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Every plastic surgery practice has invisible gaps where money is seeping through the cracks. It’s just a matter of how many and how big the cracks are that are costing you Plastic Surgery Practice Gapsdearly.

These plastic surgery practice gaps are dangerous because they are invisible. You cannot directly see:

  • The prospective plastic surgery patients that never made it to “cash-paying patients”
    because of their experience with you;
  • The patients you lost due to poor processes; and
  • The word-of-mouth referrals you never enjoyed from the above patients.

Download the Gap Analysis

When you find out you have practice gaps and it’s been going on since that staff person left, it can be not only infuriating but also uncomfortable because now you wonder what other gaps could be brewing, right?

Every problem starts with awareness. First, you need to figure out what the gaps are in your plastic surgery practice so you can do something about them.

Once you identify the gaps in your own plastic surgery practice, you can now focus your attention on solutions to close them up.

plastic surgery practice gapsStart by downloading my Gap Analysis to see where your trouble spots are.

Now meet with your staff and go through this analysis together. Ask a lot of questions that start with “How” and “What” as in:

– How do we know how many callers booked an appointment?
– What do we do if they don’t book?
– How do we ensure they show up for their appointment?
– What happens after their consultation?


The answers you get (or don’t get) will tell you how good of a handle you have on these key metrics that determine the health of your plastic surgery practice. Please do not take them lightly. This is about QUALITY in today’s competitive arena. Pay attention to the details and the details will take care of your bottom line.

And, of course, let’s talk if you could use some direction addressing your own practice gaps.

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