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Ep.36: Attract the Best Patients with Target Marketing

Attract the Best Patients with Target Marketing

A gold mine of marketing advice you won’t want to miss! These are some of Catherine’s most coveted pro-marketing tips that she’s developed over 40+ years in the industry. Get on target with easy-to-implement strategies that you can start today!

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Episode transcript:

Beauty and the Biz

Ep.36: Attract the Best Patients with Target Marketing

Catherine Maley, MBA: Hello and welcome to Beauty and the Biz where we talk about the business and marketing side of the plastic surgery practice. I’m your host, Catherine Maley, author of Your Aesthetic Practice: What Your Patients are Saying, as well as consultant to plastic surgery practices to get them more patients and more profits. And today’s episode is called Attract the Best Patients with Target Marketing. And this has gotten more important than ever due to the incredible number of messages we’re receiving. And I’ve watched you guys market forever and advertise. And the biggest mistake being made that I see is you’re just too vanilla. And you know that saying, the jack of all trades and Master of None. When you advertise like that, nobody can hear it. So, I’m hoping that I’m going to give you some good strategies on target marketing because that’ll get you a way better result. So, as we all know, the challenge is you’ve got to find more patients and you need more leads. And there’s nothing simple about that in today’s world. I mean, I’ve looked at this to death. And I think, dear Lord, everybody now is a marketer. Everybody knows how to use all the social media platforms. Have you noticed that as we evolve, I think as humans and in industries only the most elite survive at the beginning? Like let’s say, all the computer geeks own this world like the SEO guys, because they were the only ones who understood PHP and all that technical stuff. Well, then when WordPress came around and all of us can now put together websites maybe not as good but certainly almost as good, that just created a whole new entry of everybody jumping in instead of just a few being in the market so that’s changed a lot. And another huge challenge is your market is now everybody. I mean when I started, believe it or not, 20 years ago, I can’t believe it, I mean this really was for only the elite. I lived in San Francisco at that time and there’s an area of San Francisco called Pacific Heights. And that’s where Larry Ellison lived, Dianne Feinstein, all the rock stars, all the celebrities, all the politicians, they all lived up there. And they were the only ones who were getting plastic surgery. They know that I know of and I knew that city really well. But now it’s not just for the elite. Now it’s for everybody, for all sorts of reasons. But now you’ve got at your opportunity level, you’ve got anybody and everybody can possibly need something from you. As a matter of fact, one of the plastic surgeons I know, his motto is somebody needs something from me. And that’s so true, you just have to find what they need.

Another challenge is all of those everybody’s are everywhere. And I think that’s our biggest change in our industry, when the internet really took off. And again, at the beginning it was just for like geeky guys who knew what they were doing. And now it’s for the whole world. Well, you have hundreds, if not 1000s of sites you can go to, websites. It’s getting very siloed by the way but that’s another story. But right now, if you want to learn anything about a particular procedure, everybody patients can go to 4 billion different places to find that information. It’s not just social media but it’s when you google. Have you noticed when you Google something like liposuction, something like I can’t remember but like 5 billion results show up? I mean that’s how crazy it’s gotten. So, because of that, where everybody is everywhere, you’ve got all these different media channels to choose from on where should you put your advertising dollars that will make the biggest impact. And just to give you a few ideas of how many media channels there are, I wrote these down in a matter of a minute. I’m sure there are a whole bunch more. But here here’s a little list: website design, SEO, PPC articles, blog, directories, Doctor referrals, alliances, fundraisers, billboards, print ads, Instagram and all of those. I just wrote down Instagram but I could keep going on that Snapchat and so on. Then we’ve got Facebook ads and then again Instagram ads. Everybody has ads now, press releases, real-self, link-building, YouTube, practice newsletter, TV ads, radio ads, cable ads, PR, public speaking, retargeting, direct mail, email, patient events. And those are the ones just off the top of my head. If I sat here long enough, I’m sure I could come up with two more pages.

So, because of that, you’ve got everybody, they’re everywhere, they’re using a whole bunch of different media channels. And then that’s creating way too much choice for the patient. Have you ever heard those New York delis when you used to go to those actually, they’re still around the old-time ones, and they have those huge billboards, those massive menu services, every time I go to those I think, who the heck can make a decision on this? And I always end up getting the same thing because I’m so overwhelmed. I always just get in case you want to know, I get a ham and cheese on rye with mustard, because that’s the only thing I can think of. Because I don’t want to have to make that decision. I make 4 billion decisions all day. And I don’t want to have to make it a homework assignment. There’s actually a book on that called the power of choice. And the point of the book is, people want choice until they don’t. The minute they’re overwhelmed, they shut down and they don’t bother. So that’s why they always say only give somebody a choice of two, maybe three. So, the good, better and best, ABC, 123 and I would stick to that. Otherwise, you’re going to incapacitate a patient who’s trying to figure out not just which procedure they want, but where do they get the information to find out more plus, then when they figure that out. Now who do they go to? Wow, that’s a lot to figure out. But as a plastic surgeon, what do you do? Because you’ve got to deal with all this in the old days you didn’t have to now you do. So, what are you gonna do? Well, my goal is to teach you smarter marketing, because that’s the only way you’re going to win because you can’t win just throwing a bunch more money at a whole bunch of different marketing channels because you run out of money and effort and patience and hassle trying to figure out which of the leads are good ones and not. So, I always go back to stick to the three M’s of marketing. And those are always the market, the message and the media. So, for example, if I asked you who’s your audience? You always say everybody. And it can’t be everybody when it comes to marketing, you’ve got to pick somebody. So, do you want to go after just the 20-year-old breast [00:05:18] who’s a female? Do you want to go after maybe her older sister who’s in her 40s? Who’s in her 40s who’s had a few kids and now she needs a tummy tuck? Or do you want to go after their mother who needs facial rejuvenation? You have to figure that out. So, when you’re advertising only pick one demographic, you’ll save yourself a ton of money.

Now, once you pick that demographic, now you just have to ask yourself, where are they? Which media do they use to get their information? So, to make this more practical, I just chose Rhino patients. So, you can put any procedure in here but I just wanted to make it Rhino for now. Because I can’t show you any photos. So, you just have to picture it. But let’s say you want more rhinoplasty patients. So, before you do anything you think, okay, who’s going to be the market and the media I want to focus on? So, let’s say you like the young female who wants a rhinoplasty, and where is she’s going to get her information? Well, typically, obviously, it’s mobile marketing, it’s Instagram and snap. And these are usually very young patients. And aren’t they getting younger as they go along? Holy cow. And even when I was in high school, I remember the kids coming back from ski break, where most of us like everyone went skiing. And they came back with bruises on their eyes, like black eyes. And it was actually a symbol of social standing when you had the bruise eyes and the nose, because then we knew you had a nose job. So, it was actually a good thing. So, let’s say you’re going after the young female or let’s say you’re going after the young male, because honestly you almost want to go one or the other. If you want to consolidate and just talk about noses for young people, you can. But boy, anytime you can even segment more with gender, that’s even better off. But he or she is the younger generation. So, both of them are definitely all about online mobile marketing. So, you’re still better off doing Instagram chat, snap, and tick tock and geo targeting. Geo targeting is interesting, you’d have to talk to somebody about it, you can just actually Google geo targeting, the point being it’s kind of like retargeting. So, the point being because we all have our phones geo set, so the phone knows where we’re where we are, right? Your phone knows if you’re at Starbucks or where you are? Well, you can geo target. So, for example, one of these patients that was at somebody else’s office, but let’s say that we’re in an AWS console and they were in a medical building, and you’ve somehow determined that that that they wanted a nose job, now you would retarget them, and they would see ads for you. So, it’s a little technical but it’s an interesting concept. By that, you know, it’s just one more fishing pole in the pond, it’s not your end all be all. Now another market immediate could be the mothers of these young females or young males who want a nose job, because who’s going to be paying for this? Well, the mom. So, what I would do is probably go both forces, I would say go straight to the consumer who’s going to have the nose job, but then don’t forget about the person who’s going to pay for the nose job. So, with the moms, they’re much more on Facebook, they’re on blogs, they do a lot more research. And they will react more to PPC than these younger kids who are just going to stick to what their friends are doing. Or maybe you decide on a completely different market for those jobs like Well, everybody goes after the young kid, maybe you go after the mature aging face patient, because which I hate about our aging, everything ages on us, everything sags and starts going down, your nose is no different. So perhaps you had a great nose in your 20s. But now that you’re in your 50s and 60s, you can’t stand your nose. It got bigger, it got long dated, it started sagging. So, if that’s the case, you go after a completely different market. And those media channels would be much more about word of mouth or TV, a lot more research. They’re much more into research and maybe events. So, do you see how I’m segmenting those out?

Now for starters, content is still King. And there’s still that debate about organic search versus paid search? And the answer is you need to have both. So, let’s talk about free SEO organic search. And that means anybody who Google’s certain keywords, hopefully you pop up. So that’s why you still need some technical people who I could just tell you a secret. When you Google something like you would normally Google and by the way, open it in a private window. Don’t use the window you always use because Google’s watching your behavior. So, open up a completely different browser, go to an incognito window and put in something that you would put in like a nose job surgeon for example, just throw that out there. And I’m sitting in Sausalito. So up would pop the nose job surgeons in Sausalito. However, have you noticed at the bottom Google has their own search terms that they would use, make sure you use those two keywords because quite frankly, if Google thinks that’s a keyword, and they’ll often do short or long tail. So, sometimes Google will put in words like, how much is nose job? Anyway, whatever they suggest, use it. There are also all sorts of– if you just Google keyword tools, there are a whole bunch of keyword tools. So, it’s not hard. It’s just tedious to go study all this stuff. Anyway, if you’re going to do free SEO organic please do because it’s really important that you have a lot of content on rhinoplasty. If you’re going after rhinoplasty, I would use both words. I would use rhinoplasty and nose job together because you have to appeal to the public and they don’t know what rhinoplasty is. And although you think they do trust me assume nobody knows anything because half the time they don’t know as much as you think they know. And then other times you think they know everything because they bring in all the paperwork but just assume nobody knows anything and then let them tell you Oh, wait. Okay, I’ve already researched that, I know that. But look what happens now with free organic. When I google what I just said, look who pops up, the plastic surgery or group which is the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, here comes their rhinoplasty content, or Web MD, or U, I can’t even read it, So, it’s med blog or pops up or Mayo Clinic. And that’s the issue. So, they’re considered authority sites, and you’re considered just as simple solo practitioner in a certain area. So, if you’ve got super good content, hopefully, you’ll still pop up with the big boys because the patient might be interested in the Mayo Clinic and Hopkins Medicine. But when it gets down to it, they probably want to go to somebody local to them. So hopefully, you’re going to pop up and they’ll say, Okay, I’ve got my information from these other groups. But now I want to actually research a real neurosurgeon in my area.

Now in addition to that, you want to do a bunch of free posts and those you want to put everywhere, and they’ll all be nose job related, rhinoplasty related, and that’ll be Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn. By the way, I think LinkedIn is very understated. The more I think about LinkedIn, the more I think all of us should be using it. Because although you’re going b2c, you’re going to the consumer, think about LinkedIn also as the business consumer, because a lot of them are doing business, but also think about them as business consumers because they have to stay competitive, they actually have jobs if they’re on there. Usually, they have money that they’re making, they want to look as good as they feel. So, I would use LinkedIn more, I would always make LinkedIn part of my content plan. And then of course, there’s YouTube, Pinterest, Google, Vimeo, Twitter, think of all of the posts. And you know, again, there are a lot of platforms now where you can post something, and it’ll go out to all the various social platforms. And not to get complicated, but you definitely want to think before you just flat out send the same message to everybody. Because we all know, in today’s world, there’s a very different audience to Facebook then there is to Snapchat, so you want to be cognizant of that. And then it’s all about this free content. If you watch me, you’d know I’m giving out free content constantly because that’s how I get attention and that’s how you’ll get attention. So, for free content, it’s about educating the patient on rhinoplasty. So, you can talk about things that they might have heard about, like opened and closed. To this day, I’m still not sure Why do some do open? Why do some do close? And what are the advantages to both? I would also talk about objections. Think about the rhinoplasty patients in your office. What do they always complain about? And ask about? So, all you do is answer it in your own words, how you would handle that objection if they were standing right in front of you? And then the contents also got to be entertaining, it’s got to be compelling and provocative. I know I’ve watched a lot of surgeons, it seems like everyone’s had a nose shot by the way, doesn’t it? If you look on Instagram, and it seems like every celebrity is had one. So, it’s always really helpful to use the celebrities and just comment on them like, Oh, you think they got a really good result? Just comment on them, it’s not a bad idea.

Also show just a ton of before and after photos. There’s never anything more you can say than having your photo show the results for you, and let the patients do the talking. So, if you can get a patient to give you their photos, give you a great review and then let you turn on the iPhone or the iPad, and record a testimonial about their journey, there’s nothing better. That’s how to do this. Your free content could literally be every one of your patients and stories and then their testimonial and then in their own words what you did for them, that’s how to do that. But here’s the issue, all of these social platforms now strangle your audience reach to only about 10% of your followers. So even though you think you’re doing a killer job of staying in touch with everybody, you’re not because if they’re strangling 90% of your followers or let’s say you run your own patient list through your social media and you think all your current patients are seeing you it’s not true. Very, very few as a matter of fact, how many times have you followed somebody on Instagram, I do this all the time. And I realized, wait a second, I haven’t heard from them in a long time. And I realized they stopped letting me see their posts even though I was liking them. And I don’t know why. But then I have to go back and find them and refollow them again. So, you have to be careful with that game. What you think is happening might not be happening at all. And one of the reasons is social media does have to make money. So, they want you to advertise and that’s why they’re not making it easy for you to organically and freely get your word out there. They want you to pay for it. Now Insta stories and carousels have come a long way. And I’m finding that to be the number one site for plastic surgeons. For right now God knows it could change anytime, supposedly TikTok is gonna take over Instagram someday but that’ll take a long time. So, don’t worry about that right now. But if I only had one channel to consumer markets, I probably– I take that back for rhinoplasty, I would go with the Insta stories and the carousels because it’s showing your personality, you’re doing short videos and you’re explaining. It’s same thing, you’re just repurposing content. You’re not saying anything that you don’t normally say in a consultation but you’re doing little bite sized pieces in Insta stories. And then carousels are a bunch of photos. And then make sure you’ve got a call to action in everything. You have to make sure that not only are they seeing you but they know very well how to get ahold of you. So never take that for granted. I find sometimes you get caught up in the content you forgot to ask for the consult. So, make sure they’ve got your phone number and easy way to get ahold of you, direct message you, all of that. Now with rhinoplasty, I Do actually consider influencers a big part of the marketing plan if indeed you have them in your marketplace. I think it’s a really good idea young people today– I don’t know if they’re any different than anybody else. But it’s different for plastic surgery because now influencers have entered our market space. So, if a young influencer had a nose job done by you and she or he was willing to promote you to her followers and his followers, that’s golden to you. So, for starters, you want to first look at your own patient database to see who are influencers. You also want you in the staff to talk to your patients to find out, do they have a following on Instagram or any social media platforms. And I would actually add that to your patient intake forms. There’s somebody I know who actually asked that and he will only take patients who have huge followings, because that’s how he grows his practice. So, you may want to follow on that one. And then you can always go to websites called pixley or or and they’ve got influencers that you can buy but that– Now listen to that, this is what’s going to happen like it happens to everything else, influencers are a really good idea until they’re not. As soon as the consumers figure out that the influencers are being paid and their bias and all of that it hurts the whole credibility of it. And it all falls apart eventually. Right now, it’s still very popular. But please keep it as transparent and as real as you possibly can. Personally, I would rather have an influencer that had a nose job done by you with only 20,000 followers than having an influencer who said they had a little something done by you but they’re not saying what it is and they’ve got 50,000 followers. There’s something funny there. So, make sure your message is very clear and congruent and real, okay?

Now, otherwise, you do need to pay to play and that’s where Google AdWords comes in. And that’s where quite a few of you– you know what, you’re in two different camps. One camp is you throw all your money at it and you try to beat the competitors who are competing for the same keywords you are and your advertising budget is out of control. I mean, it can be anywhere from 5000 to 50,000 a month because you’re playing that game hard. And that’s fine, but you better have a back end trying to sift through the leads to figure out which ones are really viable. The other way to play this is you tried it once, you stopped, you lost money and you hated it and you’re never going to go back. I would like you to think about target marketing instead. I think there’s a chance you might not have or maybe the people working with you were not as effective as they could have been. One of the things I see constantly is, like, if I google something, I’ll see things like a natural looking result, trust and it’s all about you, top surgeon in my area, Stanford trained, went to Harvard, but there’s nothing compelling for the patient in it. Those I don’t think they even count because you’re not talking to anybody. And that’s where the target marketing would come in. So, if you have tried this and it hasn’t worked, and think about what I’m saying in this target marketing, and then let me know if you want my help, but get some help on targeting somebody and see if you don’t have a better result from that. But then once you get something that’s working, like with Google AdWords or something’s hitting, people are interacting, they’re interested, the minute you get something like that, I call it the winner, make sure you buy other pay channels to make that message move around and grow and reach. So that’s when you want to buy ads on Facebook and Instagram and LinkedIn and all of those. But you don’t do it until you test something organically and you find out of interest, that’s when you then put some money into it. So now let’s say you were going to do pay per click AdWords, you’re ready to jump back in again. And you’re listening to me, so you say okay, I’m just going to do rhinoplasty. Well, now you’ve got to use words in your ads, things like, let me see like revision rhinoplasty, known internationally known expert in difficult revision rhinoplasty. Now that’s a big one, because those who have had Rhino, you know, those are the most difficult patients Jeez, half the time they’re on their fourth revision Rhino. And at that point, I would say red flag is up. But do you see how like he’s talking right at a rhinoplasty patient, or rhinoplasty see a hundred of before and after photos, they’re a younger patient, usually so affordable or easy pay plans, free consult. And I know you don’t want to do that. But if you’re talking to that market, that kind of market would like that kind of thing. But then I would say if it’s free they have to bring their mother with them. So, all you want to say something like Rhino expert, perform more than 10,000 rhinoplasties or nose jobs. You’re trying award winning surgeon, you know you’re trying to talk directly to that marketplace as to what they care about.

Now sometimes like I’m looking at a PPC ad right now and guess what it says because I’m searching around, it says trusted surgeons, natural results, schedule your consult today, natural looking results, private consultation. Do you hear how that’s not saying anything to somebody who’s looking for something very specific? That’s the difference between an ad that works and an ad that falls flat. But here’s another caveat that most of you or your internet guys or your PPC guys are missing. All they do is click from your PPC ad to your website. A lot of them are lazy or misinformed, or I don’t know what, but they send it to your homepage and that’s ludicrous. If I’m looking for a rhinoplasty, you better send me straight to your rhinoplasty page. And in addition to that, don’t send the patient off to your gallery as another click, everything should be on that rhinoplasty page. So, for example, and it’s usually a special page on your website strictly for your PPC ad. So, when they click on it, all the photos should be the same or wait there was no photo, everything should be congruent. So, either you were talking about Rhino, you’re talking about photos, affordable pay plan. You put all of that on that landing page. So, all they see is Rhino, the content, the objections, all of the Affordable pay plan, all the reviews, the testimonials, and your call to action, it’s all on that same page. I’ve watched too many of you only have one thing on that page and then they have to click around and find the other things and that’s not how you do it. You also want to use better bait. So, you know how you’re using PPC but you only get to use a few lines, and there’s no images to it. If you think about it, what ad would get a much better response? Well, an ad with photos and graphics, right? That’s why you want to divvy things up. Not everything should go to pay per click. And I know why it is because supposedly you’ve been told that people who go to pay per click are actual buyers. But that’s not true, they’re still just researching. They’re not buyers. I mean, they’re interested for sure but so is everybody else clicking around on things. So, here’s what I’d like to say, there’s a much bigger market that I would put some of your budget into. And those are the paid social media banners on Facebook and Instagram, because you can use graphics, so it’s much more eye catching and compelling. So, you can have a really cool photo, that’s real eye catching. And then say something like five things you need to know about a nose job, and then click here, that can be so much more compelling than just the AdWords which is just a page of all these words you want to stand out.

Now for Rhino, I actually would test text marketing. But this isn’t for the faint of heart. A text marketing is not something that’s popular yet, it’s going to be. I know surgeons who have been using it for their own patients. But you know, you have to have approval and agreement from your own patients. If you have it, it’s golden. Because right now, test in texting is literally the fastest easiest way to market to your patients directly. There’s no middleman, there’s no spam, there’s no, you have to open an email, you have to go somewhere, it is literally sitting on your phone and sitting on your desk at all times. So, it’s really the place to go. If you can figure out how you could use it more often please do. It’s the way to go. There are all sorts of technologies for it. But like everything else, when there’s too much of a good thing and everyone jumps in, it becomes a bad thing. So right now, is still a very good thing. So, I would use it for sure for your current patients. I would allow them to opt out if they no longer want to get your messages. And the message you send to them better be killer, don’t send anything wishy washy, I would have either a killer offer with a graphic of a before and after. And really killer call to action, call us by Friday to get this. And I wouldn’t do it too often. Okay, I would save it for special things.

Now, if you’re going after rhinoplasty, oftentimes, you want to go throughout the world. And even if you don’t and they’re just in your neighborhood, you still want to offer virtual consultations, because it will make you look bigger. And it helps your image to offer virtual consultations for patients all over the world. I’ve even put on your navbar, out of town surgery, accommodations made for you, that kind of thing. I would make a big deal out of people come in from out of town to see you, it’s good for your image. But then make it really simple for them. They just need to take their own photos, have them upload them on your website. I used to put parameters around this. I personally think that if somebody lives within 30, let’s say 25 miles, I think that they should come in because they’re much more apt to convert when they meet you in person. However, maybe you have a rule, if they’re 25 miles out then they can do a virtual consultation, just figure that out.

So, the point being content is king, and the more the better. But it takes a system for consistent content delivery. And that’s the secret to this. You don’t just have a flurry of content and then stop for a month as you’re exhausted. It’s much more of a drip, drip, drip constantly. Because people are changing constantly. Today they don’t care about a nose job, tomorrow they do and they’re gonna remember you if they get enough repetition from you. So, here’s what I would do, I’d set up your very own cosmetic patient attraction content machine. And here’s how I would do it. When a rhinoplasty consultation comes in, you tell them you’re going to videotape it and they’d be okay with that. Most of them will be, if they’re not okay with that because they don’t want their friends to see them. You could say, how about if I just videotape you from behind and only, I’m seeing from the front, would you be okay with that? And the more the merrier. Ask everybody, some will say no but most will say yes especially the younger people. So, you’re going to videotape it. Now, you’re going to pull it apart and you’re going to repurpose it. So, the videotape that you did, you’re going to pull it apart and you’re going to put fragments of it or the whole thing on YouTube. You’re going to put pieces on Vimeo, pieces on Instagram or Insta story, Facebook watch, put it on any video platforms. Sometimes you do the whole thing, sometimes you just do pieces of it. Then you take the transcription from the consultation. And you can easily have that transcribed, Google transcription services and there’s some really cheap ones. And they’ll actually give you back a document with every word you said, Now, you’ve got all the content. So now you write articles, you write blogs, you write press releases, you write q&a for real self. So, you see how the content– you’re just constantly repurposing it. And then you also had your staff taking some steel photos. And now those photos are also going to go on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, and then you’ve got a recording. So, you can put the recording, you can tell– actually, you can start your own podcast and you could just have the recordings or you could Twitter it and tell them to go check out your podcast. And then in addition to that, you can now turn some of this content into paid ads. And that would again, be Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google Ads network, so you can retarget. So, do you see how all of that one interaction with a patient has become like 20 different pieces of content, that’s how you do it. By the way, in today’s world, I personally think you’re going to need a videographer and/or a Content Manager slash marketer on your team full time to figure all this out. Because it’s not a part time thing. If you want to play this game and be at the top, you’ve got to get the contents everything. So how are you going to do all that? And hopefully, you have better things to do than this, you’ve got patients to take care of. So hopefully, you hire somebody who really gets all this. But because they also have to interact real time, because it doesn’t make any sense to put all this content out there and then ignore anybody who’s responding, what would be the point of that? So, you’ve got to figure out how you put this out there. But then they start interacting and they want to ask questions, so you’re answering those. And then if you get really good at this, you know that whole content machine I just put you through, you run them through the whole thing again with the patient’s post op appointment. And that’s for their unveiling. And you see that sometimes on Instagram, but they just unveiled a nose, they never finished the whole thing, they never talked to the patient, they never find out what their experience was. Like how did they even let the patient talk? The doctor always does all the talking. I’ll tell  you; a patient wants to hear from the patient. So how was it? How was the downtime? Was it painful? Were you able to breathe? Could you sleep? What happened now? What did your friend say? What did your family say? How are things now? And that’s where all the beauty is, when the patient can tell their story about all the scares, they were scared to death to do it but now they’re so sorry, they waited so long, because their life has changed for the better. That’s how to do it. And then if you want to go the extra mile, which you should get that patient who’s super-duper happy right now, they’re a static, they have the unveiling, they’re loving their nose. So, have them do selfies and do their own videos capturing their journey. It’s actually pretty cool when they can actually do a video, a vlog, they can do a history of the beginning to the end and have them every day, do a little one-minute vlog on here’s on healing today, here’s how I feel today, I’m feeling better, I can see the swelling going down. Oh boy, that would be super compelling.

And then to wrap it all up for Rhino plastic patient, usually it’s just the younger kids, I would have a T shirt or a coffee mug or some kind of tchotchke that they carry around with them. And like let’s say it was a T shirt, you could have a fun thing on there something like Dr. Smith really knows his business, an OSC or something like that. And I got to tell you, a lot of them will wear those T shirts when they’re working out or hanging out. You just never know. But it’s a great way for them to help you grow your practice just in a fun kind of way. So that is how you do extreme target marketing. You want to target by procedure, age, gender, ethnicity, zip code, income interest, just pick one, pick a market, pick a message, pick the media that they hang out in. And that’s how you’re going to spend less and get way better results. Okay, so with that, I would love for you to subscribe to Beauty and the Biz so you can hear more of my episodes. Please share this with your friends, your colleagues, your staff. If you’ve got any questions or comments, I sure would love to hear from you and you can leave me a message at my website And then you can always DM me or follow me on Instagram at Catherine Maley, MBA. Thanks so much. Talk to you soon.

Catherine Maley

Catherine Maley

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