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Cash-Paying Patients on Autopilot (Ep.145)

Hello and welcome to Beauty and the Biz where we talk about the business side of cosmetic surgery and how you can get cash-paying patients on autopilot.

If you want to do well in aesthetic medicine, it takes a certain mindset. 

You have to think different, then be different to attract the preferred patients you want, whenever you want, at the price you want.

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Because you know how much easier your job is when you’re working with patients you enjoy vs. those you don’t enjoy because they zap your energy.

You just don’t need the aggravation. 

This week’s Beauty and the Biz podcast episode on getting Cash-Paying Patients on Autopilot is an eye-opener. 

It’s a special presentation I did called,

“Cash-Paying Patients on Autopilot….Without Advertising or Discounting”. 

You’ll discover how to add an extra $200K, $300K, even $500K+ to your bottom line, even if your revenues have been at a plateau for YEARS.

Enjoy and I look forward to your feedback –

Catherine Maley

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Cash-Paying Patients on Autopilot

Announcer: Welcome to Beauty and the Biz where we discuss Cash-Paying Patients on Autopilot. Discover how to grow your practice with effective cosmetic patient attraction, conversion and retention advice from author, speaker, trainer, and cosmetic practice, business and marketing coach Catherine Maley, MBA.

Catherine Maley, MBA: Hello, hello. My name is Catherine and I want to welcome you to this masterclass called “Cash paying patients on autopilot”. Without advertising or discounting. Now you should find this very informative and thought provoking. Since you’ll hear some different perspectives, you may not have considered. Now I know most presentations like this, start out with lots of banter and fluff, and we talk about the weather, but I want to respect your time.

So, let’s jump right in. I’d like to begin with who this is for. So just to be sure, we’re on the same page, I want to be specific about who “Cash-Paying Patients on Autopilot” is for, and that is cosmetic practices as well as med spas who offer surgical and nonsurgical procedures. That means you cater to only cash paying patients. Now, why is that important?

You may ask because it’s very difficult to be profitable in aesthetics when you’re torn between patients with an insurance card and those with a credit card. Now the insurance patients will take up all of your time, as well as your staff’s time. So, we are focused on only cash paying patients. They’re worth way more to you, and there’s no insurance forms or regulations to hassle with.

So that’s where I like to focus. And I’ll bet you do too. Now this is for you. If you been struggling to increase your income or you want to stop the yo-yoing revenue from month to month, that keeps you up at night. Because you are anxious about covering your overhead. Now, if any of this rings true to you, you are in the right place to learn more about cash-paying patients on autopilot.

And whether you’ve been practicing for decades or just a couple of years, either way, this is for you. Okay. So let me tell you what we’re going to be covering in the next, approximately 45 minutes. I’m going to show you how to 10 times your revenues using the resources you already have without wasting time and money on advertising, discounting your services or performing on social media to gain followers.

Now this came about because I watched so many practices, advertise specials, and I get it. You’re trying to attract new cosmetic patients, but that hurts your profit margins – Something that cash-paying patients on autopilot can cure. Typically, these patients are those press shoppers who nickel and dime you to death. And then social media has become a very popular patient attraction strategy.

However, when done, right, it takes a ton of your own personal time because prospective patients want to see here and watch you. That’s what keeps them engaged. So now you’re not only the service as provider, but you’re also the marketer as well as the social media influencer. So, we’ll talk about how to increase.

The number of cosmetic patient visits, referrals, reviews, and shares on social media in a fun way. So, your existing patients enthusiastically grow your practice or meds before you. Now, the keyword here is existing patients. Because obviously they’re your lowest hanging fruit and the fastest cheapest, easiest way to more revenues because they already know like, and trust you. This is where cash-paying patients on autopilot comes in.

You don’t need to put on a show for them. They’re open to you and they’re much more apt to respond to you. So, it’s always smart to start there first. Now you’re also going to discover how to generate the preferred patients you want whenever you want. At the price you want. Now I know that’s a big statement, but it really is possible.

You know, how much easier your job is when you’re working with patients you enjoy, versus those you don’t enjoy because they zap your energy. Now, you know, those patients that are demanding, they’re rude to your staff. They freely negotiate with you with, with no shame and they make you regret ever inviting them into your practice in the first place.

You just don’t need the extra hassle of undesirable patients. So, we’re going to fix that. You’ll also discover how to implement a simple system of having cash-paying patients on autopilot so you can serve more patients without spending more money on staff or a fancier office. Now there’s nothing wrong with a fancier office, but it’s expensive to create and maintain, and it’s not necessary.

And I’ll show you. You’ll also have the option to expand. Now that predictable revenues are coming in. If that’s what you want to do now, some surgeons want to expand by moving into a larger office or buying their own building or opening satellite offices. And then some don’t some surgeons for, to keep it simple, but at least you’ll have the option of deciding what makes more sense.

For those of you interested in getting cash-paying patients on autopilot, you’ll also discover how to add an extra 200 K 300 K even 500 K to your bottom line. Even if your revenues have been at a plateau for years, and you’ll do that without spending more on advertising to attract a bunch of leads. Staff has to follow up on that waste their time and waste. Your time when they don’t show up for consultations or worse, they show up, but they say they have consultations with your competitors.

So, they can’t commit. You don’t need that aggravation. And lastly, you’ll discover how to take your practice or med spa to high six or, and figures while you enjoy more freedom to expand or relax. It’s your choice. And isn’t that the whole point of you being in business to have the freedom to do it your way.

So, here’s my promise to you. I want to give you a step-by-step strategy of having cash-paying patients on autopilot so you can 10 X, your revenues, and attract a steady stream of high paying patients without spending a fortune on advertising or discounting your services. But before we get into all of that, let me just check in with you really quick. Does any of this sound familiar?

Do you lose cosmetic patients and revenues to the ever-growing number of competitors surrounding you, even though you believe you provide better results? By the way that competition is not going away. And it’s only going to get worse as government regulations increase and insurance reimbursements decrease.

And as advancements in technology, give patients so many more surgical. And nonsurgical options. Now that last point affects you big time because cosmetic patients will delay an expensive surgical procedure. If they believe they can get a good enough result, nonsurgically in the short run from a non-surgeon, even if it ends up costing them more.

Down the line, by the way, there are studies that show, if you don’t develop a relationship early with a patient who wants nonsurgical procedures, you won’t get them when they are ready for surgery, because they’ve developed a relationship with your competitor instead, just saying. Are you also sick and tired of feeling you have to discount to attract new patients to your practice or med spot to bring in new business? Now, obviously, you know, discounting hurts your bottom line and your profits, but it also hurts your image, but you don’t know what else to do. And what about this one? Are your advertising costs going up and up? Cash-paying patients on autopilot doesn’t have these types of costs.

And you’re just not sure how much longer you can keep going like this. As a matter of fact, I attended an internet marketing conference in Austin, Texas recently, and learned that Facebook is raising their ad rates 30, 80% and Google ads are right behind them. Gosh, I’ve been around the marketing world long enough to know.

And remember when all of this online exposure was free to you because these internet platforms needed to first build an audience. And then once they did, they started charging for advertising. So why are they raising their rates so dramatically because they can, and that is insane. Or maybe you’re bringing in good revenue, but by the time you’ve paid for your marketing staff office and equipment, there’s virtually nothing left over for you because the sign of a successful practice is if you pay yourself a nice salary and you have money left over and, or.

Maybe you’re working way too hard in dealing with too much stress and hassle for what you’re getting paid. Now, surgeons have said to me more than once that they didn’t realize how much overhead goes into running a private practice, especially when they came from a hospital setting where everything was taken care of for them.

So, it can be a real eye opener when they go solo. You. Now do you live in a constant state of uncertainty and fear that the government or a pandemic or the economy and or technology could put you out of business without a moment’s notice? For example, most practices had at least a two-month fortification in 2020 due to COVID shutdowns.

Isn’t that, right? And it could happen again. The problem is we just don’t know. And lastly, do you worry your risk and hard work won’t pay off and you’ll be working in your practice forever. Feeling like you are never going to be able to retire comfortably. So, you just keep doing what you’re doing, or maybe you want to work until you drop and that’s fine, but wouldn’t you prefer having a choice rather than a choice being forced upon you.

So, what’s the real problem. And how do you fix this so you can have cash-paying patients on autopilot? Well, one of the problems is too many ad agencies and internet marketers are promising you the world, but rarely do you see the results you were promised? So, you’re frustrated and skeptical and for good reason. Now, if any of that sounds familiar, then I have good news for you because none of those are the real problem.

Those are just symptoms. Now the real problem is that you have not made the five shifts, and we’re going to talk about exactly what those shifts are in just a moment, but for now, just know this. Once you make this shift, you’ll have peace of mind. You need, knowing you have an automatic system to attract a steady stream of cash paying patients.

You can count on to grow your revenues through having cash-paying patients on autopilot. You’ll feel in control with a predictable and reliable plan to keep your revenues coming in month after month and all year long, if you’ve experienced killer months and then cricket months, you know what I mean? Now this often happens because our industry can be cyclical.

So, it’s important to have a plan to avoid those feast and famine periods that cause you angst. You’ll no longer waste money on huge ad budgets, selling specials that eat away at your profits. And isn’t that the name of the game, the trick is to keep as much profit as possible while lowering your EV your overhead, right?

And then once you make these shifts to getting cash-paying patients on autopilot, you lock out your competitors and make it impossible for them to steal your patients away because. They’re loyal to you and see you as the only choice as well as the best choice. It’s like putting golden handcuffs on your patients. So, they wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else.

And you’ll have an extra 200 K 300 K or more for family activities, hobbies, travel, whatever you like. That means you’ll be able to take time off without stressing, so you can actually enjoy yourself without worrying what’s happening back at the office. And here’s the best part. Once you make these shifts.

You can go back to enjoying your work because you are able to scale and grow a sellable practice or med spa since you’ll have cash-paying patients on autopilot. Should you decide to exit in the future or not? It’s your choice. Now, just in case you’re not familiar with my work. I’ve been a marketing business consultant to cosmetic practices since the year 2000.

Now my creative strategies have produced more than 21 million for my clients, and I’ve offered a book and I speak internationally as well as nationally at medical conference says I also have a podcast called beauty in the biz and I train staff on how to convert callers and consultations. And a question I get often is where I’m based out of, and that would be Sausalito California.

Now, if you haven’t visited yet, I highly recommend you visit in the fall when our weather is the best and take a helicopter or a sea plane tour to check out the incredible real estate, as well as the use of San Francisco and the golden gate bridge. It’s breathtaking. Now you may be asking how I discovered these five shifts that are, I’m going to talk about.

The answer is after consulting with hundreds of cosmetic PR uh, practices for more than two decades, I noted what the top cosmetic practices were doing. Other less successful practices were not. And I shared this with my clients and now they get. Unbelievable results because they made the five key shifts to getting cash-paying patients on autopilot.

And I’m going to walk you through all five of them in this presentation. Now here’s shift number one, patient centric versus money centric. Now, when you shift your thinking from a one-and-done money, grab to a patient’s for life mindset, you win the long game. Because instead of thinking about your own bottom line and what’s best for you, you think about what is best for your patient.

This shift in thinking changes your perspective, as well as your attitude about the services you provide. You now see and treat patients as family and friends. They see your practice as a friendly, safe Haven. They trust you and your staff to take great care of them. That trust is what keeps them coming back again, which is the core tenet of cash-paying patients on autopilot.

And again, now think about it this way. You cater to a very hungry audience of cosmetic patients who care about their appearance. They want to look good and feel great. So, they have endless needs for a lifetime. Thanks to the aging process. Trust me. I know, I know this one. So today they may want Botox, but then down the road, they’ll take a laser treatment and now they’re ready for surgery.

And then they’ll actually go back to of the nonsurgical treatments to keep their look fresh. This goes on for decades. So, commit to treating your patients like friends and family by giving them excellent customer service. And they’ll stay with you for the long run. They’ll also reciprocate by growing your revenues for you, by returning to you rather than your competitors so that you get more cash-paying patients on autopilot.

And by referring their friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors, and by giving you great online reviews that thousands of other potential patients will see online. And by sharing you on their social media platforms. So, their followers get to know you and contact you because now they’re ready for your services.

Think of your cosmetic patients as your life blood, to all you want in life, such as a fulfilling livelihood that affords you a comfortable lifestyle that supports your family, your interest, as well as your financial future. I have to tell you, when you start looking at your patients in this different light, that changes everything, it changes your perspective, as well as your attitude and your patients feel that shift in you and they act accordingly to become cash-paying patients on autopilot.

Now here, shift number two, drop. The discounts. There are really only two reasons why you’re not charging higher prices or worse. Why you’re discounting your cosmetic services. Now the first one is you think this industry is commoditized and your expertise isn’t worth higher prices. Or you think you’re going to lose patients to your low-balling competitors, if you don’t discount, but here’s the thing discounting does not work anymore.

You’ll end up attracting cash-paying patients on autopilot price shoppers who only care about a low price you’ll work way harder because you need, or of these low-price patients to make up. The difference in the profits and you’ll deal with more issues from these penny pinchers, who end up giving you bad reviews and complaining about your service or lack thereof.

And frankly, it’s a race to the bottom that you just can’t win. So instead, you set higher standards to attract higher value cosmetic patients who gladly pay more for better customer service. now this group enthusiastically brags about you to their other high value friends leaves you five-star reviews, and they’re a pleasure to work with when you really get this, it changes everything.

So rather than discount, you set higher standards for better customer service and processes. So, your patients have a wow patient experience every time. That’s because you have enough revenues coming in to treat your patients better than if you are penny pinching on expenses and cutting back on the various, uh, things that patients will pay extra for such as smooth processes and feeling special and getting special treatment.

Now in terms of your revenue goals, there’s an easier, or there’s a harder way to get to a million dollars. for example, you can cater to the price shoppers who are worth only 500 to you. So, you need 2000 of them. Or you can raise your standards, attract better patients who have the financial wherewithal to pay more for a better experience.

And they also become your practice ambassadors who are worth 5,000 to you. So now you only need 200 of them. That is, is the secret to scaling and working less, but getting better results. I sure hope you’re hearing me on that one. Now here’s shift. Number three, use the secret weapon. Now the majority of cosmetic practices in med spas go about attracting new patients and growing their revenues the wrong way, they typically do what everyone else is doing.

And then wonder why it’s not working. Now, oftentimes they don’t even know if it’s working or not, because they have no easy way of seeing the results. Now here’s an example. The old traditional methods of getting new patients are to spend a ton of money on. A new website design or an expensive website redesign or search engine optimization or blogging or back links or TV, infomercials, or PPC, otherwise known as Google AdWords that can really take up your budget or hiring a PR agency or investing in magazine ads or try and group on.

God forbid or investing in directories, such as RealSelf or, um, buying billboards or, you know, investing in charity events, then you have to count on these outside vendors of all these groups to handle everything for you. But you have no idea if it’s the, a best way, or even if they did it correctly or at all.

Then you have to decipher complicated reports. They give you that are not easy to understand. So, you actually have no clue what’s happening. And if this is money well spent because you can’t track anything or most of it. And, and then here’s the thing. Maybe you will get new patient. But that’s what we call the hope and pray marketing approach.

You hope it’s money well spent and then you pray, you get new patients from it. So, you feel like you made a good investment. I’m sure you’ve been there before now. There is a better way. And here is the secret weapon. It’s a creative loyalty rewards club. That is the most powerful way to scale for predictable revenues without advertising or discounting.

And while turning your existing patients into cash-paying patients on autopilot and raving fans, who gladly grow your practice for you. So no longer worry about. Slow spells and covering your overhead. It does all of this while developing lasting relationships with happy patients, you and you and your staff enjoy working with now, here is how you use a loyalty reward system to 10 X, your revenues.

You encourage your patients to return more often refer their friends to you, give you great reviews that thousands of other prospective patients see online and share you on social media with their own followers, this all leading to new patients for you organically without you spending an extra dime.

So, the new way is simple. You pull your entire list of existing patients and it doesn’t matter how long, uh, it’s been since they’ve been in to see you many will return after being gone for many, many years. Now you make a marketing plan to consistently stay in front of these patient. So, your top of mind, and when they’re ready, they choose you.

Then you reward them for their loyalty and for helping you grow your practice and reputation online, for example, you make it fun for your patients to grow your practice for you by rewarding them into becoming cash-paying patients on autopilot. When they return more often refer their friends and family, write you a review. Approve their before and after photos to be used in your marketing, share you on social media, shoot a video testimonial, telling everyone how great you are and how much they love their result.

And completing surgery can be optional. And when your patients collect enough rewards at different tier levels, their awarded with free cosmetic services and isn’t that what everybody wants more cosmetic services. Now I’d like you to meet Dr. Thompson and his wife, Sharon. Now their cosmetic practice is in a very competitive area of New Jersey.

They were concerned about spending several thousands of dollars every month on advertising to compete. And attract new patients, but that was bringing them poor quality leads and wasting Sharon’s time. Following up. They were also losing patients to their competitors who were discounting like crazy. So, they implemented a raving fans club and were rewarded with cash-paying patients on autopilot.

And what happened next was pretty darn amazing. Within just two months of working together, they already made 169 K on nonsurgical revenues, as well as getting 34 new signups, 14 new patient referrals, seven Google reviews and five social media shares that introduce, use them to new prospective patients online.

Fast forward seven months and they increase their revenues to 450 K of nonsurgical revenues as well as 64 new patient signups, 38 new patient referrals, 10 Google reviews and 18 social media shares. And they were thrilled to change the conversation from discounting to adding value and their patients loved it.

They were also able to discontinue expensive advertising. They did so well with their cash-paying patients on autopilot because they treat their patients like family and friends, and they wanted to thank their patients for their loyalty without cheapening their services. So, this was a win-win for them and their patients. So, let’s do a quick recap.

Now at this point, we know that we must be patient centric versus money centric, drop the discounting and use the secret weapon, which is the loyalty rewards program to command that price point you want. Now let’s look at how to scale your practice using the resources you already have. So, here’s shift number four.

Retention is the new attraction because of intense competition and the internet and social media. It’s gotten increasingly more or difficult, more technical, more confusing, and more time consuming to attract new cosmetic patients. I’m sure you’re painfully aware of that. So, retaining your cosmetic patients has become the most direct route to more cosmetic revenues.

And if you’re not sure about that, consider these recent stats showing you how it costs seven times more to attract new patients than to retain existing cash-paying patients on autopilot. And this is interesting loyal patients spend 67% more. Than new patients do. Now, my sources for this came from SCM rush and profit. Well, and look at this, the average new patient conversion rate is only five to 20%.

While the average existing patient conversion rate is a whopping 70 to 80%. An existing patients spend 31% more on their average order size value. Now this makes sense because your existing patients, they already know you. They like you. They trust you, and they’re much more open to your recommendations as well as your extra products or services that you offer.

Also, a 5% increase in retention can increase your profits by 25 to 95% because you are no longer wasting money on needless advertising or hurting your profits by discounting. You’re also not wasting a ton of time following up on bad leads. And on top of that, your conversion rate is so much better. So, your valuable time is spent with patients who actually say yes, rather than price shopper, strangers who never book.

And lastly, 46% of patients spend more after they join a loyalty program and become cash-paying patients on autopilot. And 83% of patients say a loyalty program will keep them coming back. This is how you leverage your time with your preferred patients. Who are worth 10 times more to you and you stop wasting your time and money with those who nickel and dime you and then bolt for the next special deal from your competitors?

Now I’d like you to meet Dr. Duffy who’s in private practice in a very competitive area in Florida. Now he wanted to increase his patient’s lifetime value with surgical and nonsurgical revenues. So, he could decrease discounting and advertising costs. Now he also did not want to be the only revenue general Raider in the practice because he wanted more free time to spend with his family.

So, to address his concerns, we implemented a cash-paying patients on autopilot raving fans club and here’s what happened within six months. He had 52 word of mouth referrals, 140 online reviews, 67 surgeries for a profit of over 1.3 million, by the way, they also had increased their patient’s average value by 14%. Not bad. So, let’s move on to final shift number five, and that is invest in expertise.

Everyone should have a mentor or council that gives them new ideas and provides accountability. Now in your case, your mentors were seasoned surgeons showing you the way of surgery. So, they were your mentors. Now, in this case, we’ve been talking about the business and marketing side of surgery. So, I’ll bet there are new ideas forming in your head right now.

That would not be there. If, if you hadn’t taken the time for this presentation. So, here’s how it works. It starts with your mindset and your beliefs about what is possible. Then you take action and actually do something based on those beliefs. And then you get an outcome which is typically an increase in your income, your happiness.

And your satisfaction. However, if you are not happy with the revenues in your practice, that means you either need a new mindset, a new plan or possibly accountability. So frankly, you need an experience mentor who can pave the way to your progress and show you the show to get cash-paying patients on autopilot. Now all of the above is possible if, and only if you’re committed to growth and just like you invested in becoming a surgeon, because trying to do that without proper training would be absolutely crazy.

I mean, by the way, I personally have invested at least 140 a. In training and mentoring on the business and marketing side of plastic surgery. And every time it was a huge decision as it was when you invested all that time and money to become a surgeon. Now that investment pays for itself over and over.

Doesn’t it. So, the point is don’t go it alone. Find the best expertise out there and then spend what it takes to work with them. So, I’d like you to meet Dr. Langdon. He runs a cosmetic surgery and laser center in Connecticut. Now he has an established practice, so he wanted to cut down on his advertising and build up the me spa side of his practice.

So, we implemented the cash-paying patients on autopilot raving fan club and here are the amazing results he got. Last year, he signed up 256 new patients and increased his patients spend by 35 point 38%. He also increased his patients visits by 48 point 20%. Now his total profits after cost were over 606 K. And that was just on his nonsurgical side of his practice.

So, when I started this presentation, I promised to uncover how to 10 X your revenues using the resources you already have without wasting time and money on advertising or discounting your services or performing on social media to gain followers. I also, I also promised how to Inc reach the number of visits.

Referrals reviews and shares on social media in a fun way. So, your existing patients enthusiastically grow your practice for you. I also promise to show you how to generate the preferred patients you want whenever you want at the price you want, and to have a system in place on autopilot. So, there’s no need for additional staff when you have a system that gives you cash-paying patients on autopilot.

And, with the option to expand, now that predictable revenues are coming in. If that’s what you want to do or just relax and enjoy the increased revenues either way. The point is it’s your choice. So, to recap, here are five shifts that you need to make to win shift one patient centric versus money centric shift two.

Drop the discounting shift three, the secret weapon shift four retention is the attraction and shift five invest in expertise. Now these five shifts alone are enough to propel you to a multi-million-dollar practice. You are more than proud of. So. Here we are. Now you have a choice. You can stay stuck and keep throwing money at advertising that isn’t working.

And it’s wasting your time on consultations that don’t book, or you can give up all together and just watch your patients and revenue slip away. And now you can’t get them back, but that is going to lead to more struggle, longer and burnout, especially when new competitors open up shop nearby, which makes you even more vulnerable to losing patients to them.

So, you can go down that road or if you are done with all of that and want a predictable and scalable way to more cash-paying patients on autopilot who gladly pay the price you ask and have the lifestyle and thriving practice, you’ve always dreamed of while 10, Xing your revenues. So, you have more free time for your family and outside interest.

Then here’s what I have for you. I’ve set side time this week to speak with you personally, about how you can apply these ideas to your practice today. So, whatever your biggest challenges are, I’ve seen it all. And I know how to overcome them. Just like I’ve helped all other surgeons to get cash-paying patients on autopilot. Now on this, we’re going to do a phone session.

We can craft a step-by-step game plan to hit your income goals for this year, whether that’s 50,000 a month or 500,000 a month, doesn’t matter. And for attracting the exact patients you want to work with. Now what I’m, what am I going to charge for this phone session? The cost is absolutely free. Of course, there’s always a catch when something is free and the catch is this really isn’t for everyone, you must be focused on cosmetic patients, only no insurance patients and no paper charts.

You must be digital and be able to save your patient list as an Excel file. And you must offer friendly customer service. Now, if you can say yes to those three points, then please book a session. Now. now you may be wondering why I’m doing this. And the answer is I do this because I love helping cosmetic practices achieve their goals and gain more cash-paying patients on autopilot.

And I’ve committed to this for the last 22 years. So many practices struggled needlessly because they just don’t know a better way. And in, I want to help with that. Now I know that you two might want my help to transform your own practice. If so, we can discuss it to see if it’s a good fit for both of us.

And if it is terrific, and if it’s not, that’s fine too. So, to book that call simply go to And I’ll spell that for you. It’s Catherine C as in, or as in Now spaces are very limited. So please sign up now. And when you click that link, you’re going to see a calendar.

I’d like to select the day and time that works best for you. And then what’s going to happen is you’ll be redirected to a very short application form. Just fill that out and give me more information about you so I can prepare and research for our call. So, we spend our time wisely. Then, what we’ll do is jump on the call at the time you chose.

And we can talk about how I can help you get to high six or seven figures in your own practice with cash-paying patients on autopilot. I promise you it’s going to be the best 30 minutes you’ve spent working on your practice ever now to wrap this up, I want to tell you about one more client, you to mine, and they’re called Austin Weston. Now it’s an old established multis surgeon practice in Virginia.

With tons of competition, they’ve had a big patient list and they realized it would be probably faster, cheaper, and smarter to retain these patients than lose them to their competitors. So last year they implemented a cash-paying patients on autopilot raving fans club and they were quite pleased with their results. Look at this four or listen to these 456 new patient signups 84 consultation requests.

81 reviews, 11 video testimonials and over a million dollars in nonsurgical revenues. So, to get results like that, go to now to schedule your own call. Okay, hopefully you now see how you can make some simple shifts to 10 X, your own revenues using the resources you already have without advertising or discounting your services.

But while simultaneously increasing the number of patient visits, referrals, reviews, and shares on. So social media. I really hope you got a lot out of this and please be sure to go to And I look forward to speaking with you soon.

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Catherine Maley

Catherine is a business/marketing consultant to plastic surgeons. She speaks at medical conferences all over the world on practice building, marketing and the business side of plastic surgery. Get a Free Copy of her popular book, Your Aesthetic Practice: What Your Patients Are Saying View Author Profile.


Beauty and the Biz is for Plastic Surgeons who know they don’t know everything and are open to discovering the pearls to grow and scale a sellable asset when they’re ready to exit.

Listen in as Catherine interviews surgeons who talk about the business and marketing side of plastic surgery and listen to Catherine’s pearls from consulting with plastic surgeons since Year 2000.



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