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Ep.39: Plastic Surgery Marketing Trends for 2020

Plastic Surgery Marketing Trends for 2020:

Catherine’s biggest marketing podcast to date! A tremendous compendium of rock-solid, easy-to-implement advice for those who want to see their practice soar!

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Beauty and the Biz

Ep.39: Plastic Surgery Marketing Trends for 2020



Catherine Maley, MBA: Hello and welcome to “Beauty and the Biz” where we talk about the marketing and business side of plastic surgery. I’m your host, Catherine Maley, author of Your Aesthetic Practice: What Your Patients Are Saying, as well as consultants of plastic surgeons to get them more patient and more profits.

Now, today’s episode is special because I put together a webinar that I ran just last night, and it’s called plastic surgery marketing trends for 2020. And I really put a lot of time into it because I’m trying to help you navigate the crazy waters of marketing and advertising in today’s competitive world. And the advancements in technology and the internet are really messing with any marketing plan that you might have that you think works, but doesn’t any longer. So, enjoy the presentation. And I do look forward to your feedback, feel free to leave me a message on my website at And of course, I’d love your review at YouTube. Thanks so much and enjoy.

Hi, it’s Catherine Maley and some people are joining us now. So, I want to take a minute. And I learned today that quite a few of you are coming in from social media, because I did a quick video this afternoon. So, I’m not sure how many of you know me or you know about me. So, I thought I would just give you a second and let you know that I happen to be well known for speaking but I’m not just– oftentimes I speak on like staff training, how to get your phone answered correctly. So, you can refer callers and then I’m very well known for how to help coordinators learn how to convert consultations [inaudible 01:48] to that. But I’m also a business and marketing consultants to plastic surgery practices all over the world actually. So, what that means is I’ll go into your practice. And I’ll take a look at your sales funnel, I’ll just call it your sales funnel, like your marketing and sales funnel. And I find all sorts of great ways to find your money that you’re missing, [inaudible 02:07] I can get an answer. And then I also have a business degree, I have an MBA. So, I do a lot of business consulting. So, I thought it would be helpful if I told you where I’m going to be speaking this year so far that I have on my calendar. And what we can do is if that sounds interesting to you, shoot me a message, either DM me on Instagram or shoot me a message on my website, And if I’m traveling in your area, and we can meet that would be terrific because you’ll actually save on consulting fees, because once I’m in an area– and we said I don’t have to charge again for the travel so you can save some money. So, I thought I’d let you know that I’m going to be at ASAPs for sure in April and that’s in Vegas. I’m actually going to be a keynote speaker at the Durham summit in May in Vancouver. I’m going to be at the AFPRS rhinoplasty meeting in Miami in May, of course biggest cosmetic that big conference that’s in June in Vegas out of Vegas going on. Then I’m going to be at ICF, I’m excited about this one, it’s in Vienna. ICF is the international group. So, if you happen to be in Vienna in September, we can catch up there. And then I’ll be that the big meeting, the annual SAPRS meeting in September in Boston. And then I’ll follow that up with the global aesthetics meeting in November in Miami. I also think I’m going to be in New York in November as well. And my schedule changes a lot. But I just want you to know these are for sure. And I don’t want to miss you. So, if we can work that out, I’d love to do some consulting with you. Okay, so with that, I’m going to welcome everybody and we’re going to go ahead and get started. Please enjoy this presentation. Welcome. And thank you for joining me tonight at plastic surgery marketing trends for 2020.

I think you make a really good decision to be here because the purpose of this webinar is to show you how to increase your cosmetic revenues, and clear up the confusion and the frustration of how you rise above this massive flutter of marketing and advertising. To attract your fair share of patients. I put this presentation together to help plastic surgeons go from struggling to secure when they prepare for the future, which is here now. Now the world of marketing and advertising and technology has been changing so fast, you need to change with it or you’re going to be left behind. So, I’m going to be the voice of reason here. Because I don’t want you to waste any more time and money. I’m going to go over the plastic surgery marketing trends for 2020 working for you as well as against you to in today’s world. And that’s prohibiting you from attracting more cosmetic patients to your practice. And you’re going to get a free bonus because I want to help you set up your own patient attraction conversion blueprint. So, stay tuned for that [inaudible 04:34] towards the end. And then to be completely transparent with you, I am going to offer to partner with you using my own done for you cosmetic patient plan for 2020. So, we can get your phone’s ringing with patient leads willing to pay for your skill and expertise. So, you don’t have to hassle with it. Or you’re going to get plenty of value from this presentation to do it yourself. So, it’s your choice, no pressure, and if you do decide to go it alone, you’re going to get plenty of strategies tonight that you can execute like literally starting tomorrow. So, here’s my big promise, in this presentation, you’re going to discover how to transform your patient lead generation plan, from a lack of leads with poor conversion rates to a continual stream of cash paying patients to agree to pay you for your services, that brings you an extra 20 to 100 grand per month of real revenue. And isn’t that what you ultimately want, more leads more increase, more conversions, more phone calls, more money and more growth. Now, this gives you an opportunity to dominate your market because you’re going to be firing on all cylinders, while your competitors continue to run from one shiny object to the next, burning through time and money, and then complaining that nothing works. Now a smarter approach is to know what you don’t know that is hindering your success, and what to do about it. Now, as a matter of fact, here’s a sample of a monthly progress report we prepare for our own clients. So, they can see at a glance the exact results they get from our efforts. Now, of course, I have to blur out the names for privacy. But as you can see, it takes many marketing strategies working together to get you clicks, and polls and consults. Now, just imagine the peace of mind, you’ll have once you’re able to identify the new patient lead strategies, as well as practice gaps keeping you from more patients, more procedures, more revenues. And like I said, I’m going to lay out exactly what you need to plug up the holes, costing you time and money. So, you can do it yourself. Or if you decide to get the help and support you need, my team and I would love to work with you. Okay. But by the way, this is not for everyone. After working with plastic surgeons for 20 years, I’ve learned who I can help and who I can’t help.

So, this wouldn’t be a good fit if you don’t have a stellar reputation in your community. If you don’t have a patient list of at least 1000, if you want a quick fix without investing time or money, we all want that. But it’s not reality. And then also, we can’t work with you if you don’t have the right staff on board to help you grow your practice, or at least represent you professionally so they don’t lose your patience. I’ve had a lot of trouble with that. We can only help you as much as you’ll let us and sometimes your staff is the patient [inaudible 07:10] program. So, I’m happy to help you find the step by the way if you don’t have the right team in place, because quite frankly, they’re crucial. So just in case you’re not familiar with my work, I am Catherine Maley MBA, author, speaker, podcaster, consultant, and trainer for the plastic surgery industry. And it’s my 20th anniversary this year, Dear Lord that went fast. Now I’ve been interviewed by NBC, today, The Wall Street Journal, and my patient attraction and conversion strategies as well as my done for you services have made more than $19 million in revenues for plastic surgeons all over the world. And that’s only what I can track because we fix their lead generation systems. And we plugged up the holes that we’re going to talk about here. Now on a personal note, I’m based out of Sausalito, California. It’s a small sailboat community right over the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Now, the views are spectacular when it’s not foggy. And I highly recommend you take a helicopter tour to check out the crazy expensive real estate here. So, let’s talk about the trends in our industry that are affecting you directly, as well as the tactics to help you deal with it. Because I’m not here to be Doomsday. But you know what? It depends on how you look at it. And we’ll get into that more. But let me just jump into it. So, here’s the first trend, the global aesthetic industry continues to grow. But so is the competition, you realize it’s up to like a $53 billion industry, including service and product revenues. And it’s expected to increase to 73 billion by 2022. So that’s almost like a billion per year. Now, the increase in non-surgical technologies makes this industry very attractive to non-core providers who want to cash in. So now, plastic surgeons are competing for cosmetic revenues from internist, gynecologists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, RN’s med spas, laser techs, and even estheticians.

So, here’s some strategies to help. It’s time for you to brag about retraining and experience but you want to do it in a professional way. Explain to patients the training you went through and the experience you have that others can’t compete with. I mean, come right out and explain to them what does board certified mean? How many facials have you done? How many injectables Have you done. Your numbers are going to be a lot bigger than some of the others, so use that to your advantage. Here’s another trend, SEO otherwise known as Search Engine Optimization is important to rank but not as important as before, because Google no longer ranks just good content. And this is so interesting. You know what they’re worried about? A piece of content that ranks that’s inaccurate can actually hurt the potential searcher, especially when it comes to medical advice. So, your organic ranking is based on your Google EAT is you– E stands for Expertise, A stands for authority, and T stands for Trustworthiness. So that’s why you’re competing for the first page on Google, you’re competing with ASAP, ASPS, WebMD, and all of the big guys, because they’re seen as the authority. So, here’s some strategies to help. Be an invited guest on authority blogs, or posts or podcasts, get your medical conferences, show off your awards and especially any recognition you get from third parties. And local reach is your absolute primary source of organic search. Make sure your Google business page is updated. That’s crucial for you. Now, here’s another trend. PPC, otherwise known as Google AdWords or pay per click will get more expensive with lesser results. Now, costs are going to continue to increase due to the lack of advertising space, monetize on the first page of a Google search.

Now, this increases the search cost per click, and increased competition will increase the cost even more. By the way, search query growth has been stagnating for years. So that tells us something, it says the prospective patients are going elsewhere for their search increase to places like social media and Facebook. By the way, they now call Facebook, the new Google search. So, I’m sure you’ve noticed when you Google something, you don’t automatically go to someone’s website, you’ll often go to YouTube, or they’ll send you off to Facebook or Instagram and who knows. So, here’s some strategies to help when you’re doing PPC ads, focus and spend only on one or two procedures, because you don’t have a budget to go with any more unless you have unlimited funds. But otherwise, if you have a budget, stick to one or two of your favorite procedures, and then target them very tightly, then have a solid follow up sales process in place to send prospective patients from your ad to a landing page, to a call to action. And then your staff has got to respond immediately. And we’ll talk about that coming up. But when I see immediately, I mean immediately. So, you’ll have to figure that out. Because right now, it’s probably not happening.

Here’s another trend. Social media challenges, and user generated content. Now, here’s the big challenge when you build your web presence on paid advertising such as PPC, real cells, Facebook, Instagram, and the rest of them, the landlord can kick you out and or raise the rent at any time. So, think of it that way. As you are painfully aware, if you’ve been trying to advertise on social media platforms, plastic surgery does not get along well, due to the nature of the content. So, you know what I mean, you’re almost one step away from porn, you’re seen as persuading consumers to have medical procedures that they don’t need, and you’re hurting the consumer self-esteem. For heaven’s sakes, that’s a lot going against you. That’s why it’s so difficult to get your ads approved if you’ve ever tried it. Now, on top of that, social platforms, organic reach, which is free is going to be nonexistent in the near future. Not yet, but close. Because already, you know, they only show your posts to about 10% of your audience, since they want you to pay for advertising, just like you did with TV. It’s just thought of it that way. All we’re doing is switching TV, radio, newspapers, to Google stuff, or PPC or directories. It’s just the same thing. It’s just a different mode of communication.

However, the beauty of today is it’s so targeted, so that’s actually working to your advantage. But do you see what the catch 22 is that you’re in? Let’s just say Facebook, Facebook’s going to force you to advertise with them, because they’re not going to give you any free reach, yet, they’re not going to approve your ads. Isn’t that crazy? So, you have to figure that out. Here are the many rules. Facebook just has a million rules. And they changed depending on who looks at your ad. And it’s a chore trying to get ads approved. I’ll tell you that. So, here’s another trend hat’s complicating things, is the user generated content. Now 85% of user generated content is more influential than brand content. Now, user generated content, it’s the content that’s created when your audience is commenting on your stuff. And you see plenty of examples of this on social media, you’ll see when a surgeon asks his audience a question, and then he has them respond below and now you see a stream of responses. When you are watching a video or something, don’t you often, like scroll down and see what people are saying that’s user generated content. Now, that’s going to be a whole lot more important from now on. So, you’re going to need to determine what inspires your audience to share content, and then how can you get them engaged, so they create this user generated content? So here are a couple of ideas in your social media posts, videos, and stories include audience questions they are compelled to answer, and then use polls and contests, get your followers to interact with it. Now, here’s another trend, influencer marketing. Now influencer marketing will continue to be popular. However, consumers are waking up to the fact that most influencers are promoting for the sheer motive of getting paid. And that hurts your brand. By the way, likes might be going away like they did in Canada, I think they also went away in Australia. So, you can’t count on this strategy being around forever. So, this should not be your main marketing strategy. So, here’s another idea. Get to know your current patients, find out what kind of following they have. And if they’d be willing to spread the word for you, or Google influencer marketing platforms, and they’ll partner you with influencers. I watch a lot of surgeons on Instagram, and some of them– especially Beverly Hills, is the holy grail there, because you’ve got all the celebrities there. But it doesn’t have to be a Kardashian.

Frankly, I don’t think the whole world needs to know you. I personally think only the people who are actually going to come to you and give you money. That’s all I would concentrate on. So why not add to your patient intake form? Like something about your social media participation? You know, or like, what kind of followers– I don’t know how to say, actually, but like, how many followers do they have? Because actually, I know a surgeon actually, he’s also in Beverly Hills. But he literally says, how many followers do you have? And he will take anybody who has less than something like 25,000 followers. I don’t forget that part. Even if you have a patient who only has a local following kudos, you know, let them build, let them videotape you, let them videotape the treatment. I mean, really let them help you spread the word. Okay. Now, here’s another trend, private communities and tight knit tribe. The trend in social media, such as Facebook groups, private groups, is to build communities and to join groups as a place to communicate about shared interests. By the way, I just saw this on YouTube, it was a video by Mark Zuckerberg, he’s saying the future is private. He’s saying it, the irony is killing him, you know, because they’ve been so blasted without privacy, and now they’ve gone private. So, they’re going to make it even more difficult all of the platforms are, they’re going to make it more difficult to reach out to the general public organically. So, here’s a strategy to fix that. Right now, don’t wait, create your own Facebook group now to set up a fan page of your super fans who love you, and grow it organically with their friends. The issue is you’ve got to be on it with content and with interacting with them.

So, they stay put, and they keep coming back and they bring their friends and you can grow it. Here’s another trend. Know your numbers. It’s crucial to understand how you’re spending your valuable time on social and whether or not your efforts are paying off. For example, can you clearly point to the return on investment of your Facebook or your Instagram presence. This is where it’s important to understand the real meaning behind your social media metrics. Don’t just chase vanity metrics on the biggest platforms for their own sake, think about where your brand can shine best, whether that’s through long form articles on LinkedIn, or visual content on photo heavy platforms like Instagram. And you really don’t know that until you check your numbers because otherwise it’s just anecdotal. So, here’s the strategy. Review the social media platforms Analytics reports. Everyone has them. All you have to do is read them if they take a minute to read though, because you’re not used to reading them. But you also want to check the reports against your own internal tracking system. And that’s going to help you determine not only where your best leads are coming from, but also if they’re converting. Okay, now another trend is video. And it’s super popular. Now consumers prefer video to all other forms of content when they’re learning about new products and services. In fact, 80% of people say they typically switch between online search and video when researching products or services to buy. And then more than 50% of shoppers say online video has helped them decide which specific brand or product to buy. Now, here’s a strategy, five-year-old YouTube channel and designate an outside videographer or a tech savvy staff person to capture and frequently posts a day in the life of a plastic surgeon in video can then be shared throughout your social platforms. As a caveat, I have spent a lot of time. I do have a videographer. Quite frankly, I think every plastic surgery practice in today’s world is going to have a videographer or should have one and a content person who pulls all this content together and gets it out into the world. Because that’s you’re branding. And that’s how you build branding. Now you can have a tech savvy staff person inside or hire a videographer. But I’ll tell you what, it’s helpful even to have both because you want to do the capture that day in the life of a plastic surgeon. I love that because that’s your content. But anyway, I digress. If you go to YouTube, like Catherine Maley YouTube, you’re going to see a ton of videos. And I’m no great actress, that’s for sure. But it’s content and Google love the content.

So, I would take a look at it. I’m not doing anything fancy. But take a look at mine and take a look at other surgeons and find out what you like to do. Do you like to sit behind a desk? Would you rather roam around? Would you rather be talking to a patient? Would you rather have [inaudible 20:02] or no [inedible]? You know, in practice, practice, practice, you know what I would do? I would get used to talking in front of the camera because it’s not normal. And if you’re not used to it, you’ll feel uncomfortable, or just talk to your iPhone, you don’t get used to it that way. Okay, here’s another trend, texting and messaging apps are growing fast. And the trend is to text rather than call someone, I personally, I’m going to be 62 here in a minute and I love texting and messaging, you know why? I used to waste so much time calling and you’re not there, then you call me back, and I’m not there. And he goes around and around. I think texting and messaging is like the greatest thing that ever happened. So anyway, if I think that, so do the younger people, obviously, and texting is going to be the next big thing when it comes to personalized one on one marketing to your patients. It’s not here yet, because there are too many rules around it right now. But trust me, I mean, how many other ways can you communicate with a patient? You know texting is going to be it. If you’re messaging, you do have to download an app, something like Facebook Messenger, or Snapchat or WhatsApp, or messenger by Google. But otherwise, if you have someone’s cell phone and you’re just texting to each other, that’s the easiest thing in the world, you don’t have to download any special software.

So, here’s the strategy, get permission from your patients to text them. And then educate yourself on what it takes to allow them to communicate with you via text, if that’s what they prefer. And then be sure your staff is responding immediately when prospective patients are texting or messaging you, I will tell you, you probably don’t want your cell phone out into the whole world, you know the whole universe, just because people can get ahold of it, what I would do is use one of these text messaging platforms, and they give you a phone number that lays over your real number. So, nobody ever actually sees your real number. They’re using a number. That makes sense. Here’s another trend, emails not converting as well as before, however, it converts way better than social media. Now, that’s not to say email is dead. Now it’s here to stay for the foreseeable future. 99% of people still check their email every day, oftentimes before social media. You know, it depends again, on your target market, I would think I know a lot of people think the whole world is now 20 years old, but there are plenty of older people. And what do they do? They do business because somebody has to pay for all of this, they need disposable income for cosmetic rejuvenation. So quite frankly, a lot of them are using email because that’s what we use in business. So, I don’t know why you wouldn’t use email, it just [inaudible 22:25]. So, trust me, email still alive and well. And this is the important part, the engagement rate, you can only get the stats. So, you only get like a 0.58% engagement rate with somebody like Facebook or Instagram or Twitter, but you still get up to a 22.8% email open rates, your own email list. I mean, I personally, we’ve been doing email marketing forever. And the average open rate is typically around 19%. But we can get up to 30% because we’re nurturing that list and they want to hear from the doctor. Now here’s another interesting email benefits. According to marketing Sherpa, about 80% of consumers subscribed to a brand’s list to get promotional messages, compared to only 20% that follow brands on social media. And that’s really important to know because consumers actually use email to shop. You know, Instagram is more likely to goof off but email can be for shopping. So, staying in front of your cosmetic patients regularly with well thought out promotional and compelling emails keeps them coming back much more so than social media. However, the email click through rates are decreasing. So, you need to leverage more communication channels, so they work together to gain your exposure to new patients. So, here’s the strategy. To improve your email, use personal subject lines that make your readers want to open your emails and add other forms of patient communication such as chat bots, push notifications, text and of course retargeting ads.

Now, here’s another trend. personalization is the new marketing. The problem with marketing, as it exists today is that 95% of your visitors will never convert into a customer because your mass message doesn’t fit every single one of your visitors. However, through personalization, you can convert more of your patients into additional revenue. Now, I’m going to use Amazon as an example of this. I can’t buy it from Amazon, they’re the greatest thing that ever happened. When you go to Amazon, they know your pattern, and they know what you typically buy. So, they show you what they think you want to see in order to boost their conversions. And you need to do the same thing. So, here’s the strategy, segment your leads by interests and send them specific messages addressing those interests. For example, the more mature patients who have had filler several times, they should get a message about face tightening procedures. And then patients who haven’t been in in a while to get a [inaudible 24:53] you message with a compelling return. Did that make sense? Okay, here’s another trend. Customer optimization is a must. Due to the increasing cost of advertising. More plastic surgeons will continue to develop other channels, such as display and social ads. But the main lift in their revenues will come from customer optimization. That means they will invest to acquire new patients and they will invest in keeping them because retention is the new patient attraction strategies for 2020.

So, here’s some strategies, to develop internal strategies to increase a patient’s lifetime value with you. So, they return more often, they spend more during each visit, they refer their friends, and they give you reviews more often. Now, effective strategies include in house signage to cross promote all of your services, combination packages, as well as a compelling loyalty program. And here’s another trend, there will be no more silver bullets, everyone will have to optimize for marginal gains. Now, a lot of practices were built off of a one market channel plan, even Facebook was built off of your email address book, Facebook used to tap into and invite all of your contacts to use Facebook on your behalf. So, for years, plastic surgeons could count on their TV ads, or their real self q&a to be their main pipeline for patient leads. But it dried up due to technological advancements. And everyone else jumping on board making it even harder to stand out. So marketing is now heading in the direction of being about marginal gains. The same will be for your marketing, there’s going to be a big shift from practices trying to find the holy grail of marketing, to working on slightly improving each area of their marketing and sales funnel that includes [inaudible 26:43], conversion, follow up and retention. So now you compete on those marginal gains by improving your processes, as well as your customer service. That’s what you’ll have to shift your mindset to in order to win in 2020 and beyond. So, here’s some strategies, go through every step in your marketing and patient experience process to see where you fall short, and where you lose perspective patient. And by the way, my bonuses will help you out with that. Now, here’s another trend, budget strategically, you do not need to be on every ad platform, but you do need to have a better understanding of where to put your advertising dollars based on the performance of that marketing channel. So, here’s some strategies, pull up report called, breakdown revenues by procedures, I would also pull and call breakdown by revenues by referral source. Now these two reports are going to tell you how to budget proportionately to the results you get. And I don’t mean the lead you get, I mean, who became cash pay patient? Okay. So those are the main marketing trends for 2020. And that was a mouthful. Now, isn’t it insane how much cosmetic patient marketing has changed throughout the years is technology and the internet advanced? So, the question is now what do you do now that you know more? Well take a deep breath, because there’s a lot of uncertainty and fear of the future. But it’s not really that, it’s actually your perspective change. This is an exciting opportunity for you to get to teach it, and then win over your competitors, when you put a well thought out plan in place and put up the whole costing a fortune. So, let’s talk about the practice gaps quickly, most affecting your bottom line. So, you optimize every lead you get. And then we’ll talk about a complete done for you or do it yourself plan. It’s your choice to set up for success.

So, I’m going to jump right in with practice gap number one, you need more patient leads. So, this is the number one priority. It always is new leads are the lifeblood of your practice. But if you want more cash, paying patients and surgeries and getting more leads, but where do these new leads come from? And how do you get a predictable and steady flow with them? There are so many media channels, where do you start, because you’re going to run out of time, money and energy trying to be everywhere in a meaningful way that actually attracts new patients. Now you already know free organic SEO is no longer the go to search ranking strategy. And Gone are the days of you being found just by accident, or just because you’ve updated your website. That’s because you’re competing against the big boy authority sites, like I said, ASPs and ASAP. And we talked about the social media platform changes.

So, here’s the secret is to have many poles in the pond and not rely on any one marketing channel, since they’re all on shaky ground. So, you want to be smart when building a digital advertising strategy. For example, this may surprise you. But the new trend in attracting cosmetic patients is this, demand generation is greater than demand fulfillment. Here’s what that means. Only 3% of consumers who click on ads are ready to buy. That’s demand fulfillment. That’s why it’s so expensive to do PPC advertising because you’re competing for the same keywords and first aid your competitors are So it’s a contest of who can outspend everyone else. A smarter approach is to go after the much larger group of targeted consumers on social media, who could be interested in your services, that’s called demand generation. If you make it interesting and compelling for them to make it a priority, this approach is cheaper, easier and super targeted. So, you’ll get a two to 10 times more lead flow than the other way.

Here’s the point. Social media advertising is the single biggest opportunity in the history of advertising. Because for a fraction of the cost, you can advertise online, and target exactly who sees your ads, that is so powerful. Just think about TV, they had to advertise to the whole world and try to figure out, anybody who would be interested in in this world is so personalized, that you will spend half of you will spend an eighth of what you have used to have to spend to target a very specific audience. Now, you might be saying, Oh, we’ve tried that it didn’t work. But there’s a chance you didn’t do it, right. Because the ad design and copy are crucial to getting a click, it’s got to be eye catching, engaging, and it must offer the consumer cosmetic patient something of value, though they actually respond. Because the only thing that counts at this stage is to encourage a prospective cosmetic patient to take the next step. And that’s the click on your ad. But here’s the kicker, these are only one part of it.

These leads need to be converted. So, let’s keep going. Here’s practice, get number two week follow up on incoming leads. Most plastic surgeons suffer loss profits here every day, every month, and every year from this style and money waster. I think you’ll be surprised at the stats when it comes to that following up on internet leads, they spend a fortune to get in the first place. Now this is really interesting. 40% of practices never even follow up at all. The average first follow-up rate is 72 hours later. That’s like forever in internet time, only 25% of practices make contact. And 64% of practices don’t even have an organized way to follow up on a lead. But it’s not your staff all they have not been given the tools or the training on how to do it professionally. So, when you partner with me, your staff actually has access to a simple sales lead and follow up platform that contains scripts and processes to follow up on patient leads. And that increases your conversion rates by up to 80%. Now that can be a game changer for you in a way to dominate your market when you follow up faster and better than your competition. But there’s more. Here’s the next practice gap. practice gap number three, your conversion rates are low. Every practices success is limited by their staff’s ability to convert callers to appointments and then appointments. It’s way too competitive to be mediocre at this stage of the lead process. Like takes a phone lead, almost every office is challenged by this. Phone trees, answering machines in different or unfriendly staff, or new untrained staff and on and on. phones are taken way too lightly. Because it’s not enough to have even a friendly staff person answering the phone, they also have to be skilled. Otherwise, you lose money.

Look what happens when. And this is when not if you lose only one color per day, and they’re only worth 2000. And I didn’t need to oversell it. So, they’re probably worth more than that to you if you count in them returning referring and reviewing. But if you look at that 2000 a day and you multiply it out by 22 days per month and 12 months per year, do you realize that it’s over half a million dollars in lost profits. Now an easy fix is to give your receptionist the scripts and the training they need to keep you busy with booked appointments. It’s time and money well spent. And then let’s talk about what your patient coordinators conversion rate. The prospective patient who calls you scheduled an appointment and shows up is a hot prospect. Otherwise, they would have dm you or use your chat bar or they would have emailed you, they’ve already decided to move forward to find a solution to something that bothers them. But you wouldn’t have gone to this much time ever in trouble to actually meet you in person, right? So, your patient coordinator needs to be a well-trained professional with proven scripts and strategies and tools to get the patient we get to know for example, there’s your coordinator know how to position you the surgeon as the best choice Can she qualified the patient to prepare them for the quote presentation. And she presents with confidence to get the patient excited about moving forward. And ultimately, when she asked for a decision, most coordinators don’t ask because they haven’t been trained to do so comfortably and professionally. Now, when we partner, your receptionist and patient coordinator, they’re armed with all the tools they need to increase your conversion rates by 15%. Because nothing else matters until the patients say yes and give you money until a transaction is made. A lead is just a lead. We need your staff to move them along the buyer’s journey and convert them and there’s one more deadly practice gap that’s costing you patients and procedures and that is practice get number four, you ignore patients who would return refer and review your notes for one practice asset is your list of patients who know like and trust you, obviously.

Now many of these patients would gladly return refer review, if given the opportunity. They’re not as price sensitive, and they’re way more likely to say yes to you than internet stranger patient. Now, we all know a majority of your new patients come from your current patient. So, this is your new mindset you need to adopt to survive in today’s crazy competitive world. Oh, the little thing didn’t show up retention. Because right now, this is your new mantra. retention is the new patient attraction strategy. That’s where all your leverage is, you spent a fortune to attract these patients to you down with minimal effort, you keep them coming back for more referring their friends, and giving you great reviews. Otherwise, when you take your patients for granted, and or ignore them, you open the door for your competitors to steal them away from you. Because most cosmetic patients didn’t just stop wanting cosmetic services, they just stopped wanting them for you because you were ignoring them. So please remember, as many patients have endless needs, especially as the relentless aging process continues and your cosmetic patients need your surgical and non-surgical services now in a month from now, and a year from now and a decade from now. So, you want to adopt the cosmetic patients for life mentality, you gain leverage with those patients who already know like and trust you. When you really think about this, you’ve already spent a fortune attracting them to you now just hang on to them, as well as their friends that they’re going to refer to you. So, here are the practice gaps. I just want to recap, because these are just the four practice gaps seriously hurting your bottom line, you need more cosmetic patient leads because prospective patients can no longer easily find you organically or for free. Week follow up on your incoming leads is hurting your revenue. Your staff can’t convert new callers or consults. And you ignore patients who would return refer and review. So, here’s a question. What if you could easily turn on a new patient lead generator and plug up the practice guests that are costing you time money never and have it handled for you so you didn’t have to hassle with it? Would that give you back control over your date? And would you enjoy the freedom for managing staff and processes since you would know that someone else is focused on growing your practice for you in the background.

So, here’s what I propose we do for you so you don’t have to fiddle with it, we would set up your very own cosmetic patient attraction done for you plan for 2020. And here’s what that includes. We design, write, copy and run display ad campaigns with back end funnels. On Facebook. We use your patient list and creative ways using social media to attract new patients. We do your database marketing via text, email, promotions and social media posts. We train your staff to be converting rock stars we provide you with a follow up platform including scripts and strategies and protocol that automatically follows up on least for you. We set up a rewards club to retain your patients and turn them into your sales ambassadors who attract new patients to you. We even listen to your calls to accurately track results and hold your staff accountable. And we track and report all results to you on a monthly basis. Now, you and your staff are free to focus on your core competency, and that is to focus on patient care and customer service. And that’s what leads to happier staff satisfied patients who returned refer review five-star reviews to attract more new patients and new cosmetic patients who actually convert to pay procedures. So, when you outsource patient, lead generation follow up conversion retention, as well in sales training, you have a well-oiled machine working for you. And what comes with that a lot of certainty, certainty and knowing the key metrics in your practice are being handled by smart professionals. Now that gives you control over your day, so you’re more profitable and productive, and you have peace of mind knowing you get that time and achieve better results. This is how you strategically compete and gain market share no matter what the trends do. So, if this makes sense to you, let’s partner so my team and I can implement our cosmetic patient attraction plan for 2020 for your practice. Now, this unique plan consists of several platforms and a dashboard that gives you the certainty you need knowing you have a plan that’s predictably and reliably keeping new cosmetic leads coming to you month after month. It provides an automatic system that focuses on more leads or conversions for patients with more profits.

It even includes a proprietary formula of more patient leads and less nurture, plus follow up plus conversion plus retention. And that’s what equals a healthy cosmetic practice no matter what happens. This is what keeps that steady stream of leads or revenues coming to you consistently for your peace of mind knowing you have a marketing machine working in the background. I can’t tell you all what’s going on in the secret sauce because otherwise So, you know there’s copyist so you lose your competitive edge and that’s why we are area exclusive. So, we can I only work with one plastic surgery practice per area. So please lock in your spot and night before someone else does. Now, you might be asking yourself if this done for you cosmetic patient attraction plan is worth it. So, here’s the answer. When you improve your processes, even by only 10% in each area that is currently losing you money to give yourself a raise is actually a very big reason, because of the compound effect. Now, that means when you increase your patient leads, and follow up in conversion, all by 10% each of them. That’s not just a 30% increase, it’s a 33% increase thanks to the compounding effect. So, for example, a $2 million practice makes an extra $660,000 a year when they tweaked just a few of their metrics. So, you can see for yourself in this case study, the plastic surgery practices monthly progress report shows 17 consults for an estimated 67,000 in revenues for the month. And that’s just what we were able to track for him. And do you believe YouTube would get at least 10 to 30 more features per month from this plan? focused on new patient action, conversion, follow up and retention. So, what would that be worth to you an extra 20 Grand 40 6080 grand per month? Obviously, it’s worth it. So, if you don’t want to do it, partner with me, because nobody should be doing this type of financial promotion to grow your cosmetic revenues, and keep that steady stream of cash and patients come to you.

So, I’m sure you’re dying to know how much is it? How much is it? Well, you got two options, I’m going to briefly break them down. If you decided to do this yourself, here’s what would have to happen, you’d have to pay for staff to write copy and design banner ads to get clicked on. And you’d have to hire staff to set up campaigns upload them to various sites. So, they need to be tech savvy to get these ads approved because they’re not easy. And then you’ve got to set up ad sets and campaigns. And then you’ve got to hire staff to design strategic themed emails that get clicked on and include a compelling call to action. But then you need customized landing pages to send people to and then you also need to pay vendors to record and listen to calls and track results. And then you need to have to follow up on leads via phone calls, emails, texts. So that means you happen to have to write email, copy and design professional follow up emails and send them out as well as track their results. And then you’d have to come up with a loyalty program that actually works that would include computer programming, and many, many 1000s of dollars. Now all of this work would take at least two to three staff members and several outside vendors. And it can easily add up to 100,000 in technology fees and salaries, benefits. And you get to manage all those vendors and staff members, just to be sure the job is getting done. And one little and I mean a big problem, actually, it’s not a little problem, it’s actually a big problem. Most surgeons do not want to manage any more staff than they have to. Nor do they want to spend more than they have to. So, an easier way is to partner with me and I’ll handle it for you. Over the section on the second option, we actually normally charge 5997 per month for all of these services charge separately because so much labor creativity and technology variance go into it. However, because you hung in there to the end, I’m offering you a special combination fee of only 3997 per month, plus your admin budget, whatever you deem that to be. So, we’ll use a 24,000 per year on the combination price. This is such a better deal than the first option would you say, for the price of only a few wrinkle filler patients, because many patient attractions plan for 2020 is bringing you patient leads predictably week after week. And to give you peace of mind, I guarantee you to do everything I laid out in this presentation to transform your practice. And if you’re not satisfied with your results within the first 60 days, you can cancel at any time because there is no long-term contract sign, I want you happy and busy areas.

And to sweeten the deal so you don’t delay. When you partner with us. Now you’re going to receive two extra bonuses. bonus number one, you can save $1,000 on the customization fees. Since you’ve hung in here with me till the end, I want to reward you for partnering with me. So, I’m going to reduce the customization and implementation fee from 1997 to only 997. So, you save $1,000. And just so you know, just a ton of work goes into the backend of this system set up not only the lead generation, but also the follow up platform, all the emails, the text, the phone calls, the ads, the reporting and all of that. So, we track important metrics so you know exactly what your investment is worth to you month after month. And then bonus number two, I truly want to want you to succeed. So, I’m going to personally be available to you for consulting calls. So, we can discuss whatever’s on your mind, you might want to talk about staff issues, trends in the industry, competitor issues or whatever else is bothering you. Now I have consulted with hundreds of practices since year 2000. So, I am a wealth of information and resources that you now have access to using my own personal selling email. Just so you know to put it in perspective. I do charge 15-grand for onsite consulting, but you’re getting my expertise included here. partner with us. And I just wanted to tell you what Dr. Zen said when I consulted with him. He said consulting with Catherine’s been extremely helpful. And I now see the nuances and strategies it takes for me to stand out amongst the heavy competition surrounding me to confirm my efforts and ideas that make sense and save me money and waste time going down the wrong road.

I now have a workable plan to continue to grow my practice, gave me confidence and optimism for the future, I highly recommend her. By the way, he’s right on Park Avenue for heaven’s sakes, it doesn’t get any more competitive than that. And then Dr. Trevino runs a very popular Houston, Texas practice. And he said Catherine’s consulting services have paid for itself many times over the investment I made engaging with her, working with her helped change my perspective about how to run my already practice, one that is more streamlined and profitable. The training she gave my staff is also fantastic. I share my staff using Catherine’s strategies to close more calls and consults. They’re also taking more initiative to implement the strategies Catherine customized for our practice, if you’ve plateaued or if the gaps in your processes are costing you and Catherine can help, she’s worth every penny. Thank you for that. So please just remember, we can only work with one surgeon per area. So please, you can act now by going to, where I set up a special-order form there, you just put down the 997 investment for the customization fee. And then you’re never charged again. You’re not charged again until after your first themed email and social posts go out. And that’s what’s going to get your phone ringing to hurt more leads. So that means you’re never out of pocket, because you’re going to make that money back and your revenues game before your credit card payment is due. So, I’d love to get started right away. Please go to, complete that form. And then I’m gonna let you know tonight if your area is available, so you don’t have to guess. And I really look forward to working with you. And last but not least, I promised you a bonus for hanging in there till the end, which I really appreciate.

And here’s the link to that cosmetic patient attraction and conversion blueprint. If you would, I’m sorry, it’s so long. But you have to put this all in If you can do that, you get that blueprint and you can print it out. And please use this as a guide to find out where your gaps are. And then I’d love to help you with that. And with that, that is it. I really appreciate your time. So, fill out that form and then I will get back to you tonight. Like you know, what are your areas available. Or if you’ve got questions, you’re not exactly quite sure what just go to my website and ask me a question, it’s and I’ll get back to you. Okay, thanks so much.

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