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Ep.110: Cross Promote Cosmetic Services

Beauty and the Biz: Cross Promote Cosmetic Services

Keep your patients on “the yes track” with value-added products, services, treatments and procedures.

Non-pushy Suggestive cross promote ideas during your patient’s visit, and how to get your patients to come back for more later on. It’s a win-win when you cross promote for both your patient and your practice!

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Ep.110: Cross Promote Cosmetic Services

By Catherine Maley

July 27, 2021


Welcome to Beauty and the Biz. Discover how to grow your practice with effective cosmetic patient attraction, conversion and retention advice from author, speaker, trainer, and cosmetic practice, business and marketing coach Catherine Maley MBA.

Catherine Maley, MBA

Hello, and welcome to Beauty in the Biz, where we talk about the business and marketing side of plastic surgery. I’m your host, Catherine Maley, author of, Your Aesthetic Practice – What your patients are saying, and as well as consultant to plastic surgeons, to get them more patients and more profits.

So, here’s the thought. Rather than throw more money at advertising, try increasing your patients value by offering them more services. So, the beauty pun intended of our industry is that you have an audience of consumers who want to look good and feel great, and they don’t want that one time. They want that over and over and over for years to come, especially as the aging process continues.

So, listen in to this week’s beauty and the bids podcast entitled cross-promote cosmetic service. So, I’m including lots of strategies to easily increase your revenues 10 to 30% with the resources you already have. So please listen in and I will catch you on the other side, the easiest decision for your cosmetic patients to make is the. After their initial decision to choose you for cosmetic rejuvenation. So don’t forget to cross promote all of your cosmetic services. In other words, if patients have already said yes to you, there’s so much more likely to continue to say yes, if offered additional plastic surgery or non-surgery services.

Now this one concept can increase your revenues from 10 to 30% without you spending one extra dollar on advertising, it just takes strategy and creative. So do your patients know all you have to offer. If you’ve ever heard a patient say to you, I didn’t know you did that. It’s time for you to review your promotional efforts because you’re not getting all you can from your patients, a cosmetic patient who wants to look their best and feel great is open to all sorts of procedures and treatments you offer, but they have to know about them.

So cross promote all cosmetic services you offer. Now, here are five easy ways to do that. Number one menu of services visiting patients should be educated on all you offer. Fill up digital photo frames, showing off your results for each service you provide. Number two, get to know us promotion. Lots of consumers are interested in cosmetic procedures.

But they’re scared. They need to dip their toe rather than jump right into cosmetic surgery. They also need to get to know you better, so they’re more comfortable moving forward. So, here’s what you do. Offer them a special promotion to sample your work. Create a package of easy services with products and reduce them.

For example, your get to know us promotion includes a skincare analysis session, exfoliating facial treatment, moisturizing, facial, or peel, and a skincare product of your choice. Now this is regularly priced at $300. However, they get it for only $97. I like to use skin analysis so patients can see their skin damage as well as a simple exfoliating treatment.

So, their skin feels soft and a product to introduce them to your skincare. Number three, help them heal when a Botox, filler or surgical procedure leaves, bruises offer to do a quick free laser procedure to help minimize the bruising and speed up the healing. Not only are you showing you care, you’re also cross promoting your laser procedures.

Number four signature treatment, devise your own signature treatment. That turns back the clock. For your more mature patients who want rejuvenation or are not quite ready yet for surgery combined several different services into one package with a special combination price show, how much it would cost separately.

So, they see this. Not only will they get a better result, but they also cannot pull the package apart and price, shop it with your competitors. This also builds great patient loyalty because they’ll get a good result and they’ll come back for more. And lastly, Thank you gift cards. Now, oftentimes your patients come to you for one procedure, but go elsewhere for others.

They might not have a good reason for doing that. Other than it didn’t Dawn on them to choose you for other procedures. Now in today’s crazy busy world, you can simplify your patient’s lives by becoming their one-stop. For all of their cosmetic rejuvenation needs. So next time they visit hand them a thank you card.

That’s actually a gift certificate to try a new procedure. They have not had before. For example, a skincare patient gets a gift card to experience Botox, Botox patients get a gift card to experience filler patients get a gift card to experience skin tightening. You can even offer a gift card towards a bleph or liposuction for those people who purchased skin tightening and fat reduction treatments.

And now they’re ready for a more permanent role. Now I recommend you implement the above strategies right away, and then brainstorm as a team for additional ideas to cross promote all cosmetic services. It helps your patients look great while saving time and money while you increase your bottom-line revenues.

So, it’s a win-win for everyone.

Do you see how easy it is to increase your revenues when you strategically cross promote your services? And of course, if you need help with that, please let me know. I also offered you a free PDF entitled to 20 cosmetic patient strategies. That’s full of more creative ideas to attract more patients and profits.

So, you can download it at And of course, if you have any trouble, just send me a message at And of course, I’ll have my team send it to you. Okay. That’s it. For this episode of Beauty and the Biz, please subscribe.

If you haven’t done so already and I would greatly appreciate a review if you are getting value and if you’ve got any feedback or questions for me, you can just leave a message on my site, or DM me on Instagram at Catherine Maley, MBA. Thanks so much. And we’ll talk soon.

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