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How to Ethically Influence Patients (Ep.152)

Hello and welcome to Beauty and the Biz where we talk about the business side of cosmetic surgery, and how to ethically influence patients.

We use influence all day, every day and may not even be aware of it.

For example,

  • You “encourage” your kids to act a certain way.
  • You “urge” your family to choose the restaurant you like.
  • You “butter up” your staff to inspire them to do their best.

You most likely are also using influence when consulting with new prospective patients.

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In this week’s Beauty and the Biz Podcast (link), I talk about how to ethically influence patients to help your would-be patients make a good decision so they get a good result and NOT regret going elsewhere for a “less than stellar” result that makes them feel worse about themselves.

Don’t worry. I’m not telling you to do any mind-bending tricks, but I am saying use everything you can to ethically and professionally be seen as the BEST CHOICE when you learn how to ethically influence patients.

Enjoy and I look forward to your feedback –


How to Ethically Influence Patients

Hello, and welcome to Beauty and the Biz where we talk about the business and marketing side of plastic surgery. I’m your host, Catherine Maley, author of Your Aesthetic Practice – What your patients, are saying as well as consultant to plastic surgeons, to get them more patients and more profits. Now, today’s episode is called using influence to convert consultations (Ethically Influence Patients).

Now, here’s the thing. You don’t sell anyone on cosmetic rejuvenation and you can’t force consumers to choose you. You can only offer your services to consumers who want to look and feel better. However, if you believe in yourself, it’s your duty to Ethically Influence Patients them to make a good decision. So, they get a good result and not regret going elsewhere for a less than stellar result that makes them feel worse about them.

So, look at it this way, prospective patients are already interested in your services because they searched online. They found you, they called you and now they’re visiting you. You didn’t pull them in off the street. Right? So, in this week’s podcast, I’m going to lay out ways to Ethically Influence Patients, to help them choose you over all the others.

Because even though patients have decided they want to make a change, that’s only half the. Now they have to decide who they want to make that change with and who they feel a connection with and feel they will get a great result with, with the least amount of hassle and discomfort, by the way, the three biggest hurdles the patient has to overcome.

It’s not just the money. It’s the fear of rearranging their face, owned our body that day. They will get a good result as well as procrastination, which keeps them stuck in indecision. Now prospective cosmetic patients have most likely been thinking about this for years. So, it’s just plain easier for them to continue to keep thinking about it than it is to actually do something about it.

That’s why so many of the patients are emotional now. Oftentimes they have a life shift happening that has put a fire under them to act such as. And upcoming wedding graduation or reunion they’re suddenly single or they’re reentering the workforce or changing careers that puts them in an emotional state.

So, the more you understand the decision-making process, the better equipped you’ll be to address the tough spots and help the patient get to. Now there are a number of techniques you can implement to Ethically Influence Patients and prospective patients to choose you versus the many other competitors, but do it in a very ethical and professional way.

So, here. Number one pre-frame you as the best choice before the patient meets you now consider what a difficult decision this is for the prospective cosmetic patient to choose a service provider, given the intense competition. So, help them out. Be sure your website credentials. Graphics design, social media channels and videos.

Give prospective patients a feel for who you are and what you stand for, but then you want to get logical and give the patients a snapshot of your highlights that answers the questions. Why should I choose. So, here’s an idea. Compile your highlights into a one-page graphic. This is your visual brag piece, summarizing your education.

By explaining the years, it took you to become who you are, your experience by counting up the number of surgeries you’ve performed as well as the logos from all the PR you’ve got. Now here’s number two. Another influence technique (to Ethically Influence Patients) is to set the intention. You want the prospective patient to understand where you’re going so, they can relax because they know what to expect from you.

So, your goal is to remove all your defenses. I’m sorry. Remove all their defenses. So, they stop guarding themselves. Now you do that by being authentic and real. Now here’s a great overall statement. You can say. Sarah. My job is to make sure you get all the information you need to make a good decision. So, you get the result you want.

Now I’ll give you my professional recommendation and then lead the decision-making up to you. Sound good. What you have done here is taken the pressure off of Sarah so she can relax and think straight during her consultation. Now here’s number three, watch your body language. Cosmetic patients are looking for clues to say yes or no to you.

So, all details count. For example, smiling naturally makes you seem approachable in life. Eye contact shows interest and indicates trustworthiness, raising your eyebrows signals. You’re not a threat showing your palms indicates. You’re telling the full story, and please do not cross your arms or put your hands in your pockets.

Since that signals you don’t feel comfortable. And then you want to watch the patient’s body language and the same rules apply to your patients. So, if they’re smiling, looking at you open to your recommendations, You’re in great shape. However, if they’re looking down frowning, crossing their arms and closed up, something is off and you want to address it before.

Continuing now, as simple question can make all the difference such as Karen, you seem uncomfortable. Now, if you’re anxious or confused about something, let’s talk about it. That might be just what she needed to clear the air, address her concerns and get back into the conference. Now here’s number four, clearly communicate patients are more likely to actually hear you and agree with you when you speak concisely and clearly, and have a two-way conversation with them that.

No big words or medical jargon or rambling. So, they can’t get a word in edgewise. Now, in my book, your aesthetic practice, which your patients are saying, by the way, you can get it for free on my That’s where I interview patients. And they mentioned several times the surgeon did all the talking and they didn’t get a word in.

So, they didn’t feel heard. That’s really something to keep in. And here’s number five. Another technique to Ethically Influence Patients is scarcity and urgency. We humans want what we can’t have. So, creating a real need for something or a time constraint makes patients want it all the more than if it were abundantly available now here’s the thing.

Have your patient coordinator meet with the patient after your exam and recommendation, she presents the quote as if they’re moving forward and then says, Karen, just so you know, Dr. Smith is booked out for the next three months. However, if you want it in sooner, I do have one spot left on this day. And date, does that work for you or would you prefer.

Now I use the word weight strategically since most patients don’t want to wait. So, they’re more likely to take that one day left now rather than wait for. And here’s number six. Another technique to Ethically Influence Patients is called the yes or yes. Question. Nobody likes to be backed into a corner with their yes or no question.

It’s too aggressive and it’s uncomfortable for the patient. However, You need an answer that’s better than I have to think about it. So, here’s a way to be subtle in order to Ethically Influence Patients. So, you sound more professional and not salesy, but you get a better answer. So have your coordinator ask a choice question, for example, “Karen, did you want to go with the mommy makeover or just the tummy tuck or Karen?”

“Our surgical dates are on Mondays and Fridays, which of those works better?” So, when the patient chooses one or the other, they’re moving forward. So just keep going. Now there’s a lot more to Ethically Influence Patients, but this is a great start. Please practice these. So, they come natural to you and watch how easily your prospective patients turn into paying ones when you learn how to Ethically Influence Patients.

Catherine Maley, MBA: Thank you so much for your time. And that’s going to wrap it up for us at Beauty and the Biz. So, if you enjoyed it, please head over to Apple Podcasts and give me a review and subscribe to Beauty and the Biz so you don’t miss any episodes. And of course, please share this with your staff and colleagues.

And if you’ve got any questions or feedback, you can go ahead and leave them at my website at, or you can certainly DM me on Instagram @CatherineMaleyMBA.

Thanks so much. And we’ll talk again soon.

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