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It takes smart marketing strategies to get the right cosmetic patients hungry for your services.

Because as a plastic surgeon, you thrive on attracting new patients to your practice since you
need a steady stream of cash-paying patients to pay the bills and keep you afloat.

But here’s what happens….in order to make that happen, you put faith into your “web guy”
to get you ranked in google search results but that’s not enough. Google needs to see you as
an “authority” so you need to produce fresh and ongoing content that is read and shared.
You also need to be popular so lots of people need to click on your website, scroll through
your web pages and share your website with others.

Since you probably don’t have much time or inclination to be a content machine, your next
best bet is the “pay to play” approach.  That means spending thousands of dollars per month
to advertise on the Internet to attract new patients to your practice.

However, if you’re not smart about it, you’ll waste a ton of money and your staff’s time on
poor quality leads. And the worst part is, you won’t get the results you want, and need, to
grow your practice.

The 3 M’s of Marketing to Cosmetic Patients

Before you spend another dime on marketing and advertising, decide who your market is,
what your message is and which medium you’ll use to reach them. Here’s what I mean:

The Market

Since cosmetic patients come in all shapes, sizes, ages and ethnicities, smart plastic
surgery marketers pick one group to focus on.  They have to. Consumers are pummeled
with thousands of marketing messages per day so they only pay attention to what interests
them at that moment. 

To help you decide who your preferred patient is, follow your successes to attract more of
them. For example, if a majority of your revenues are coming from middle-aged females
who had children and want their body back, start there. Or if your data shows a big revenue
stream for you is the mature female patient wanting facial rejuvenation, start there.

It’s counter intuitive to most but you will get much better results when you cater to one
group than attempt to be all things to all people.

The Message

Once you choose your market, it’s time to craft your message to that market. This is NOT
the time to talk about you. Not yet anyway. This is all about catering to a specific market
that has a problem you have a solution to. That is what will get their attention.

For example, if catering to the Mommy Makeover market, the message should be
customized to them such as:

  • Want your pre-baby sexy back?
  • Mommy Makeover = Firmer Breasts and Flatter Tummy
  • Will a Mommy Makeover give you back your pre-baby figure?

Your mature patient who is aging needs a message customized to her pain point such as:

  • Tired of Looking Old and Tired?
  • How to Turn Back the Clock and Look Younger
  • Want to Look Younger?

The point is you want to enter the conversation the prospective patient is already having
in their head. That way, you get their attention and you now can offer solutions they are
looking for to address their problem.

The Media

It doesn’t matter if you have the greatest marketing message ever if your prospective
patients don’t see it. That’s why you want to be smart where you are marketing.

And, do NOT advertise somewhere because you got a good deal from a sales rep selling
you radio, cable or print ads until you know your market actually uses that medium to
get credible information.

A smarter approach is to go back to your data and find out which media channels have
actually brought you money (not just leads) and put your message there.

Putting It All Together

When you have the right market, the right message and the right media, you have a
winning combination that attracts new patients to you.

Here is an example:

Market:   Mature aging patient over 50+

Message: Look younger/Turn Back the Clock

Media:    FB ads targeted to only females 50+
Ads on Dating Sites for 50+
Ads on LinkedIn targeted to only females 50+
Google adwords targeted to users looking for facelifts,
under-eye bags and sagging neck and jowls.

Now design an ad to attract the mature aging patient who doesn’t want to look old.
For example:







Do you see how this will get you better results than an ad saying you offer a plethora
of plastic surgery services to anybody who comes along?

Try this kind of smart marketing and let me know what happens.

Where do you market for new patients currently?
Are you going to change up your strategy?

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