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Smarter Marketing for New Patients

Hello and welcome to Beauty and the Biz where we talk about the business side of cosmetic surgery and smarter marketing for new patients.

When it comes to marketing plastic surgery procedures, it takes lots of different ingredients to produce a successful recipe. For example:

  • The design you use to grab attention
  • The message you write to connect
  • The call to action so your audience “self-selects” as a prospective patient

But that’s not enough. You then select free and paid platforms you’ll use to get in front of an audience, but that’s going to take repetition to test the above to be sure you get a good return.


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Smarter Marketing for New Patients
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This week’s Beauty and the Biz Podcast on smarter marketing for new patients simplifies the process for you with tips for smarter marketing for new patients.

Use these first before going off on some shiny-object idea that hasn’t been tested.

You’ll get better results and save yourself time, money and headaches.



Smarter Marketing for New Patients

Catherine Maley, MBA: Here are my tips on smarter marketing for new patients. Don’t waste any more time or money marketing plastic surgery procedures to attract more cosmetic patients until you watch this video because I’ll show you how to spend less while doubling your results. Hello, I’m Catherine Maley, author of Your Aesthetic Practice.

As a matter of fact, from my book, I’ve been interviewed by ABC news, Newsweek and The New York Times. And since year 2000, I’ve been consulting with plastic surgeons all over the world to get them more patients in. To date. I have produced more than $19 million for my clients using creative patient attraction strategies and have taught many practices on smarter marketing for new patients.

And I’m considered the business and marketing partner. Every cosmetic surgery practice needs to survive in this competitive environment. By the way, you’re entitled to a free 30-minute strategy call with me personally, for watching this. So, click on the link below. So, let’s talk about marketing plastic surgery procedures, prospective cosmetic patients have more choices now than ever before.

So, smarter marketing for new patients effectively, it really takes some strategy. So here are five. To do smart marketing. So, you spend less while doubling your results. Well, one defines your preferred patient first. Now when marketing through mass media channels, you’re talking to everybody and nobody you’ve probably heard the saying you can’t be everything to every.

All plastic surgery, patients are not created equal. You have to consider different generational ages, ethnicities, genders, social economics, as well as consumer trends. Target marketing is necessary to fully-capitalize on smarter marketing for new patients. So, you focus in order to save money and get a better result. Cater to the group you consider your preferred cosmetic surgery patients, whether it be a particular age group or.

Then learn the demographics and the needs of that group and be where they are on the internet. The news sources, they follow the blogs they read. And so on. This is important because only a certain percentage of the population will invest in cosmetic enhancement. So, they must self-identify that they’re interested in your services by clicking on your blog podcast, ads, banners, articles, reviews.

Now, with smarter marketing for new patients in the right niche market, you’ll be more profitable. You won’t waste your effort, time or money by throwing out your message to consumers who have no interest in your services. Now here’s to start with your current patients while you’re waiting for your mass market media marketing strategies to take hold, implement some fast-acting marketing strategies that give you revenues.

Now start with your current cosmetic surgery patients. They already know you like you and trust you. That means they’re much more likely to respond to your marketing efforts and bring you new. So, your current patients are also your lowest hanging fruit since a patient who wants to look good today will want that again and again.

So, keep in touch with them via email, text, and social media, and offer an easy way for your patients to refer their friends and family. Now, if you need help with that, check out kiss rewards, It’s my own platform that works like a. Now the best referrals will always come from satisfied, cosmetic patients who were treated well and who got a great result.

But here’s the secret when they do refer someone to you, please thank them and show your appreciation for their support. Because when you make someone feel appreciated, they want to help you even. Here’s number three, Facebook advertising. Use your current patient email list in your Facebook audiences.

When setting up a Facebook ad campaign, this way, your current cosmetic patients will see you in their Facebook stream and that’s smarter marketing for new patients. That alone may compel them to reach out to you or at least like, and share your posts and ads with their friends on Facebook. You also want to add your own patient list as a look-alike audience in your ad campaign.

Facebook will analyze your patient list to send your ad to others that mirror the similarities of your current to help you in smarter marketing for new patients. Here’re four social media booths set up a corner of your office as your social media booth. Just order a customized backdrop, stand with your logo and your website on it. So, all photos and videos show your contact information in the background.

Now, every visiting patient can sing your praises to their social media friends by taking selfies with you and your. You can also interview them about their experience with you and then forward the video to them so they can upload it to their social media platforms and you can do the same. And here’s five.

Lastly, track your “smarter marketing for new patients” results, ask every new patient, how they heard about you. Now there’s plenty of technology to help you do this. You can code your ads, use a special telephone line, or have cosmetic patients present a message for the special offer. You mentioned in your patient emails or social posts or.

Now regularly pull reports to determine where your marketing results are coming from, because that’s where you want to invest your marketing budget. Don’t get. Take the emotion and anecdotes out of it and look at the numbers since they’re facts not fiction. So, the point is when marketing plastic surgery procedures, it takes different messages, different formats and consistency, and a ton of repetition.

To connect with your current patients, as well as your new preferred cosmetic patients. So, you catch them when they’re ready for cosmetic rejuvenation (through smarter marketing for new patients). Because if they aren’t ready for your services today, they really will be three months, six months, nine months from now. And you want to be there. So, if you could use some help with this, let’s talk, click on the link below to schedule a free strategy call with me to map out your own marketing plan for better results and for smarter marketing for new patients.

Catherine Maley, MBA: Thank you so much for your time. And that’s going to wrap it up for us at Beauty and the Biz. So, if you enjoy it that, would you please head over to Apple Podcasts and give us a review or subscribe to Beauty and the Biz.

And if you’ve got any questions for me or some feedback, you can go ahead and leave them at my website, which is or you can certainly DM me on Instagram @CatherineMaleyMBA. Thanks so much. And we’ll talk again soon.

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Catherine Maley

Catherine Maley

Catherine is a business/marketing consultant to plastic surgeons. She speaks at medical conferences all over the world on practice building, marketing and the business side of plastic surgery. Get a Free Copy of her popular book, Your Aesthetic Practice: What Your Patients Are Saying View Author Profile.


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