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Ep.18: The Straightest Line to New Cosmetic Patients

The Straightest Line to New Cosmetic Patients


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Episode transcript:

Welcome to “Beauty and the Biz.” Discover how to grow your practice with effective cosmetic patient attraction, conversion and retention advice from author, speaker, trainer and cosmetic practice business and marketing coach, Catherine Maley, MBA.

Hello and welcome to “Beauty and the Biz” where we talk about the business and marketing side of the cosmetic practice. I’m your host Catherine Maley, author of “Your Aesthetic Practice – What Your Patients are Saying” as well as consultant to cosmetic practices to get them more patients and more profits.

So, today’s episode is called “The Straightest Line to New Cosmetic Patients” and first I want to give you a quick review of my speaking gig in Scotland. I was in Edinburgh, by the way in America we say Edinburgh and it’s not Edinburgh, its Edinburgh something like that and it was really a beautiful country. I will tell you it’s now one of my favorite tourist places. If you like history this is the place to go. It’s super-duper old but a very clean city apparently because it rains there all the time and it’s kind of windy, so September was a perfect time to go. But I was invited to speak at this global cosmetic conference and of course I spoke on marketing and my stuff is pretty jaw-dropping in other countries because we’re so aggressive here in America with our marketing. So, of course I always look like a genius over there because they’re so conservative in other countries especially in Scotland. I did not see anybody who had plastic surgery like there was nothing obvious although keep in mind there’s only about 500,000 people who live there and then I would say there’s another 500,000 tourists.

It’s a very touristy place so of course when you’re a tourist in Edinburgh you have to see the castle. That is amazing! It’s got the crown jewels which quite frankly it’s kind of like the Mona Lisa. Once you see it you know, you spend hours in line waiting to see it. It wasn’t hours to visit the crown jewels, but the Mona Lisa was a long wait and then you get there and you’re kind of underwhelmed by what you see. So, same thing the crown jewels, it’s just the crown with the red felt that we’ve all seen with the diamonds and then the sword, So, I don’t know it was okay. I did expect to see more redheads. I didn’t see many redheads I think that we have more redheads in my own family then I saw there. The food was really good but super carb heavy. They do a lot of walking there, so I think that helps a lot. I didn’t see many overweight people except for the tourists so I think it’s a pretty healthy town, but I didn’t see anything like Botox signs or med spas. There were lots and lots of facial spas or doing like waxing but it’s not like here.

So, another thing one of the speakers I was talking with he’s from Seoul, Korea and if we thought it was competitive here in America he was telling me that they have more than 700 cosmetic surgeons within two kilometers which is incredibly competitive. The prices are really low because of the competition and he has to pay, here’s how they get leads. They get them from the owners of the salons in the area so the salon person who refers them to the surgeon he has to pay them 50% of the surgical value and on top of that the salon owner typically goes through an agent. So, an agent is the one who set up the salon with the plastic surgeon and the agent gets 20%. So right off the bat the surgeon is giving away 70% of his surgical value just to get that surgery and that’s not including any of their own overhead like staff or any of that. Isn’t that crazy. So, that was a really good trip, I highly recommend going there.

So, back to the straightest line to more patients. Now here’s what you’re going to discover, who’s the most likely to become your cash paying patients and where they can be found and then also I’ll talk a bit about cash surges that are quick and easy and then how to get new patients without spending any more on advertising and hiring more staff. So, I’m going to start with a mind shift that has to happen. Instead of thinking about more leads as in you just want new leads start shifting to you want more paid procedures. You don’t want just a lead. It doesn’t even count if they don’t convert. So, start thinking not paid procedures versus new leads. So, here’s the reality attracting new patients has gotten to be very hard work.

If you look at the way a patient gets to you it’s it almost looks like a ping-pong game. They’re everywhere and they’re nowhere. They’re bouncing all over the place because they’re clicking like crazy and with social media then let’s say they go to Facebook, or they have a girlfriend that sent them somewhere else or they have an Instagram influencer who sends them to you kind of because now they have to go search your website and they get all lost in all of that. So, their attention span can be very short, and I mean you’ve done it yourself. When you go to look for something in today’s world aren’t there so many blinking things, instant shiny objects that are getting in your way. I do it all the time. I go to Google something that I’m doing for work and the next thing I know I’m off into never-never land with all sorts of things going on with celebrities or another like an exercise bike shows up or I mean it just goes on and on. So, there’s also just a lot of information and there’s just a lot of choice.

Now because of that a lot of the clicking is leading to leads but now you’re questioning the quality of them. I hear that all the time. The internet marketers say oh I got you 100 new leads this month but if you really look at it 80% of them were absolute crap. They could have even been spam or they weren’t anywhere near you, they were in some other country you know. So, you don’t know and even the ones that were here locally a lot of them are never going to show up and even if they show up they’re just never going to convert. I did want to run you by a case study I did on pay-per-click for a guy who was going after breast aug and breast augs a tough one because it’s just a younger patient. They usually only care about price more than they care about your skill. So, we just did a quick case study. So, he was doing pay-per-click ads and he was spending a thousand a month on them. So, he got 680 leads and we were like holy cow that’s amazing!

Now he had his staff calling those leads two to three times and also emailing them. Do you realize that’s over 2000 calls. The staff was very busy making a whole bunch of calls to try to get this 680 leads in for an appointment. So, when it was all said and done the 680 leads ended up being 84 consultations which is actually a very good number. Isn’t that crazy that that’s a good number but it is. But think about this 840 consults; do you realize that your consult is typically an hour long and maybe you as the surgeon you’re only involved in let’s say 20 to 30 minutes of that and then your staffs involved in the rest of it. That’s still 840 minutes, I’m sorry 840 hours spent with you and/or your staffs time and you’re paying the staff to handle that. Okay so just keep that in mind and then of the 84, eight booked.

So, we went from 680 leads to eight surgeries and believe it or not that’s not bad but look what that cost you. It will cost you $8,000 and it costs you 840 hours that you had to pay staff or use up your own time. I’m just saying it’s not easy. So, here’s what I like to do. I really like the straightest path and isn’t it always the word-of-mouth referral. It’s the woman, I’ll just say a woman because we like to chat with each other. It’s the woman talking to her friend whom she trusts who’s saying you look so great but what did you do and then they’re talking specifically about you and what you did for them. There is no straighter path than that isn’t that the truth. So, it’s always going to be easier, cheaper, faster to convert these patients because they already are pre-sold on you because their girlfriend already went on and on about how great you are and because they trust their girlfriend that transference of trust goes straight to you.

Now this kind of patient shows up because they’re excited. They don’t just show up, they’re excited to show up because they saw their girlfriends results and they want the same. They’re also a lot more open to your recommendations. How many times have you met with a patient who’s got their paperwork in front of them and they think they know everything about the procedure. They’re even talking clinical with you. That’s tough because you don’t want them on your level, you want them to see you as the expert and your recommendations are the best recommendations and you want them to be open to that and then also the word-of-mouth referred patient is always less price sensitive and that just makes sense because they’re basing things more on just price. They’re actually interested in a good result from a quality surgeon that somebody can vouch for. That is so much more important.

In my book I asked everybody what was more important to you price or credentials or skills or location or a whole bunch of things and you know what came up, price was the third, credentials and skill and expertise were the second and the first one was a connection. They just felt a connection with you. So that’s interesting and so anyway the word of mouth patient is just plain easier to deal with. They have reasonable expectations. They already know the drill because they saw it through their friends eyes and experience and journey so any day wouldn’t you rather have that patient show up than the one that’s very skeptical. They’re looking at you the whole time like who are you and that’s a tough way to do this. So, if you do this right you’re going to grow your cosmetic practice exponentially. So, for example one happy patient becomes three because she spoke about you to three of her friends. Three speak about you to three of their friends now three becomes nine, nine becomes twenty-seven and on and on and you did all of that without spending any more on advertising. You already spent the time, money and effort to get that one surgical patient. It behooves you to turn that one into the 27 and so on than it does to go find another new one. Hope that makes sense.

So, here’s what I say when I’m consulting with a with a client. I always take a look at the numbers and one thing I always pull up is that report called revenues by referral source and here’s my benchmark for you, if that referral source number isn’t at least 50% then we really need to talk because that tells me either something’s wrong with your patient experience or you’re just plain leaving a lot of money on the table for no good reason because of your mind shift. You are still looking at all new leads from stranger patients I am looking at the revenues by referral source. The ones who gave you money and those are always going to be friends and family, patient referrals, staff referrals, physician referrals, returning patients. It’s all based on relationships. Our industry has always been based on relationships, but everyone thinks it’s now different because of social media and internet and googling and clicking all over the place. It will never change. I mean, I don’t care that’s still just marketing. Business in general is a word-of-mouth referral, is what grows your practice way more than trying to find new patients elsewhere although you have to do both for sure. Anyway, I just say go with the lowest hanging fruit first it’s just easier, faster and cheaper. So, the lowest hanging fruit is always those patients who know, like and trust you. Those patients who used to know, like and trust you but you’ve been ignoring them so they’ve left and then of course any of those friends of those patients who could know, like and trust you.

So, here’s how you grow your cosmetic revenues. You grow them by increasing the number of visits a patient pays to your practice per year. You also grow it by increasing the amounts spent at each visit and that’s called cross promoting all of your services and then of course you increase it by referrals. Now let’s remember the greatest thing about our industry is your customers have endless needs especially as the aging process continues. It’s just built in. A patient who wants to look good now will continue to want to look good today, tomorrow, next year, five years from now and on and on because as the aging process happens look what else happens wrinkles, sagging neck, blotchy skin, sagging tummy, sagging body parts, unwanted fat pockets. It’ll just keep going.

So, if somebody cares today they’re going to keep caring as the years go on and keep in mind patients enter different doors to your practice. So, they might enter let’s say skin care first and move up to injectables and lasers or they may start at lasers and then move up to surgery or they may start at surgery and now go back down to skin care. So, your goal is to keep them going through all of your doors because here’s another mind shift you don’t want a patient one time, you want a patient for a lifetime because that’s where all your leverage is. You’ve already spent the time, the money and effort to get that patient. It takes minimal money and effort to keep them.

So, let’s go back to word-of-mouth referrals. How do you get patients talking about you and as always I’m just going to give you a lots of ideas so please pick one or two and actually execute them. The first thing you want to do is look at your patient intake form. A lot of you have that sentence that says referral or who referred you. I would say it as this. So how did you hear about us and I would put that on your patient intake form. Right next to that is a blank to let them tell you. Don’t tell them how they told you. Let them tell you how they heard about you. The next question is may we thank them. So, if they write down a patient’s name like Sue Smith and then you ask may we thank them and they say yes your receptionist should be equipped with blank thank-you notes that are gorgeous with your logo on them, a colorful envelope and a stamp on the envelope. They should automatically look up that patients name that the referred patient wrote down and hand addressed the envelope Sue Smith, their address and inside you can write,

“Dear Sue,

Thank you so much for referring Sue Smith to us, we’re going to take great care of her.


and then you can sign it by Dr. So-and-so and team. That way they know that you the doctor didn’t write the handwritten note for your receptionist did but if you say Dr. Smith and team at least they get that and that goes out into the mail that night. I personally would add a little something else to that like a $50 thank-you gift card for their next visit to your practice or even a Starbucks gift card. Something, you’re not bribing anybody you’re just thanking them for their support. You can also have your staff wear lapel pins or t-shirts on certain days that say we love referrals or ask me how you can save $50 on your next appointment and then that way if somebody asks you know they say oh well we love referrals. Well here’s one of the issues, do you realize patients are not thinking about you and how to grow your practice they’re just not. They’re thinking about their own lives. You have to be a lot more overt about wanting referrals.

I was in an office and they literally had painted a mural behind the reception desk that’s said, “The greatest compliment you could ever pay us is to refer our practice to your friends and family.” so everybody who walked in there knew that they wanted referrals and it was now on their mind. It’s a good idea. You can also have a referrals display with take away cards and I really like the takeaway idea because the minute they leave your practice they’re probably going to forget about you. So if you have a referral display that says the same thing, you know, the greatest compliment you could ever pay us is to refer our practice to your friends please take a couple cards and that way when their wallet is open on check out and they look at the sign they grab a couple cards and put them in their wallet and now when they do meet with their friends, you know everyone always has their wallet with them then they can pull out that card and say oh by the way I have a card from the practice and they offer a $50 gift card because they want more patients, you know we want more patients just like you so you offer a gift card.

The reason I like the prop is because it helps you track who’s talking about you to their friends and then you can take good care of both of them and then if you don’t want to do that and you want to do it more strategically you can always just have these little prop referral cards that say get to know us gift cards and you can just hand a couple to the patient with their receipt that they give you for the day and you can just have your receptionist or the checkout girl say, by the way you here are a couple of referral cards we’d love to have more patients just like you and then leave it at that. You can also have a great gift display with a goodie bag or a gift basket and has a certificate for them to come back for let’s say a facial or a peal or microdermabrasion treatment and then there’s a sign that says need a quick gift and that way patient who is busy, professional doesn’t have a lot of time and is looking for convenience that might be just the gift they need and now you have a new patient because they bought their girlfriend or their mom or their sister or their neighbor or their sitter or whomever, they bought them the gift of beauty. That’s great idea.

Now what do you do with your database when you have a whole bunch of patients in there that you haven’t seen in a very long time. Well, what you do is at this point I would say if you haven’t seen somebody for more than a year there’s a good chance your competitor snagged them, or they just wandered off to somebody else. There’s so much life left there because there’s a good chance they didn’t leave you because they don’t like you. They just left you for some other reason, it doesn’t matter. So, you do a reactivation campaign and in this case you do need some kind of a bribe and you need a heartfelt message such as we miss you and then you have some copy in that message that says we really miss you, we haven’t seen you in a long time we hope everything’s okay with you. If there was some reason regarding customer service, if that was the reason please let us know because we’re always here to improve our processes and we’d love to see you again and I would offer them a $50 gift card to come back but I would add a very tight expiration date so they impulsively see it and then call you or email you or opt in. You need them to come back and the way to do that is to apologize somehow and offer them a bribe that’s just all there’s to it.

Now these work very, very well because any money made from these is extra for you because they were dead to you anyway and now you can bring it in. We did this recently and we made an extra 29,000 just doing this and it was a really quick campaign. We’ve just started, tight expiration date and that was 29,000 you didn’t have before and now you have a patient that’s reengaged with you and if you work your cards right that 29,000 is going to become 129,000 because they’re going to return again and again and they’re going to bring their friends. I also highly recommend you have a brainstorming session with your staff, and you find out who they know. So what you’re doing is you’re brainstorming who are their friends and family, which hair salon do they go to, which health club do they belong to, any retail shops that they shop at that others like them shop at, any media outlets they follow for information, if any of them are mommies, what mommy groups do they belong to, if they have hobbies what hobby groups do they belong to or business groups or fundraiser organizations.

What you’re trying to find out is if your staff hang out in certain places that share your demographics you want to know that and you can even have a friendly staff referral contest so you could have in the kitchen a grand prize and make it good like a really killer shopping spree or a flat-screen monitor or a new iPhone. I mean having a really good gift that everybody wants, and you would just have this referral staff contest for 30 days and here are the rules; you give them get to know us gift cards and their initials are in the corner in the back of the card and any cards that show up within the first 30 days they win the grand prize. It could be that simple. You know what else I would do though as a caveat, I would have anybody else who participated they still get a prize but just not the grand prize and here’s even a better caveat, if you have a staff person who didn’t bother participating you need to know that and register that. If they didn’t help you grow your practice you don’t have the right staff on board. They need to be sales ambassadors for you because everybody’s involved in growing a cosmetic practice in today’s world.

Now if that’s too complicated for you why don’t you just have a staff special event so let’s say you shut down early one day and let’s say from 12 to 7 you have a friends and family special event so your staff gets to invite everybody they know to this special event and people can have any all sorts of non-surgical procedures for a very special rate, very special price but they must agree to give you a referral, a review, a video testimonial and their before and after photos so that’s why they’re getting a killer deal. I mean I would almost have this half off everything Botox, fillers, lasers and the point is you can grow your practice pretty quickly if you’ve got your staffs friends and family there because they already trust you, they’re willing to help you grow the practice so give that a shot.

Now let’s you want referrals from your current patients here are some more easy things for you to do. Give your patients their photos. I don’t know what it is about this, but photos are everything to us as cosmetic patients. If I were you I would go to great lengths to figure out photos how to take good before-and-after photos, how they print them out instantly or how to put them on the patient’s iPhone so they can refer to them later. So, here’s what I would do. Let’s say it’s just a Botox patient and there are a new patient to you, I would have them take a selfie of their face scrunched up then I would give them their Botox treatment then I would have your staff call them let’s say in seven days, seven to ten days when the Botox has kicked in and I would say okay Sarah go check out your selfie that you did and now look in the mirror and see the difference. That’s how you get somebody, a patient really interacting with you and the result they got or even if they have like hey wait a second, one side looks better than the other invite them back in because you’re going to do that anyway or if you’re not going to do that you really should because if somebody comes in for a Botox treatment, quite a few patients would never complain they just won’t show up again. They’ll just go somewhere else if they’re not happy with the result. You being proactive will win hands-down any time. So, I often will get like a text, hey how’s your Botox if you need any touch-ups let me know. But if you actually made a phone call had them check their selfie and then if they’re happy with their result terrific get them on the books for three months from now or if they’re not happy get them back in for a touch-up I think that’s the way to go and then you can also have, we have really cute signage we call it buddy Botox and our headline is, “Got Wrinkles, Got a Friend,” and you would put these throughout your office and it’s very simple. It would just say bring a friend to your next Botox appointment and you both get an instant $50 gift card towards your treatment period. So I love those kind of things and by the way anything I talk about like for in-house signage keep reminding yourself that it can be in-house signage and then it can be repurposed to be a social media post and if it works well as a post you can boost it and then turn it into a Facebook ad so throw some money at it.

You can also have a frequent user program and I do have a better idea coming up than this but if you just wanted to do something simple you would have a business sized card that they keep in their wallet and then it would just have three check boxes. So, $25 off their second visit, 50 off their third visit, 75 off their fourth visit. It’s as simple as that. You can also do a quarterly social media patient refer a friend drive and this is, you know how important social media is and it’s all about a popularity contest, so you need your patients to like, tag, share. So, if you do that quarterly you would come up with some creative posts to then get your current patients to like you and tag you. It’s a good idea to focus on that at least four times a year.

Now let’s say you wanted referrals from external alliances such as there are salons and spas in your neighborhood that share your demographics. So, here’s a really simple thing I used to always do in San Francisco many years ago. The plastic surgeon I was representing, I would go to that salon. It was typically a high-end salon with clients that we wanted as plastic surgery patients and I would buy their gift cards. So, it would be a simple let’s say $75 facial although this was 20 years ago so now those facials are probably 200 but it doesn’t matter. All day long you would spend you know 100 to 200 to get a $10,000 procedure, right. So, you buy the gift salons at full price although the salon might give you a discount on the gift certificates which is fine but you’re not looking for a deal here. What you’re doing is trying to develop a relationship and the fastest way to get a salon to work with you is to give them business and that’s why they’re going to give you back business.

So when you buy their gift cards and you give them to your current, let’s say your you have a patient that’s going to have a facelift, you give them this salon card and say I’d like you to go see my friend at you know ba, ba, ba salon because I would like her to do a pre-surgical facial on you to prep your skin. That way the salon owner sees her gift card come back, it comes back from you and now there’s this discussion between your patient and the salon and now the salon owner is going to be interested to see what happened with the result and that’s how you start that relationship. Hope that makes sense. If you don’t want to do that there is this other practice that I think this is a great idea you know tchotchkes. I don’t know how to spell tchotchkes but it’s your customized logo on your pens or it’s on lip gloss or it’s on sunblock samples or it’s on mirrors, you customized tchotchkes and now you just drop them off at the various salons in your neighborhood and just say, oh here’s some little freebies if you want to give these to your own clients. It’s just a cute way but then make sure you have your name and your website on these tchotchkes so a customer who’s at a salon can pick up the pen or the lipstick and they see your URL and they might check you out.

Now if you don’t feel like doing any of those ideas that I just gave you I want you to at least do this and it’s going to be a shameless plug to my new Kiss Rewards Club and for a limited time you’re going to get it for free and I’ll share that with you in a second. Now this is by far the easiest loyalty program available today and it’s also actually a clever new patient attraction, conversion, follow-up and retention practice building tool. So, I spent years on this I don’t know if you’ve heard me in the past, but I actually came up with a rewards app several years ago and I also called it the Kiss Rewards app, but I lost a whole bunch of money on it a whole bunch of times. It was it was really ridiculous and for lots of reasons it didn’t work, and I think it was the app part of it. Here was my guess and actually talking to the patients here’s what it was; if you’re not Starbucks where people are using your app every day you can’t get any traction on an app because there are just too many of them and even in those days there were too many of them. So, to get on, watch your phone. You don’t put apps on there willy-nilly because it ties up your bandwidth. You put only apps on there that you’re using a lot. So I personally, I always use well I love my meditation app because I have to meditate because I’m too hyper and then I love my American Airlines app because it’s always telling me that my flights are delayed and cancelled which drives me absolutely crazy but I don’t drink coffee, but if I did I’d have my Starbucks app on there. Anyway, instead of that this is an icon that sits on your computer at checkout and then you just open it up. It’s all cloud-based so you have a login and you just open it up and it tracks everything for you.

So, here’s the goal of the Kiss Rewards Club it’s to proactively turn your patients into your practice ambassadors so they grow your practice without discounting that could hurt your brand. It also avoids you spending a fortune on expensive advertising to attract new patients. Now here is why mine is so different I am not bureaucratic. I’m not a big pharma company that has to follow a bunch of ridiculous rules and this is not complicated. That’s the one kiss of death of a loyalty program is when you’ve got it so darn complicated that you can’t understand it, the patients can’t understand it, your staff doesn’t get it, so nobody uses it. So, here are the rules. $1 spent bent equals one kiss earned period then you just collect kisses for free services. For example, 1,000 kisses equals one free area of Botox, 3,000 kisses equals free syringe of filler and 5,000 kisses equals a free laser treatment and you decide what that laser is. Let’s say it’s a CoolSculpting laser or it’s an IPL but you don’t want to give away your fractional laser because it’s more expensive so anyway you just decide what that is. And so, do you see how it doesn’t matter if you use other vendor programs or if you use other promos, it doesn’t matter all we care about is the amount spent during that visit for the day. So, all the work is done for you all we need you to do is have your staff enter the patients spend for that visit that day and then the software platform does the rest and then my team and I keep your patients engaged with Kiss reminder pecks, email and social media banners telling them that they’re getting closer to redeeming. So, here’s the interesting part about how you get more patients from this. The three most important things prospective patients need to choose you are always going to be a referral from their trusted friend telling them how great you are and then lots of great online reviews and then your before and after photos.

So, the Kiss Rewards Club takes care of that for you because it’s rewarding your patients and it gives them an instant 1,000 kisses because we always love patients just like them. So, it gives them 1,000 kisses which actually equates to one free area Botox when they refer a friend, give you a great review and when they approve their before and after photos to be used for your marketing efforts. Now, if that’s not enough it’s also a great converting tool. So, let’s say somebody came in for a consultation and they start negotiating prices with you. Does that drive you nuts? Well, we would train your consultant to have this in their back pocket and they would be able to say Sarah you know what Dr. Smith bases his prices on his skill and expertise so I’m not able to change the price however here’s what I could do I can give you free membership to our Kiss Rewards Club and I can even throw in an extra 100 kisses and now you have free membership or actually give 1,000 kisses and that gives them, oh, I take that back you know what give them the free membership and let’s say their surgical procedure is $10,000 and you can say and I’m going to be able to load you up with 10,000 kisses and that means you’re now going to be entitled to free services, how does that sound? Do you see how now we’re adding value rather than discounting your prices or let’s say you have a consultation that came in for a consultation but they didn’t book and you didn’t tell them about the Kiss Rewards because there was another reason they didn’t book and you didn’t get that far yet so you can always use this as a follow-up tool.

So rather than lose them completely you can always, let’s say they’re not returning your calls or by the way you should listen to my podcast on follow up because none of you are doing it enough. But let’s say they’re not calling you back or they’re not emailing you back so there’s a good chance you’ve lost them completely, but you just never know. So, what I would do is as keep calling, call again, email again because they’re oftentimes listening and reading anyway but they’re just not interacting, and you can offer them free membership to your Kiss Rewards Club and now they can easily experience some of your non-surgical treatments. That way they can get more comfortable with you and closer to a yes for a surgical procedure. So, I really hope you can see how the like the Kiss Rewards Club is your new practice building secret weapon.

If that sounds interesting to you I want you to go to the URL and the website it’s called It’s got all the details and for a very limited time I’m going to offer this for one month free which means I am willing because I’m so sure about this turning into a great patient attraction tool for you I am willing to have my team set you up customized platforms set up for you. We run it for free for 30 days and within that 30 days you should be making enough revenues to absolutely pay for this thing for at least a year if not more. So, if you like that idea I’m going to need you to go soon though because I don’t know how long I’m going to keep this up. Right now, its brand new so I’m offering a one-month free because I am going to be asking you for a testimonial and a case study. So, you just go to and then my team and I look forward to getting you more patients and more profits.

So back to you can grow your practice the hard way or the easy way. The hard way is all of the clicking around all over the place and hoping that somebody stops long enough to see you, or you can do it the easier way, which is turn one patient into three, three into nine, nine into twenty-seven and so on. So, that is that I really hope that if you have not already done so please subscribe to “Beauty and the Biz” and I really would appreciate an iTunes review if you can take a minute to do that and can you please share this with your colleagues and staff so I can spread the word and give you more content and then, of course if you’ve got any feedback or questions or topics you want me to cover I’m always open to that. So please you can always go to and leave me a message there about things you want to talk about, and you can also check me out on Instagram @catherinemaleymba. That’s it for now, thank you.

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