everything when Texting

This is a “just-in-time” marketing strategy. It takes, on average, 3 minutes to open messages so you want to be ready.

Think of this as impulsive shopping. They see it and react.

That means you only send it during practice hours and use a practice cell phone that is monitored all day, so you respond immediately and interact with your interested patients.

Know Texting Rules

The Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA) requires SMS marketers to include “msg & data rates apply” in auto-reply messages. Most text marketing services will add this disclaimer automatically, but it’s on you to ensure its included.

A great texting strategy is one more way to stay in touch with your loyal patients who love hearing from you using this channel. Use it mindfully.

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