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How to Make $50K in One Hour (Ep.148)

Hello and welcome to Beauty and the Biz where we talk about the business side of cosmetic surgery and How to Make $50K in One Hour.

A typical surgeon spends 2 full days per week in “clinic”, meeting with prospective patients who are considering cosmetic rejuvenation. 

These would-be patients take up a lot of your time, not to mention your staff’s. Then you all hope they say yes so you don’t feel like this was a waste of a day.

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How to Make $50K in One Hour

Time is money and you too can learn how to make $50K in one hour.

Sometimes, you’re happy and fulfilled because a majority of them booked, and other days, you leave the office frustrated nobody booked and you wonder why you bothered showing up.

There is a different approach available to you that saves you a lot of time, makes you more money and it becomes a patient-attraction asset that works for you for years….for free.

In this week’s Beauty and the Biz Podcast, I talk about how your own cosmetic patient webinar brings would-be patients to you in a “1-to-many” consultation. 

You’ll discover:

  • WHY you want to do your own cosmetic patient webinar
  • HOW to set it up and which technology to use
  • HOW to market it, the agenda, the follow up and more….
  • LEARN how to make $50K in one hour!

Enjoy and I look forward to your feedback –


How to Make $50K in One Hour

Catherine Maley, MBA: Hello, and welcome to Beauty and the Biz where we talk about the business and marketing side of plastic surgery. I’m your host, Catherine Maley, author of Your aesthetic practice – What your patients are saying, as well as consultant to plastic surgeons, to get them more patients and profits. Now today’s episode is called “How to Make $50K in One Hour”.

So, how do you learn how to make $50K in one hour? Well, you don’t do it by charging more or doing surgery faster, or letting staff go just in case. That’s what you were guessing. Instead, you make a quick $50K in one hour by getting online and making a presentation to prospective patients. Interested in what you have to say now, before you completely close your mind to this idea, because you’re uncomfortable talking online, or you don’t know what to say.

Or don’t know how technology works. Hear me out. Think of this online cosmetic patient webinar as a one-to-many consultation. Aren’t you super comfortable consulting with would be patients on solutions to their problems? I mean, don’t you currently live? What are you, do you listen to their concern? Do you make recommendations based on those concerns?

And then you most likely show them social proof of what they can expect. Right? Well, you do the same thing on a patient webinar to a much larger and how to make $50K in one hour. Only it’s easier because they’re not interrupting or arguing with you. If you’re looking for a marketing strategy, that’s working now to reach new patients, to fill your surgery schedule.

I promise you a patient webinar makes sense. Now we’re going to look at what a patient webinar can do for you to grow your practice as well as a checklist of webinar, best practices. So here are the benefits of a patient with. Online learning has grown dramatically with so many consumers working at home and meeting online version.

A patient webinar where you can learn how to make $50K in one hour makes sense to use as a lead generation tool. That’s because they’re used to it now, they’re comfortable with the technology. So, consumers today are used to also getting their information in longer webinar format. So, this media channel works well when you have important educational content to cover, especially with visual.

It’s the one-to-many format. So, think of it as a cosmetic consultation for a big group that reaches so many more prospective patients in the least amount of time. Now patient webinars are a revenue generating event, worth many thousands of dollars to you when you get it. You want to solidify relationships with your current patients and you are introduced to new prospective patients through your marketing efforts and the attendees can spread the word about your webinar through their personal social media channels, giving you even more exposure to new patients.

Now it also solidifies your brand to help the aesthetic patient. Remember you when they’re ready for cosmetic enhancement, even yourself. But like anything else in life, you get out of it. What you put into it. Now this does take effort. However, once you have this webinar in the can, it can be a patient attraction, workhorse that keeps on giving for years to come.

But first here’s a patient webinar checklist to ensure you have a successful and profitable patient with. It starts with choosing a theme. Now it’s vital. You get this right. Since the title of your webinar will determine the interest level for consumers to attend. Now, I suggest picking one body part or one procedure versus presenting a laundry list of your services.

That’s just too salesy and too infomercial and you won’t be able to figure out how to make $50K in one hour if it’s like that. Like you want to approach this from an educational point. So, for example, which would you rather attend the ABCs of cosmetic rejuvenation? Or can we talk, talk, talk, talk wins hands down because it’s specific focused and talking to a very particular audience who’s interested in.

Now you need a marketing message with very good reasons why your patients and the public want to attend your webinar, which will help pave the way on how to make $50K in one hour. It’s got to be interesting enough to grab their attention. So, fill up your message with benefits they care about. For example, discover how a tummy tuck gives you back your pre-baby body with less downtime, less scarring, less.

Let them know before and after photos will be shown. They’ll hear from actual patients who have had a tummy tuck and special pricing will be offered to the attendees and then encourage them to invite their friends and share the webinar details on their social media platforms. Since all are welcomed.

Now you want to market your patient webinar because it doesn’t matter how great your patient webinar. If nobody knows about it, it does take marketing effort and repetition to spread the word. So, your marketing plan should include email invitations to your current patient list. In-house signage on hold, phone messaging, social media posts, web.

Website banners, text messages social media, like Facebook and Instagram ads, and anywhere else you can think of to spread the word. Now, be sure to invite those prospective patients who came in for a consultation, but never booked and even long-lost patients who would be interested in reconnecting with you. This is key on how to make $50K in one hour.

Now you want to choose a webinar. Now the two most popular online platforms are or go to What I love about either of these platforms is you have consumers register for your webinar by giving you their name, email, and cell phone for texts. Then the platform will automatically send out reminders, which I highly recommend to get you down the road on how to make $50K in one hour.

Unless of course you want to send out your own customized reminders through your own email platform, but I should say it takes a lot of reminders to make sure people not just register, but actually show up now technical glitches are common. So be sure you pick one platform and then you get very comfortable with it so you can be efficient on how to make $50K in one hour.

Then you practice with. To ensure all goes well, when you are alive, now this needs to be audio and visual. So, attendees can see you and the results of your great work and you can market it on more platforms. When you have audio and visual material. Now, then there’s the webinar. You want to talk in a friendly voice and keep it simple show, lots of social proof.

So, the attendees can see your skills and expertise, and there must be a compelling reason for the attendees to do something after they watched the webinar. That’s the whole point to give them the information and social proof. They need to move forward with their own surgical consult. So, think of it as a typical surgical consult, you have regularly Bach.

Think of it as a typical surgical consultation that you do typically, but it’s tweaked for this format. For example, this webinar agenda works well and here it is, you would have the patient coordinator welcome via text. Your patient coordinator would introduce and credential you as the surgeon, the best choice, then you, the surgeon would talk about the process of pre and post baby tummy issues.

And then you would talk about what is it telling me, tuck, and then you would talk about the myths and misconceptions about tummy tucks, and then you would talk about FAQ for a tummy tuck, and then you would show before and after. Have a tummy tuck and then you would have live patient story testimonials from current patients who have had a tummy tuck.

So, you have them on as a guest, then your patient coordinator would offer special pricing for attending the webinar. And then both of you the coordinator, and you would do Q and a with the attendees and you would stay as long as you need. And then there would be a call to action and that. The attendees would be able to call the office or DMU direct message you on social or email you right now to schedule a consultation. This is crucial on how to make $50K in one hour.

But that means you would have staff standing by to respond so that you can begin on how to make $50K in one hour. Right. Right. Now the length of your webinar depends on attendee interaction, because it’s much more important to use your time to answer their questions than to go on and on about the technical aspects of the procedure. Now it should take you maybe 20 at the most 30.

To present and do your show and tell before and after photos while explaining the patient’s concerns and their results, but then open it up to questions and have your coordinator read the questions to you now regarding special pricing. If you normally charge a consultation fee, you can offer it complimentary since they attended your webinar, which further gets them on board so you can make $50K in one hour.

You can also try a $250 gift card towards a tummy tuck again, because they attended yours. You also want to design PowerPoint slides to strengthen and emphasize the points you intend to make in your script, but it should not be your script itself. You have to talk naturally. So, you want to back up your points with as much social proof evidence as possible and make it entertaining.

Think stories, patients love to hear other patient stories about their own. So, show great photos while explaining how the patient ended up in your office, what her concerns were, what you did for her and how fantastic she feels now that she got her pre-baby body back. Now, here are a couple of tips. Be sure your local and website address are updated so. you can make $50K in one hour.

Aren’t every slide just in case attendees, come and go throughout your presentation. They can check out your website to learn more. And you want this webinar to live on for years. So do not refer to anything that dates it, keep it date neutral, and don’t mention anything like holidays coming up. And then lastly, there’s the important, here’s the important part called the post webinar.

Follow up. You did the hard part and now you want to go one step further and follow up with the attendees. Now, since the attendees registered and you’ve got their contact information. You can send them an email, thanking them for attending and reminding them of the webinars, special pricing that expires within 24 hours or by the end of the week, your coordinator can also call the attendees to get their feedback and offer, to schedule a complimentary consultation. You’ll be soon on the road to making $50K in one hour.

Then you can use the same marketing channels you use to invite people to the webinar, to now send out the webinar replay so they can watch it again, forward it to their friends and comment on it in social work to keep reaping the rewards on your “how to make $50K in one hour” efforts. And it will now live forever on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo, and your website. So, it becomes a patient attraction lead magnet automatically.

So, as you can see patient webinars take time and effort, but can be an excellent way to attract new patients to you as well as current patients who want to help you make $50K in one hour. Okay. And that was short, but sweet. I hope you got a lot out of that. Please do me a favor and head over to Beauty and the Biz, and please subscribe and, or give me a review if you feel so inclined.

And then if you’ve got any feedback or questions for me about how to make $50K in one hour, or anything else, feel free to leave them on my website at, or you can certainly DM me on Instagram @catherinemaleymba. That’s it for now. And we’ll talk again soon.

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