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Ep.84: Content Creation Marketing

Content Creation Marketing:

If you’ve noticed your website traffic declining and/or the quality of leads diminishing, it’s not your imagination.

The remedy is to create and distribute valuable, relevant and consistent content that attracts the right audience who is interested in cosmetic rejuvenation with the intent to drive them to you for your services.

I explain how.

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Content Creation Marketing


If you have noticed your website traffic declining and/or the leads that are coming in are not great, it’s not your imagination.

Google keeps messing with the algorithms and sends a lot more traffic to the authority sites like your medical societies instead of directly to you.

One way to combat that is with content creation marketing.

You use content to educate your “preferred patients” to learn more about procedures from you so these would-be patients contact you when they’re ready.

The point is to create and distribute valuable, relevant and consistent content that attracts the right audience who is interested in cosmetic rejuvenation with the intent to drive them to you for your services.

Actually, it’s the opposite of mainstream advertising. Instead of “pitching” your services to the masses and telling them what you offer and how wonderful you are, you instead focus on addressing prospective cosmetic patients’ needs.

Because, In a world of relentless information coming at the consumer, they can only hear what they are interested in at that moment. They seek out that information and come to you instead when you have the answers they need.

Content marketing has many advantages:

Brand Awareness:  Gets you found by the right audience who could want your services

Builds Trust: Makes you the expert patients trust

Audience Engagement: Encourages interaction with prospective cosmetic patients

Lead Generation: Identifies those who most likely want your services

Builds Loyalty:  Retains your current patients who continue to be interested in your services

Increases Profitability: Compels your audience to take action and choose you for their surgery.

Decreases Advertising Costs: Content marketing is of minimal cost or free, or at least cheaper than standard advertising.

But the big question is, how to create great content.


The beauty (pun intended) is that plastic surgeons have built-in content just by being a plastic surgeon.

Think about it…. You have limitless patient content:

–       Prospective patients visiting you for consultations

–       Pre-surgical patients excited and nervous about their upcoming surgery

–       Surgical patients recuperating

–       Post-op surgical patients returning for their follow-up appointments

–       Ecstatic patients fully recovered and loving their results

Each patient has a different story at each phase of their journey. That’s a lot of content!

But there’s so much more … You also have limitless practice content:

  • FAQs for each procedure that can also be turned into a book
  • Added new treatments and procedures
  • Interesting things happening in your practice (renovating, etc.)
  • Staff stories, birthdays, anniversaries
  • Personal stories:  your family, hobbies and so on.

I suggest you hire someone who is adept at videotaping you, video editing and social media so they are capturing the “Day in the Life of a Plastic Surgeon”.


But that’s only ½ the battle.

The other half is getting all of this Content Creation distributed online where prospective cosmetic patients will see it.


The secret to content marketing is to create great content that can be repurposed for many platforms, since prospective cosmetic patients are scattered all over the Internet.

Since everyone uses a variety of platforms to get their information, how do you be everywhere?

The easiest way is to determine which platforms will give you the best audience reach. Then develop a systematic plan to regularly upload content to those platforms.

For example, have your staff take photos and videotape you doing a live patient consultation since you are most comfortable here. Be yourself and do and say what you normally do and say.

Now you repurpose that video:

By uploading it  to YouTube, Vimeo, IGTV, Facebook Watch

Then, Transcribe the audio into articles, blog posts, press releases and realself Q&A

Upload the photos of that consultation to facebook, Instagram, pinterest, snapchat

And turn the Recording into your own podcast show and upload to top podcast platforms

But be forewarned. This is not a one-time event.

This is ongoing, consistent, interesting content that is regularly posted.

Yes, it takes time and effort but if you want a steady stream of new cosmetic patients, content marketing is a proven way to get them.


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