FREE PDF! Cosmetic Practice Metrics… At-a-Glance, 5 Shifts to Cosmetic Patients on Demand

FREE PDF! Cosmetic Practice Metrics… At-a-Glance

Simplicity is the key to success. Even Steve Jobs of Apple said he attributed his success to being able to say NO so he stayed focused on what really mattered.
Too many practices find themselves overwhelmed with technology, staff, and complexities that end up hindering their progress rather than helping it.  
For example, they buy a new technology to reach a new patient demographic, but it quickly becomes a burden on their office space and budget. 
They didn’t consider how costly and time consuming it is to market to that new demographic, so the technology is quickly collecting dust.
Or, they bring on a new software that is supposed to solve their lead problem, but don’t take into account the learning curve needed for their staff to use it properly. 
So, the staff is confused and frustrated. And they can’t get good data in and out of it since it’s not integrated with their other software they already use. 
Or, they only focus on one thing and that is new patient leads. But they don’t consider where those leads are coming from and if they’re good quality. 
They also don’t consider why these leads aren’t converting so they spend more to get more leads and the loop continues.
When things get too complicated in your practice, that increases the chance of bad things happening.
For example:
  • Mistakes happen that shouldn’t have…
  • Staff is confused and turnover is high…
  • Money is spent and wasted needlessly
  • Patients leave because of dissatisfaction and on and on…
If this resonates with you, it could be time to simplify. 
Here’s how: