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Ep.15: How to Run Your Practice Like a Business

Ep.15: How to Run Your Practice Like a Business

In this podcast, you’ll learn:

How to set up systems so that your practice runs like a well-oiled machine!

How to assemble a team of superstars that have your back!

How to set up your practice in such a way you can sell it at a premium when you’re ready to exit!

…And much more!

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Episode transcript:

Welcome to “Beauty and the Biz.” Discover how to grow your practice with effective cosmetic patient attraction, conversion and retention advice from author, speaker, trainer and cosmetic practice business and marketing coach, Catherine Maley MBA.

Hello welcome to the special presentation entitled “How to Run Your Practice Like a Business.” I’m your host Catherine Maley, author of “Your Aesthetic Practice – What Your Patients are Saying” as well as consultant to Plastic Surgeons since year 2000, where my goal is to get you more patients and more profits because believe it or not, the business side of surgery is quickly becoming as important as the surgery itself. So I highly recommend you turn off your phone and close your internet browser because you’ll soon discover how to increase your cosmetic practice revenues by 27% without hiring more staff, spending more on advertising, competing on price, and working more than 40 hours per week.

Just imagine what it would be like coming to an office that runs smoothly with or without you. Having a team supporting you, having a plan in place that generates more consistent revenues you can count on month after month, differentiating yourself as the best choice so you don’t compete on price, and having systems in place you can measure so you know at a glance if you’re healthy or hurting. This presentation will give you the structure to run your cosmetic surgery practice like a well-oiled machine.

So you might be asking why am I qualified to talk about the business side of surgery? Well I founded and ran the Masters Academy, a surgeon’s coaching club with dr. Ed Williams as the professor. Now Dr. Williams is a very successful surgeon in upstate New York; he has a twenty two thousand square foot facility with 40-plus staff, multiple surgeons and several profit centers, so together we taught other surgeons how to make more out of their own practices. I still run into our surgeon alumni at the medical conferences and I receive emails and calls from them telling me how enlightening and empowering the information has been for them and growing their own practices.

So in this presentation, we’ll talk about the state of the aesthetics industry, the four core success principles needed to run a successful Plastic Surgery practice, and I have a special invitation for us to work together to fine tune your own practice. Now the global medical aesthetics market is alive and well and it’s estimated to grow at a compound annual growth rate of ten point eight percent due to the increasing demand from the public to look and feel great and the technological advancements. However, this is a big challenge for surgeons when the technical advancements create relentless competition among non-core practitioners and surgeons. Now technical advancements also encourage the cosmetic patient to demand less downtime, pain, scarring and cost that can affect the demand for surgical procedures and decrease it due to the non-surgical options. By the way, in our surgeons coaching club the goal was to have no more than 28% of your revenues coming from you the surgeon, so I’ll show you strategic ways to make that happen.

Now another challenge that happens is the cycle of an industry. Plastic Surgeons were the early adopters and the early majority but because of the economic, political, government, technology and social trends, cosmetic rejuvenation went mainstream and this changed everything. Cosmetic surgeons are still an elite group of service providers, however every other specialty stepped in to get their piece of the pie. That leads to too much hype. These new providers spend a lot on offline and online advertising and marketing hype, because they have to in order to enter the marketplace. But that makes it nearly impossible for you to stand out and be heard over the noise going on today, and to make it worse this additional supply of service providers creates confusion in the mind of the cosmetic patient. Cosmetic patients today have too much choice so they don’t know what is the best procedure given their problem, and who is the best provider to provide that solution.

So how do you compete successfully given all these challenges? You need the razor’s edge. You discover what the other top cosmetic surgical practices do to stay above their competitors and you model what works, because the lifecycle of any practice always comes to a fork in the road – you’re either growing or you’re dying. In today’s marketplace there’s no room for idling. To help ensure you continue to grow and set yourself up for a certain future, let’s go over the four core success principles in more detail.

Now number one core principle: build a team of rock stars. You might believe it’s impossible to find good staff, or the ones you do find are mediocre or average at best, or your staff doesn’t care about the practice like you do and they’re not converting prospective patients into paying patients. In fact, often times they chase patients away and you don’t even know it or they don’t know how to promote you as the best choice to the patient and it goes on and on. Now this may be true or not true, however you can’t build your successful cosmetic practice on your own, there’s just not enough of you to go around. You need a team of rock stars that are trained and motivated to ensure your success. The kind of team who have your back, who eagerly and cheerfully sing your praises to prospective patients, who take care of your current patients and treat them like family, and who work together as a team. Because the opposite of that opens the door to what you don’t want to happen – high staff turnover and uncomfortable working environment, tension or god forbid embezzlement. None of that is likely to happen when you’re set up properly, but it goes both ways. 70% of employees quit a job over frustration so to avoid losing good a players, they need from you clarity, acknowledgement, recognition, and the feeling of significance. That means you’re the captain of the ship. In order for you to transform staff into your dream team, it starts with you. They need to know your vision for your practice so they can help you get there. They need to know what you want to accomplish, what that means to them. They also need clear feedback and accountability and we’ll go over that in more detail.

So it starts with the who. There’s a saying in business that goes, “you get the right people on the bus and then you get them in the right seat.” To do that you need to know where to look for rock stars, what qualities to look for that will make the biggest impact on your practice, and what to ask during the interview to ensure they have the winning traits to succeed. But then you need to train them. When I do on-site assessments of cosmetic surgery practices, the staff often complains to me that they’re not clear about their role or their responsibilities or what is expected of them. Now I realize that can be frustrating to hear because you think you told them already, however, what that’s telling you is that something is not right. It says something’s wrong with either the people or with the processes. With the right hiring practices, tools and structure that will clear up that confusion so you have the right staff representing you in the best possible light. Finally you need to track, reward, and celebrate their successes so they continue to perform at a high level. Imagine fixing just this staffing issue – what would that be worth to you if you had the right people in the right seats who are well-trained at representing you as the best choice? This alone can be a game-changer, but there’s so much more.

Core principle number two: strategic marketing and planning. This is important if you’re tired of figuring out what to do to attract more patients to your practice. If you’re frustrated throwing money at marketing yet never knowing if it’s working or not and if you’re sick of the revenue rollercoaster, you may believe you have to spend a fortune to attract new cosmetic patients to your practice but then you’re disappointed with the results you’re getting back. A lot of times you don’t even know if you’re getting results, so you keep sinking more money into advertising and marketing and hope it’s working. So the question becomes what is the best way to grow your cosmetic surgery practice?

Is it SEO? SEO has been the number one strategy for prospective patients to find your website, but Google rules keep changing so whatever worked before is no longer working. Now I often hear from surgeons that they used to be ranked on page one of a search and now they’ve fallen into the abyss and they have no idea what happened. Well in a nutshell, Google happened. As long as others try to game the system, Google will continue to stay one step ahead of them by changing the algorithms, so this is not a fast and easy way to go.

Well maybe it’s PPC, otherwise known as Google Adwords. It could be if you’re willing to outbid your competitors. So this is expensive. It’s not for the faint of heart. Since plastic surgery is so popular you might have to spend over $100 per click on your ad and then you have to pray that internet strangers call you, show up for their consult, and then say yes.

Is it consumer directories? Consumer directories were popular and some still are but you can’t control the quality of leads so you can wind up wasting your time on those who don’t show up and can’t say yes.

Maybe it’s social media. This is so popular, however it takes you and your staff’s time because you need regularly posted, fresh content and real-time attention. It’s also tough to monetize this strategy because it’s difficult to track the clicks and the results and worse it can also be a huge distraction because it sucks you in and it can waste valuable time. As you can see the list is endless and that makes it easy to get overwhelmed, so you either don’t do anything because you’re confused, or you try to do everything and you chase every shiny object buying into the hype of the latest gimmick because you’re sure this will get you ahead of your competitors. But here’s the reality – the most successful surgeons I know are not opportunists. The most successful surgeons I know are strategists. Now instead of chasing marketing tactics, they take time out to create a comprehensive and strategic business and marketing plan using a specific formula based on their successes. For example, they set up a game plan for external and internal systems, for new lead generation to help ensure the leads that are coming in are converted to appointments and then converted to procedures, and they also have a plan to nurture the patients they already serve. Because one thing we can all agree on is the fact that the shortest distance between you and a new cosmetic patient ready to say yes is through the patient who knows, trusts, and brags about you to their friends and family, right? And the best part is instead of spending a lot of time trying to learn the latest tactics and wasting a lot of money on trial and error, they implement a marketing machine to keep a steady stream of new and current patients coming to them on autopilot. Imagine this automatic marketing machine bringing you three, four, or five or more procedures every month. I mean, what’s that worth to you? 15k, 30k, 60k? Not only in terms of extra revenues but also peace of mind knowing you have a patient attraction plan in place for new and current cosmetic patients.

Now here’s core principle number three: set standards so you don’t compete on price. Have you ever said to yourself, many patients today are so cheap and they only care about price? If so I can understand why you think that and it might help to look at it from the patient’s point of view. Now the cosmetic patient who’s been researching options is not only confused but skeptical because they’ve got to deal with all this hype and then the sheer volume of information, so it’s making them very uncertain. While consulting with you the prospective patient is most likely asking themselves these questions – things like, “Will I get a good result?” “Are you the best choice for me?” “Not a good choice, but are you the best choice or should I shop around?”

So what can you do? You position you as the best choice. That means you answer those questions before the prospective patient even has a chance to ask them and you give them logical emotional and personal reasons why you are the best choice. Now this takes some creativity but it’s vital to stand out from your competitors. So why are you the best choice? This is not the time to be coy, it’s time to brag, point out what others don’t or won’t mention because they don’t think it’s a big deal or they just don’t think about it. Because it’s the details that differentiate you. For example, use creative visuals to help the patient understand when the surgery is necessary for the results they expect. This signage alone differentiates you from all of your non-surgical competitors. I actually have 29 differentiating strategies and here’s one more that works wonders: you pre-frame you as the best by spelling out visually exactly what board-certified means in terms of years in education and training and add the number of procedures you perform since it’ll be very impressive. Now the patient understands there are more factors to consider other than just price. Stay tuned and I’ll show you how you get these visuals for your own use. But then you need to back it up with awesome customer service before, during and after so the cosmetic patient feels special and cared for. I can’t stress this enough. That means during every step in your process, every time no matter what, the patient has a great phone call with your receptionist, they get a great first impression from all the staff they meet, they enjoy speaking with you and they’re comfortable throughout the entire process. This is easier said than done and can’t be taken lightly. It’s too competitive to be inconsistent with the wow patient experience because the secret to growing a cosmetic surgical practice in today’s crazy competitive marketplace is to change your focus from how much that one patient and procedure is worth to you one time versus what is the lifetime value of not only that patient and procedure but the countless other patients and procedures you get when that patient returns again and again and refers their friends and family. That’s where all the leverage is. You’ve already spent a fortune attracting that patient to you and it takes minimal time and money to keep them.

Core principle number four: set up your practice to grow. It’s actually quite simple once you know the key elements to focus on, which are your metrics, your predictable income, as well as your processes and systems. But the key is to keep it simple when you have your own customized cosmetic practice blueprint. You’re almost there because now you can see at a glance a few metrics that make the biggest difference to your bottom line but they oftentimes get lost in the busyness of running a practice day to day. Now this blueprint lays out exactly what your cosmetic practice needs to follow in terms of your key performance indicators so you know you are healthy or you’re hurting, because if you don’t have this in place it doesn’t matter how many leads you get if you can’t convert them or get them to return or refer. But having a blueprint isn’t enough; you must measure and assign responsibilities to staff to ensure what you think has happened is actually happening now. There’s a lot more involved in all of this so let me stop here and ask you a question – “Does this make sense to you?” There’s a saying “Small hinges swing big doors”, can you see how making a few tweaks in your systems, processes and staff can make a huge difference to your bottom line? And whether your revenues are at $500,000 or $5 million, the right tools, strategies and concepts would seriously take your practice to the next level. So if you would like some help with that, if you’re even considering hiring a cosmetic practice consultant, then it makes sense to hire the right consultant assuming you’re crystal clear on what you’re wanting to accomplish. And here’s why you’re probably closer to winning than you think – consider this: you already did the hard part; you put the blood, sweat and tears into the tough training, setting up your practice and building a reputation. You already are dedicating energy, time and money to improvement. You may not realize it, but that already makes you part of a fraction of only 1% of the entire world who even has the discipline to do what you’ve done already. Now it might seem like you’ve tried and failed, but in reality you’re at the 85 yard line. Everybody knows and agrees that having a good coach is critical to success. You already know how valuable it is to know what successful practices do to rise above their competitors, how a new perspective can shed light on the practice gaps you’re not seeing, and how having a roadmap to lead you through the maze of practice building saves you countless hours of wasted time and money making mistakes .But there’s a problem; actually there are several.

First of all, good cosmetic practice consultants are extremely expensive, but generally regarded as worth it. The problem isn’t necessarily in the cost, the problem is how do you know the consultant can actually help you? How do you know that it even makes sense for you to hire a consultant in the first place? How do you know even if the consultant may have a great track record for helping other cosmetic practices? How do you know they’re gonna be able to help you, specifically?

Well first let’s find out if it even makes sense for you to hire a consultant in the first place. Here are three steps to follow: Step 1 – Get crystal clear about the problem by identifying the issue. I want to be successful it isn’t really a goal, you’ve got to be specific. We need to understand exactly what it is you want; do you want to attract more cosmetic patients? If so, how many and by when? Do you want better conversions? If so, by how much? Do you want better online reviews? Do you want more word-of-mouth referrals? Do you want more professional staff representing you? If so, how many and in what positions to make the biggest impact on your bottom line?

Here’s step number two: Identify what does not work and stop doing it. The idea that one thing is going to work for everyone is just silly. Every single cosmetic practice is different; they think differently, they have different needs. That’s why finding the right consultant with a tailor-made program specifically for you makes the most sense. Think about this – we make plans, we get motivated, we start taking action and then we stop. Have you tried every ninja shiny object internet trick and you still don’t have the results you want? Guess what? That probably isn’t the answer or at least the entire answer. Have you tried mass advertising campaigns aggressive advertising salespeople pressured you for thinking this will make you a celebrity? Again, that probably isn’t the answer or the entire answer. It doesn’t mean those internet strategies and salespeople are bad, it just means it’s not for you. Sure, they’ll help a little but that’s not enough. Something is missing. They are not going to take you to the 100 yard line or else you would already be there.

Step number three: Understand you can’t do it alone. Think about it, as a cosmetic surgeon in private practice you most likely feel alone a lot of the time like you’re the only one who really cares about the health of your practice, like nobody around you understands the pressure of running a cosmetic surgery practice in today’s world. You’re not supposed to be alone, we’re all supposed to collaborate and work together to solve problems. Very few breakthroughs in the history of mankind have ever been achieved by one person alone without help. If you want to collaborate with someone who feels your pain and has the answers, then this is for you.

Here’s exactly how I can help you. First of all, I’m not like other consultants in our industry; I don’t include fluff or any filler, I don’t include untested processes and theory strategies, just the actual tested strategies I’ve used in the real world with other real practices. The tools are simple to learn, learning them is not the issue. I’ve taught these tools since 2000 in my webinar online trainings, medical conference courses and speaking engagements. It’s applying the materials that can get more tricky. It’s when you take the ideas and put them to work in your practice that you might have some bumps in the road. I know I can help you, usually it’s just a few tweaks they get you from missing the mark or the exact results you’re wanting. I’ve used these exact processes and tools to help hundreds of other cosmetic surgeons and their staff to attract more patients, convert more consultations, and build a successful aesthetic practice built on solid business principles. It’s more than just cosmetic practice consulting, it’s a system for feeling peace of mind every day, consistently. I’m not talking about feeling better for a few minutes, I’m talking about feeling better all day and every day. This simple and effective method doesn’t eliminate negative emotion from your life, you’d never want that anyway since you want to grow, it simply teaches you how to manage it in a way that doesn’t compound it. If you’ve already learned the how to build a cosmetic surgery practice concepts and read books on the subject but aren’t seeing the huge benefits yet, this is specifically designed for you. With all due respect, this is not for the entitled or the arrogant surgeon who knows it all, this is for you if you have a lot working for you already but you know you could be running a more streamlined and profitable practice, you could use a map of clarity so you have peace of mind knowing all systems and staff are working for the good of the practice and not just selfishly for themselves, and you know the gaps in your practice are costing you dearly. If this sounds like you, this is exactly what you’re looking for. Maybe you’re watching this presentation because you’re one of my 10k plus surgeons and staff will follow me through my online live trainings, my blog, YouTube channel, Facebook page, speaking engagements and email messages. Since year 2000, I’ve worked specifically with cash paying cosmetic surgery practices so they get the most out of what they’ve built already and so they can build a healthy and profitable future.

When you work with me two things will happen: First, you’ll start to become more conscious in your practice, you’ll start to understand how much control you have over the experiences you encounter every day. Now this is really important because if you think your day is just happening to you, then the feeling of powerlessness you experience will prevent you from making the changes and distinctions you’re missing. Second, you’ll gain peace of mind knowing you now have a plan to follow to get you where you always envisioned yourself to be successful, profitable, and confident. Now here’s what Dr. Robert Siegel said about working with me (he’s the managing partner of this very well-established multi surgeon plastic surgery practice in a very competitive market). “We engaged with Catherine for several reasons. While we run a very successful cosmetic practice, we’re always open to discovering new ways to better our best in terms of staff practice, structure and processes. Given Catherine’s years of best practice study around the world, we thought her an excellent choice to help us reimagine our practice. Catherine was instrumental in setting up a new structure that made our large team of surgeons and staff work together more cohesively. She put key metrics in place, gave us a clear plan to follow throughout the year, and trained our staff to increase their conversions by at least 10 percent. We immediately felt a renewed sense of optimism and enthusiasm for our growth. Since engaging with Catherine, I’m happy to report that revenues are up 15% over the last three months, and 22 percent in the last month alone. I highly recommend Catherine’s consulting services to any practice looking for best practice additions to their operation. Her years of experience allowed her bring outside eyes to the practice, recognize what’s off and recommend concrete actionable plans for improvement.”

Dr. DeLozier runs a successful mature plastic surgery practice, and he said, “I turned to Catherine to very specifically increase our consultation conversions and decrease our no-show rates. She went above and beyond to make that happen. Our no-show rate is a thing of the past and I am now seeing better quality consults more likely to book. Catherine went into great detail to review our processes and that made all the difference. It’s true small hinges do swing big doors and she was able to identify key areas in our staff scripting, processes and systems that were holding us back.  This was money well-spent and more than paid for itself.”

Here’s what Dr. Olsen said, he runs a combined facial plastic surgery and dermatology practice and wanted to grow the cosmetic surgery side of his practice – “We’ve been very pleased with our relationship with Catherine. Her recent evaluation and recommendations for our practice have been extremely helpful. Her experience enabled us to accurately evaluate our practice in its current situation and identify potential for growth. Her interacton with our staff has been tremendous, she’s got concrete ideas for marketing our practice, ideas that we can implement immediately. We would recommend her services without hesitation.” As a matter of fact, I actually ran into Dr. Olson at a medical conference the following year and he told me that one of my ideas has been worth over 100k to him. Nice, huh?

And here’s what Dr. Hartman said –“We were opening up a cosmetic Center in our ENT practice and I needed help figuring out how to profitably grow a cosmetic practice now, not years from now. However there were so many different options and I was getting pulled in so many different directions that I knew I needed someone with experience, someone who has been working with practices like ours who could give me a road map to lead me through the maze, to save me time and money. I chose Catherine because I heard her speak at a medical conference and she was entertaining, knowledgeable, and passionate about helping surgeons grow the cosmetic side of their practice. I also read her book and that solidified my trust in her. Catherine turned into my aesthetic coach who gave me direction and kept me from wasting money when it came to offering specific procedures, technology and devices. She kept me focused on investing in things proven to grow the bottom line so I got a lot more bang for my buck than I would have on my own. I’m grateful to Catherine for sharing her time and talents with us although I originally balked at her fees, I quickly learned how much more value we got from the experience that saved us a tremendous amount of time and money that would have been wasted. I highly recommend using Catherine’s coaching and consulting services if you want to do it right the first time.”

Then Dr. Caravino also runs a very successful solo surgeon plastic surgery practice in a very competitive area and here’s what he said – “Catherine’s consulting service has paid for itself many times over the investment I made engaging with her. Working with her helped change my perspective of how to run my already successful practices – one that is more streamlined and profitable. The training she gave my staff was also fantastic; I hear my staff using Catherine’s strategies to close more calls and consultations, and they’re also taking more initiative to implement the strategies Catherine devised for our practice. If you have plateaued or if the gaps in your processes are costing you, Catherine can help. She’s worth every penny.

And then lastly Dr. Solo runs a busy plastic surgery practice in Orlando and here’s what he said – “Your on-site practice visit was awesome and invaluable. Thanks to your strong presentation in people skills, we were able to shift the culture in our practice and that has made a significant difference in the way my staff is interacting with my patients. You also made it possible for me to figure out what to do with key staff members and that has allowed me to grow the best team to support my vision for the future. It was money well spent, thank you.”

When you to say yes to working with me, we’re going to customize the agenda depending on what you want to get out of our time together and we’re going to follow this game plan. First we set the stage; we clarify your vision and goals to benchmark so you know we’re making progress. We’ll identify your current assets to build from, as well as your image building strategies to pre-frame you as the best choice, then we’ll look at your infrastructure as in how the phones are handled and my team will mystery shop ahead of time. We’ll look at the software used to track and generate reports to study your stats, and we’ll review your processes and protocol. Next we’ll look at the people; we’ll determine if the right people are on board and in the right seat, I’ll then train them to represent you professionally and convert more callers and consultations. We’ll look at staff incentives and how you motivate them, and I’ll show you a great managed by metrics system you will all love. Then I’ll look at your processes to include the handling of leads, following up after the consultation that did book, and the protocol for before and after photos, reviews and referrals. Lastly, we’ll look at your marketing and that’s going to include your website and internet presence seen from the prospective patients point of view, we’ll then map out a year-round marketing plan and social media plan, an internal marketing plan, and external marketing plan so you’ll walk away with a specific plan for your practice. It’s like having your own playbook so you and your team know exactly what to do and how to run your practice smoothly. Now back to the staff training – during my visit to your office, I’ll spend time with your staff and train them to convert more callers and consultations by at least 10%. That means if you’re getting 100 calls per month, that gives you an extra 432k per year, which more than covers my fees. So what is your investment? My fees are 5k per month for 3 months, including a full day on-site assessment in your practice to give you the most value possible to ensure we not only identify the practice gaps costing you dearly, but will also execute the solutions we deem necessary to fix them. Now we’ll work together for 90 days to ensure the strategies get executed and you see traction building in way of better results and a smoother running practice because I’m not here to waste your time or mine. I’ll give you the templates, the maps, the visuals and the tools as well as a full 90 days of support to set you up for success.

Get all the details now at So as you can see, this investment of only 5k per month for three months far exceeds the consulting fees I’m getting because you’re getting back in return. Our proven plan to transform your practice into a smooth-running operation with easy to follow processes, professionally trained staff who are moneymakers versus overhead, and clarity to know what to focus on that makes all the difference in the world. And what’s more, when you say yes now, you also get these free practice building tools to kick-start things so you see results immediately. You and your staff get unlimited access to 16 modules in, an online Learning Center to hone your patient attraction, practice building, and converting skills that’s a value of nine hundred and ninety eight dollars. You also get the flip scripts your receptionist can follow to help her increase her conversions by 20 to 30 percent within 48 hours, and your coordinator will get the step-by-step flip scripts to convert more consultations confidently so you get more yeses than no’s, and that’s a value of $997. So let me ask you this – if all this did was help your team members use these tools to become the best converting receptionist and/or coordinate coordinator you’ve ever had, what’s that worth to you? 100k, 200k or more? I’m not done yet. You also get a customized cosmetic practice blueprint so you too can now manage by metrics. This gives your staff accountability as well as clarity, and gives you peace of mind to know what your numbers are. You also get your own step-by-step blueprint customized with the exact details you need for your own cosmetic patient marketing machine. This will give you and your staff clarity for how to keep revenues consistent and that’s a value of $997. Now what would it be worth to you if you had this kind of clarity? To know your numbers, have a plan in place and you were able to manage your metrics with peace of mind? 100k, 250k, half a million? Think of it this way – if all this did was give you a marketing plan to consistently attract new patients, convert them more often, and encourage them to refer more of their friends, what would that be worth to you? An extra 200k? 400k? More? Let me be frank here, I’ve seen surgeons spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a laser that sits idle after two months and then they panic and throw massive amounts of cash at Google AdWords only to get back lackluster results. What I’m proposing here is to invest in the fundamentals of what makes your practice solid and profitable now, as well as for the rest of your career. No matter what change has happened in the industry, because as Warren Buffett himself said, “the best investment you will ever make is in yourself.” There’s no better time than now to better your best.

Go to to get started. So to recap, here’s everything you’re going to get when we work together: the on-site assessment, the infrastructure, the people, the processes, the marketing, you get data analysis, mystery shopping, staff training, you get the patient attraction and conversion blueprint customized to you, the follow-up assessment, report with templates and forms, and then you get all the bonuses. The bonus number one, which is more patients academy online training for a value of $997, you get the flip scripts for better conversions valued at $998, you get the practice metrics for staff accountability customized to your practice the value of $997, and then the patient attraction and conversion blueprint customized to your practice valued at $997. The total bonus value is four thousand nine hundred eighty seven dollars, and you can get started now when you go to So I really do look forward to working with you to build your practice into a well-run business that runs smoothly with or without you, with a professional team supporting you and differentiating you as the best choice so you don’t compete on price all while having a plan in place that generates more consistent revenues you can count on month after month because you have systems in place you can measure.

Please go now to and let’s talk. We hope you found valuable insight on this episode of “Beauty and the Biz”. For more episodes, tools and Catherine’s free book, visit and be sure to subscribe to get the latest practice building strategies delivered to you. And don’t forget to share this “Beauty and the Biz” podcast with your staff and colleagues.

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