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Ep.91: Word-of-Mouth Referrals

Beauty and the Biz

Word-of-Mouth referrals are your golden ticket to increased close ratios, decreased external marketing costs, and growth through the cheapest form of advertising you can invest in! Help your patients become your brand ambassadors as your revenue multiplies exponentially!

It’s as easy as 1-2-3 when you have word-of-mouth referrals driving your new patient conversions!

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Hello, and welcome to Beauty and the Biz, where we talk about the business and marketing side of plastic surgery.

I’m your host, Catherine Maley, author of Your aesthetic practice – What your patients are saying, as well as consultant to plastic surgeons, to get them more patients and more profits.

Now, this episode of Beauty and the Biz is a presentation I did called word of mouth referrals. The most qualified leads you will ever get are the ones coming from your happy patients.

So, this podcast talks about strategies to get you a whole lot more of them enjoy. And I’ll see you on the other side.

when it comes to converting prospective cosmetic surgery, patients into paid procedures. Word of mouth marketing is absolutely the most effective way. When a friend tells another friend, family member or colleague about you. That’s golden. They’re already pre-sold on you. They’re not as price sensitive and they’re more likely to stay loyal.

Word of mouth referrals will increase your closing ratios, decrease your external marketing costs and grow your practice. It’s also the cheapest form of advertising that you can invest in and it takes minimal time and effort, but don’t leave it to chance. Sure. You will get some referrals from your core group of fans in your practice.

Every practice has them, but you want them from every happy patient, not just the chosen few, maybe word of mouth referrals, a priority. Set up processes and incorporate these word-of-mouth strategies. First connect with your patients, referrals come from connecting with your patients. So, they feel cared about as a person.

First patients. Use their name and make eye contact with your patients, ask them questions about their family, their occupation, or anything else that strikes you as interesting from their patient intake form and let them talk. They’ll feel so much more connected to you when they know you care about them.

They’ll relate max, they’ll open up to you and they’ll talk more about themselves. You can learn so much about a person if you show you’re interested in them, and you’ll be surprised what you learn. Perhaps they’re a member of the media, or they’re a part of a large company who could use your services as an employee perk.

Yeah. Never know unless you ask, think of it this way. Each of us has an average inner circle of approximately 250 people that includes friends, family, colleagues, neighbors, gym, buddies, et cetera. If each of your patients only refer one of those people that would double your practice growth. How does that.

Remember, like-minded people hang around with other like-minded people. So, you want your prefer patients to bring their friends to you? But don’t take that for granted. Your patients need to know you want more patients just like them. And if they send you their friends, family, and colleagues, you promise to take great care.

So, use content to spread the word content is king on the internet. So, produce lots of it for different media channels. So, your patients can share you with their friends, family, and followers. For example, you can videotape a consult with a prospective patient talking about the procedure they had with their permission.

Of course. And then you upload it to YouTube and Vimeo. You break it down into smaller pieces and upload to ICTV. Use the video screenshot and your Facebook banner ads that click to the full video with a click here to schedule a complimentary consultation. And there’s more transcribed the patient consultation and use it for your blog posts or your articles or press releases.

Send an email, announcing it to your current patient list and add, share this with a friend. The point is to cross purpose, one piece of content to many different media channels to increase your presence online. Now, another idea is a social media booth. Make it fun and easy for your patients to share you with their friends on social media.

Order a customized pop-up backdrop with your logo printed on it. Now, have it standing in the corner of your office near checkout, your patients can take pictures with you and your staff and videotape a testimonial and then upload it to their Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, social media. And please don’t take referrals for granted.

You want to thank your patients. However, a boring computer-generated form does not work. Patients want to be appreciated for their time. And acknowledged for their support. So, show them your things, have your staff call them immediately to thank them. Personally, send a personal note from you to thank them.

Call them yourself to thank them. Send a gift of appreciation behavior that is rewarded is repeated. So, make a big deal out of how much you appreciate their referral and more. Better yet set up your automatic rewards program that acknowledges and thanks your patients for helping you grow your practice.

The goal is to get a whole lot more of your patients, sharing you with who they know implement a referral program, but do it with caution to stay out of trouble with the medical societies and their fee splitting rules. Just so you know, medical board say you cannot pay someone that encourages another person to have a medical procedure.

So, there cannot be a tip for cat exchange. That’s a big reason. I came up with the kiss rewards club. Your patients get kisses, not money when they refer review and return. So, it keeps you out of trouble while growing your practice in a fun, organic. You can visit and get more details at

And then to wrap this up, here’s the golden rule to remember to grow word of mouth practice. Patients have to be truly happy and satisfied with their results, as well as the service they receive from you to brag about you, to their friends and family. Please be sure every single patient has a wow experience.

Every time they’re in contact with you, your staff and your practice, and watch your word-of-mouth referrals grow. And if you’re looking for more patient attraction strategies, get my free guide called plastic surgery marketing. What’s working now at my website, Okay. I’m back. Do you now see all the creative ways you can boost your word of mouth?

Yes, it takes effort, but it’s well worth it. If you want good quality leads that actually convert to a paid procedure. Now, of course, if you need help with this, let’s talk, you can sign up for a free 30-minute strategy call with me personally. It’s on my website, And that’s it for this week, if you would.

I sure would appreciate you subscribing to beauty and the biz and given me a nice review, if you feel so inclined. And then of course, if you’ve got feedback or you want to do a strategy call, just head over to or you can certainly DM me on Instagram @catherinemaleymba. Thanks much.

And we’ll talk soon.

Catherine Maley

Catherine Maley

Catherine is a business/marketing consultant to plastic surgeons. She speaks at medical conferences all over the world on practice building, marketing and the business side of plastic surgery. Get a Free Copy of her popular book, Your Aesthetic Practice: What Your Patients Are Saying View Author Profile.


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