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There are many reasons your patients don’t do what you ask. Maybe they don’t want to or maybe they can’t remember what you told them to do and they’re too embarrassed to ask. Another reason is they never even heard you in the first place. Somehow, their mind drifted off or they were intimidated by you or they were distracted and it just never registered.

You can talk louder. Or you can yell. Or you can try screaming but I’m pretty sure you shouldn’t. Might I suggest storytelling to get your message through? Story telling is seductive. It’s personal and it’s memorable. If you don’t believe me, just think back how many cliffhangers kept you coming back week after week to your TV set.

People crave great stories. That’s what Hollywood is based on. So wrap your instructions in stories about other patients and what happened to them (of course no names should be mentioned). Or tell a story about you or a family member who did or did not listen to you – just be creative so your patient not only listens to you but can even recount the story when they get home. Just try it and see if —–your patients hear you better with stories.


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