Why Do You Practice Aesthetic Medicine?

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At this point, you might be questioning your decision to get into aesthetics. If you’re like other aesthetic practices, you’re probably down 30-70% and don’t see an end in sight.

So, are you ready for a pep talk?

You know you don’t like where managed care is going and you are sure that it’s not going to get better so you were smart to look for other revenue streams.  You know you want to practice medicine your way and not have your relationships with your patients dictated to by the government.  You now the paperwork nightmare was killing you and draining your staff.

And, on the more positive side, you most likely want to help those patients who have the need and the financial wherewithal to afford aesthetic enhancement so they look good and feel great – thanks to your skill and expertise.

We all know this sluggish economy is not going to stay like this forever but, for now, circle your wagons and reconnect with your current patients.  They may need to dig deeper to justify your services so help them with:

–         new and improved technology
–         patient events
–         education on what’s new in the world of aesthetic enhancement
–         offer themed, limited-time only offers with tight expiration dates

Reach out and communicate with your patients so they come back now and later.  This will give you added enthusiasm for aesthetic medicine and help you stay open to opportunities available all around you.


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