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Ep.26: Easy Ways to Sell More to Your Cosmetic Patients

Sell More to Your Cosmetic Patients

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Episode transcript:

Easy Ways to Sell More to Your Cosmetic Patients

Welcome to “Beauty and the Biz.” Discover how to grow your practice with effective cosmetic patient attraction conversion and retention advice from author speaker trainer and cosmetic practice business and marketing coach Catherine Maley MBA.

Hello and welcome to “Beauty and the Biz” where we talk about the business and marketing side of the cosmetic practice. I’m your host Catherine Maley author of “Your Aesthetic Practice – What Your Patients are Saying” as well as consultant to cosmetic practices to get them more patients and more profits.

As a matter of fact I’ve been traveling a lot. I was speaking at the Global Aesthetics Meeting in Miami. I highly recommend the meeting. It’s a newer one, it’s run by Randy Waldman and Renato Saltz and it had let’s say 600 attendees and it’s growing. It’s a multi-specialty meeting and it’s pretty amazing. As a matter of fact what I find interesting is you look at the room sizes depending on topics and you know what happened the non-surgical talks got the big ballroom and the surgical talks are now being split up into the smaller rooms and isn’t that interesting.

I also attended a stem-cell talk that was really interesting so that’s coming along nicely. I’m sure I’m going to need some of that pretty soon since I’ve been jogging forever and my knees are shot. But in the meantime then I was in Houston and I was in New Jersey doing some consulting and the theme is always how do I grow this thing. They’re already very successful practices but you know we humans live in growth and the plastic surgeons are always trying to figure out how do you scale this and that’s another discussion and I’m going to have lots of podcasts on how you get out of the middle of all of this because how do you scale when it’s just you being the solo provider.

Anyway that’s another story but in today’s episode we’re going to talk about “Easy Ways to Sell More to Cosmetic Patients.” So, in business there’s only really three ways you grow your own cosmetic practice revenues. You either get more patients or you get those patients to return more often and/or you encourage them to buy more at each visit. So, if we look at number one get more patients that’s typically where you all put your emphasis right you always want more patients and that makes sense. You have to have more patients going through your practice to grow the thing but to do that you need to spend a lot more money on SEO and website development then you need to spend a lot more on pay-per-click, Ad Words and ad banners and then you need to spend more on external advertising.

Now it might still be print ads in your area or radio TV or cable or you’ve got to spend a ton more time on social media posting and boosting and spending more on social media advertising to get the reach that you’re looking for. But here’s the thing I call them stranger internet patients. So, they’re stranger patients. So, that means you have to have killer phone skills to bond with them, learn more about them see where they’re at and then you’ve got to be able to convert them to an appointment. Now if you’re doing the social media part you’ve got to interact real time with these people. These prospective patients who are DMing you and liking you and asking you questions you have to figure out of all of them who are the 2-3% percent who would actually be serious enough to follow through because I’m just surprised how people have all the time in the world to do like you, dis you on social media. Boy they’re a lot of critics out there and boy some people just have all the time in the world to waste your time.

But let’s say they’re serious or serious enough you think so now you’ve got to get these internet stranger patients to actually show up for an appointment. That’s an act of God nowadays and then you need them to say yes and give you money. Doing all of that can be super expensive. It can be complicated. It’s also super time consuming and it’s very taxing on you and your staff when you have to be on all the time because it’s like your home, you have visitors coming in constantly that don’t know you and you’ve really got to be on your game and that takes a ton of energy. So, an easier way to grow your revenues is to do number two and three and that’s to get your current patients who already know, like and trust you to return more often and buy more at each visit. So, here’s what I’m going to suggest. If you’ve been in practice for more than 10 years and you’ve got a nice following spend half of your time, money and effort on attracting new patients but then spend the other half on encouraging your current patients to return and buy more and here’s why.

The beauty of our industry, pun intended, is that cosmetic patients have endless needs. Somebody who cares how they look they’re going to care today, tomorrow, next year, next month, forever. Trust me I am that patient. I didn’t get into this industry by accident I got into this industry because I was getting older and I didn’t like it and the minute I saw signs of aging I was running for the hills and trying to figure out how to stop it and I was already in my 40s. In today’s world they’re starting in their 20s now and there’s so much that you can do to your body if you’ve got the time, the money in the interest. I mean we’re all chasing it. We’ve got wrinkles, red and brown spots, blotchy skin, crepey skin, sagging body parts, unwanted fat pockets or we don’t have what we want like breast aug. We want to add something, we want to subtract something, we want to rearrange something and that’s the beauty of our industry.

A cosmetic patient, if you think about it they’re going to go up and down the ladder I look at it as a ladder and doors. Patients will enter different doors to your practice whether it be surgery, lasers, injectables or skin care. Think about them going in and out of these doors forever and it can be your doors or it can be somebody else’s but you’re kidding yourself if you think a surgical patient is a one-hit wonder because they’re typically not especially a woman. I’ll tell you there’s something about our DNA. Our DNA has built in that we want to look good to attract the right partner who’s going to take care of us and I know that’s the Stone Age’s but it’s actually in our DNA. So, there’s a huge majority of people, women who will fix a body part and just automatically go to the next body part that bothers them. That’s just the way we’re built or a lot of us are. Let me put it this way enough of us to keep you busy, okay. So, if they enter your surgical door they’re not a one-hit wonder. Well, they are if you don’t take care of them. They’re going to go on to something else.

So, surgery was so great and now they feel so great what else can they do. Now they’ll start going down the ladder. Maybe they’ll go to lasers, maybe they’ll get injectables now or maybe they start at skincare because they’re very conservative and they don’t know what to do and they don’t know this industry. So, they just start with something simple like a facial then move up to micro- needling perhaps then get a little injectable, little Botox. They like that now they get a little filler for their lips. Now they’ve got lasers because they have sunspots and now they work up to surgery. So, that’s just built into our industry and it’s also built into the cosmetic patient because it’s a lifetime of I want to look as good as I can for all sorts of reasons. Today they care a lot about a breast aug then they don’t care for a while. Now, the Kardashians got lips now they all want lips. The older women, they’re losing it maybe they’re suddenly single. You just don’t know there’s just so much going on with the consumer patient.

So, what we want to do now is come up with some strategies. How do we get them to return more often and buy more services from you. So, I’m just going to give you as always just a whole bunch of strategies that work very well and I’m not just saying that I see it work all the time in practices who actually execute. Okay, that’s the secret to anything, So, for example you can have your receptionist add a little ad, I call it add an ad to your greeting. So, for example she can say something like, “Good afternoon now offering no downtime body-sculpting Susan speaking. How may I assist you today?” So,  just saying those few words for a patient who’s calling for Botox and she hears no downtime body sculpting. What? There’s a really good chance she’ll respond to that and say can you tell me more about that and that starts that discussion where I did want Botox for sure but now I think I want some somebody’s sculpting.

If you haven’t done this I highly recommend you have some type of cosmetic questionnaire right from the get-go and a lot of people who have this have a tendency to write are you interested in learning more about and then they start naming all of the lasers they have. That’s not the way to go about that because people don’t actually want your lasers. They want a solution to their problem. So, if you talk more in terms of what are your cosmetic concerns that I can help you with and then you list the pain points rather than the solution ads, like the highlights. Talk that way you’ll get a much better response. So, for example are you interested in getting solutions to your facial veins or your brown and red spots or your poor skin texture or your sun damaged skin or your crow’s feet and by the way the most important word to use is wrinkles. A cosmetic patient cares a lot about wrinkles and eliminating them or not even starting them or making them go away once they get there. So, wrinkles is a big one.

Now after that it’s verbal cheer-leading from your staff. They must become your sales ambassadors and I like to do it with no pressure at all and that’s where verbal cheer-leading comes in. Your staff spends so much time with your patients and they’re talking. They’re typically women chatting. A cosmetic patient who comes in to see you about one thing and she starts chatting with the staff, it’s often opening up all sorts of different doors for other concerns they may have or curiosity about something they heard about. So, your staff has got to be listening carefully to any little gaps in the conversation where they could throw in little tidbits like, Oh Sara our fractional laser would help you with that or you know what I’ve had Cool Sculpting and I love it or we’ve all had Botox here and we love it. Another one would be like the patient’s talking about something about her skin that she doesn’t like, like she’s got some sunspots. You know we do have a laser that would take care of that. Are you interested in learning more about it? Or something like you might want to try the hydro facial for that. But I’ll tell you this is a missed opportunity that I hear constantly because the patient’s telling you, they’re giving you clues as to uncomfortable pieces to their puzzle of I want to look good but I can’t because I’ve got this spot, I’ve got this wrinkle, I’ve got this fat pocket and your staff can really help with that.

Now if they’re not going to do verbal cheer-leading then they should be walking, talking advertisements I think. So, you can use lapel pins. I know the vendors give you those lapel pins to wear and actually I think it’s a great idea or you could have like Tuesday t-shirt day or Friday fun day and your staff, why not have them wear t-shirts or pins that say things like got wrinkles or got lips or lose your lines. Do something cute but we don’t need to come up with that right now. I would brainstorm with your team and let them come up with some things because they know what the patients are saying to them when they arrive. So, just turn that into a fun thing to do for them and the point is you’re just saying got lips or got wrinkles because it’s a curiosity thing. You want the visiting patient to start that conversation by saying got lips, what’s that all about and then hopefully your staff has had lip injections or Botox or laser treatments and then they can just tell their own story. They don’t have to sell anybody anything. They don’t have to feel pressured. Just well I can tell you what I’ve done. That’s golden.

So, here’s another idea. I call it the did you know series and this can be social posts, email messages, in-house signage because as much as you think people know about all of this most of us do not live and eat, drink and live this industry like we all do. Most consumers don’t, they fiddle around a little bit but they don’t really know a lot or they don’t know as much as you think they know or they’ve got wrong information. So, I like to do the did you know. So, for example you would have some good signage in the room where they’re sitting still.

Anywhere where patients are sitting still especially if they’re sitting still waiting for you to put together their Botox syringe. You would have some sign it’s called, “Did you know Botox can treat …” and then you have a woman and you have little signs pointing to various parts on her face and neck that Botox can treat because if you think about it Botox or Xeomin or all the others that are coming out. They can treat forehead lines, frown lines, brow lifts, crow’s feet, lip lines, bunny lines. Bunny lines are always missed by the way, marionette lines, golf ball chin, gummy smile, neck bands. There’s so much more that you can do with Botox than patients know. So, if they come in for crow’s feet and they look across and they see signage that says all these other things there’s a really, really good chance that they’re going to add a few more Botox areas to their days usage because now they know. So, it’s an easy add-on you know to address more areas and you can do the same kind of signage with fillers and with lasers okay. So, I hope I’m making that clear.

Now here’s another one. If today they think they want Cool Sculpting but you know just looking at them that liposuction is going to be a better bet for them you don’t want to push that, you know, you want to give them what they want. However I love signage that compares liposuction to Cool Sculpting and I would do point by point like it’s almost like point counterpoint and let them look at that. You can even address it with them and go over it with them or you can just be you know no pressure and just have signage that explains it because if they’re going to get a better result with liposuction let them get there on their own. They think they want Cool Sculpting because Cool Sculpting is non-invasive and there’s no anesthesia there’s no downtime. However, when you have a sign where lipo says removes 100% of the unwanted fat and you see results immediately and they’re dramatic results let the patient get to that logically on their own. So, then they’ll say gosh I thought I wanted Cool Sculpting but now that I see it like this compared together I really think I want liposuction. I don’t want to wait months to see a result. I don’t want to see only 20% and come back four more times. So, it’s a great idea if you want to you don’t get the signage right.

Now here’s another strategy that I love. It’s called the ultimate rejuvenation package for turning back the clock and this is to talk a lot more about your surgical treatments. You can do it with your surgical but it’s easier when you do it with non-surgical. So, you have the ultimate rejuvenation package for turning back the clock. That’s the headline and then you have a woman in the middle, she’s your model and typically we use it for net because there are more pronounced in the world and we use somebody who’s a little on the meatier side. She’s not a model, she’s like a normal person. She looks good because she’s a model and then we also have a list of all the things that she’s had done to make her look terrific and not like a model but like a really normal person who looks really good and you add up all your non-surgical treatment.

So, it’s Botox, fillers, Halo, tattoo removal laser, you know, red and brown spot laser, varicose vein laser, micro needling. Put it all in there and then you say the ultimate rejuvenation package is specially priced at $18,000. It’s supposed to be a nice big price so then they look at that, they’ll study and they’ll say what, I don’t need $18000 worth of stuff but I only need four of these services and the beauty of that is they came in for one service at one price and now that they’ve looked at this they’ve anchored the $18000. Now they pull it apart and they only want 5000 and they started out thinking they’re only going to spend one and now they spent five because you’ve introduced so many more services to them in a really cool way okay. Then another one is just signature packages. I love, love, love signature packages. I would do them by age or by body package or by face package and I was in an office once where this was fantastic and I’ve just bumped it up a bit to make it more fantastic.

A patient who comes in who’s a mature patient because I’m one of those. She has been working with Botox and fillers and lasers trying to keep it together but it’s getting worse, she’s sagging, she’s feeling it, she’s looking in the mirror going,  oh dear God what is happening? She’s doing that two-finger thing where she’s pulling it all back up where it used to be. So, she walks into your office for her typical Botox and filler but she’s getting on the edge here and she knows she doesn’t want a facelift because it’s going to cost a fortune, there’s going to be a ton of downtime but she’s just trying to hang in there and just do easy stuff for now. So, you have this cute signage and you call it the 30 minute lift. Now you’ve already perked her interest, 30 minute lift because that’s what she wants a lift. That’s what she’s been saying to herself in the mirror and now it’s a cute little package, it’s 40 units of Botox, it’s a syringe of the [15:29 inaudible], another couple syringes of Voluma and you have it specialty priced. So, normally it’s $3000 and now it’s only 2400 and it’s a beautiful impulse purchase for that type of a patient right. Do you hear that? You’re catching specific people at a certain time and you’re putting it right in front of them when they’re already there to spend money but now you’re bumping them up. 2400 to you might be expensive, it’s nothing when they’re thinking about spending 20 grand on a facelift.

Now another strategy is to really target your signature treatment and so I make one up and again I do like the older woman. There’s just a lot more to play with there. So, you would have Dr. D’s quick refresh lift for women over 50 and you’ve underlined for women over 50. The more you target a specific target market and the more you put together a package just for them, the more likely they are to go for it because you’re talking directly to their concerns. So, the Dr. D quick refresh lift for women over 50 it includes a non-surgical signature treatment that’s got all sorts of things in it. It’s got a series of fractional laser skin rejuvenation, it’s got syringes of wrinkle filler to plump and fill folds, it’s got 50 units of Botox to smooth wrinkles, it includes a recovery complex skin care retail product. The way you do it is you regularly price it at let’s say 53.20 but you then have a very special combination price of only 39.97 but here’s the caveat. Then you put in a big star next to it that says save $1323. There’s something about us females that make us spend money to save money. It’s just the way we are so why not cater to that. So, she’ll say rather than say, “Oh my God it’s still 39.97,” she says, “Oh wow, I can save over $1300 on this.” So, that’s how you present that. Also get your team together and think about all the different groups in your community that you can put special packages around for combination pricing. Everyone does the teachers but I don’t think you do it enough, I don’t think you make a big enough deal out of it . You really literally put together a package just for teachers or just for the mommies or just for the dog lovers or just for the club members. Let’s say everybody belongs to a certain club in your community that’s really popular. Maybe it’s a health club like Prime Time or maybe it’s a female kind of thing like Pure Barre or realtor’s or gosh anyone else you can think of.

Now another strategy is the ABC strategy and I’ve done this. I used to be in corporate sales for a long time so I know sales very well and they taught us early on to do the A, B and C and in our industry it would be called the good, better or best. So, you would put together three packages of good, better and best and you have to have them side by side. So, the good and this is just an example I’d like you to come up with your own. But for an example a good package would be an IPL treatment and 20 units of Botox and you save $100. A better treatment would be an IPL treatment twice as much Botox and add a syringe of filler and that you save $300. The best would be the IPL treatment now you triple the Botox and you add two syringes of filler and they save 500. The point being we humans will typically, there’s about 10% that will take the cheapest one. I didn’t put the prices on there because I didn’t want to muddle it up. I’s much more you’re going to save 100, you’re going to save 300 or you’re going to save 500. So, 10% will pick the cheapest one. There’s 20% who always want the best so they’re going to pick the best and everybody else is going to pick the middle one. So, here’s the point, they’re going to pick one. Rather than you back them into a corner with a yes or no. Do you want to do this or don’t you? That’s pressure, instead you go with Sara, we’ve got these three different packages. We’ve got the good, the better and the best. Which one makes more sense to you? And let her pick one. That means she’s probably bumped up her order size just with this kind of a strategy.

Another one is for your skin care people or your aestheticians. They need to put together a beauty plan and it’s an annual beauty plan. Patients don’t understand that if they want good skin a lot goes into that. When you’re in your 20s you have age going for you and collagen going for you honestly. When you get older you’ve got to do something to keep your skin moist and supple and do we. It doesn’t just happen by magic. You’ve got to do things to make that happen. So, your aesthetician or your nurse or even you the surgeon, I don’t know what you know if you’re into that you want to put together this “Here’s How we Keep you Looking Great,” and if it were just your aestheticians doing it then you just keep it simple and you just have them you know they’re doing facials, micro-needling quarterly, skin care products that you recommend that kind of thing. So, they know that this is a not a one-time thing. This is an annual thing they need to visit and then decide what that is. Just do they need to visit monthly for a peel come back quarterly for their micro-needling. Figure that out but before I do that I would definitely have them doing the skin analysis computer machine. I would have a Vizio or one of those because you want them to see where they’re at now and then you want to keep doing it so they can see the improvement.

The issue of with skin care is you can’t really see what’s going on underneath the skin that’s why I love computer imaging systems to use. so, you would track their progress so they can see it themselves but they’ll also see it in photos. I would also, if you can do high-definition photos I would do that as well. Patients will never remember where they started from. We just don’t. All we see is what’s there right now. But boy if you can take photos and document where they were and where they are now that will help a lot. So, the beauty plan, I would have it printed out as a two ply form. One piece goes to the patient so they know that they’re going to be coming back again and again and one copy stays with you so you can follow up with them periodically. If you haven’t seen them for a while it’s a great follow-up tool, You can, oh Sarah we’re running behind on schedule here, You’re overdue for your micro-needling. Let’s get in here. It just helps keep that patient coming back for more.

Another one is urgency. In our industry what we have going against us is procrastination and inertia. You’ve got to help some of these patients show up more often and urgency is how you do that. So there’s something that the cosmetic counters have done forever and it changed everything and I remember I was working in Chicago and there was Macy’s next door and we girls were down there all the time at the cosmetic counter and it was Elizabeth Arden and I am talking in the 80s. Dear, dear Lord maybe even the 70s. Oh my God I don’t know but it was the Elizabeth Arden cosmetic counter and what did they have – gifts with purchase. So, if you purchased at least, I don’t know what it was $50 or $75, whatever it was you got this free gift bag that you no more needed than a hole in the head. All I did was collect a million of these little gift bags but they were so cute and I had to have one because it was free and in that was like samples of the other products which totally makes sense. So, I didn’t travel in those days. Nowadays I like it because I travel a lot so I love the little things since the luggage thing became a big deal. But anyway it was such a big deal we were always down at that counter getting our gifts with purchase and they would change it up regularly. Why don’t we do that in our industry? Bump it up a whole bunch. Have a free beauty bag with purchase over $500 you know or $750. Bump it up ten times what they were doing because it’s the same concept that’ll work just as well. I love that and then you can always do the “Buy Three Get One Free.”

Everybody wants a deal  so instead of discounting you can just add value or something like buy one get one but for urgency you’ve got to have it only this week or this month only and then mix it up so it’s more fun and you have like themes involved. The kiss rewards club, all the details but my club it’s all about getting them to return more often and buy more because they’re collecting kisses for free services and I really implore you to take a look at something like this. If it’s not my club which I think is the easiest most attractive club for everybody because everyone understands it. The club this is all you do every time you go to checkout and the receptionists, they look at how much you spent that day and then they put it in the kiss online platform. They just say, oh you spent 500 today you get 500 kisses.

Now, guess what happens. You need to get 1,000 kisses to get free Botox. Well, now the receptionist is going to say, oh you’re so much closer. Let’s say they already had 250 kisses in there. Today they got 500 more. Now they’re at 750 so the receptionist can say wow you’re only 250 kisses away from getting free Botox and we’re going to send them an email that says, oh you’re getting closer and they can even get there immediately. They can either spend another 250 right now on retail products or they can come back again right away for maybe some more filler or Botox or they can get an immediate 1000 kisses and free Botox when they refer a friend or give you a good review or allow their photos to be used in your marketing.

People love to strive for different goals. That’s why in kisses we have free Botox at 1000 kisses, free filler at 3000 kisses and a free laser treatment at 5000 kisses. So, we humans just love to get to the next level so try that one and also don’t forget about your anniversary. If you have for example a 10 year anniversary you can build a whole bunch of things around that. You can have 10% off retail or 10 free units of Botox with your filler this month or give away 10 laser treatments to the first 10 who respond in social media. Think about all the various things you can do with that number. It doesn’t always have to be 10. It can be 15, 20 but then be careful with your offers because you don’t want to do it all year b because that’s a really long anniversary. Just use it as a tight theme for one month of that year and be creative with it.

Now another thing you can do is text marketing. This is where we’re all heading so please, please make sure you’re collecting cell phones from all of your patients because this is where we’re going. Now I’m already getting text messages, I’m sure you are as well. In our industry I try everybody out, I go to everybody because I’m always looking for new ideas. So, there’s this one group that’s very nice, very high-end Med Spa and you know what I’ll tell you, I sometimes go to a Med Spa for a reason. The nurse injectors are pretty good with Botox and I can see them right away, they don’t make me wait. It’s a nice environment. Sometimes when I go to plastic surgery practices the surgeons are still making me wait too long and I got to tell you that’s a problem for me because I’m busy. So, anyway so I do go to Med Spas for certain things. Okay, there’s this one and they send me texts, it’s is now too many because that would really piss me off but just easy messages.

So, I’ll give you two that I got recently. One is “Hi Catherine’s scare the wrinkles away for Halloween. Get 25% off Botox, Dysport, Xeomin now to October 31. Text boo to save,” and then they have their phone number where I could have just clicked to call. So, that was good. Then in the summer I got another one and it was called, “just a friendly reminder it’s time for your next treatment. It takes effort to look as good as you do. Reply with refresh me within one week and we’ll take $25 off your treatment.” The thing about texting people you better have a good offer for them because otherwise you’re just interrupting them and you’re in their space and this is one thing they don’t do which I think you should do. You should have text STOP if you no longer want to receive these. I think the patient has to be in control of text marketing and make it compelling but then also let them opt out if they don’t want it.

Okay, now we’re going to check out. I think a lot of money is left out of check because your staff is not trained to up the order size. This is where you can increase your average order size for that day quite easily. So, with a couple things you can have your products on display. I’ve actually been in a practice where they literally walk through like a store online with all of the products before they get to checkout. It’s just like they do with Disneyland. You know how you get off a ride and you immediately have to go through a gift shop. It’s just like that. Always just take something you saw somewhere else and bring it to our industry and there you go. So, you have them walk through your display of all the products and then you have staff product picks. So your staff picks their favorite products for that month and then it’s a special offer like 15% off that one so you save $40. That’s really a great idea.

Now at the same time you offer them a gift card to try a new service that they haven’t tried already and they can schedule that now while they’re in front of you and then you can have really fun retail displays that are monthly themed or seasonal. For example in the summer we had like a really cute sandbox with all the products in it with sandals and an umbrella and sunglasses and it had a sign that said, “Need a Refill” or “Want to Try our Skincare Products,” something like that. Right now it’s November so the holidays are coming. You can have a gorgeous display with a holiday gift basket with a gorgeous certificate that says, “Need a Quick Gift,” because in today’s busy world a lot of people do need a quick gift. So, now they buy more for themselves but they also buy more for their friends and family and now you not only have more revenues but you have new patients.

So, I covered a lot here. I hope that was helpful. Please take one or two of my ideas and execute them and then please subscribe to “Beauty and the Biz.” I really want to grow this. I want you to share this with your staff, with your colleagues. I sure would appreciate a review if you can go to iTunes and figure that out. I don’t think it’s easy to give a review but we have five so far so I really appreciate that and I need a lot more. But then also please give me your comments or questions and I’m also going to be doing a lot more interviewing of people. So, let me know what you’re interested in learning more about and I’ll make that happen and you can do that by just going to my website and leave me a message there and then you can always follow me on Instagram that’s @catherinemaleymba. Okay thanks so much and I’ll talk to you soon.

We hope you found valuable insight on this episode of “Beauty and the Biz.” For more episodes tools and Catherine’s free book visit, that’s and be sure to subscribe to get the latest practice building strategies delivered to you and don’t forget to share this “Beauty and the Biz” podcast with your staff and colleagues.

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