Can you answer YES to these 9 practice-growth fundamentals?


Are you keeping up with the times or falling behind? Find out now by checking off what you ARE doing to stay competitive and relevant with my cosmetic surgery practice assessment. Of course, let’s talk if you’re NOT satisfied with your results.
  • 1. We have a system in place to respond to leads immediately.
  • 2. We convert at least 70% of leads because we have a system to attract preferred patients.
  • 3. We follow up systematically and professionally on all leads that do NOT convert.
  • 4. Staff is friendly and well trained to professionally convert callers and consults.
  • 5. We Systematically Ask for Referrals, Reviews and Retention.
  • 6. We Have a System to Take Lots of Great Before/After Photos.
  • 7. We Have a Social Media Plan that is Effective Because Results are Tracked.
  • 8. We Track Promotional Efforts to Justify the Expense.
  • 9. We Can Easily Pull Reports to Help Us Make Better Decisions.
  • 10. Are We On Track to Reach Our Financial Goals This Year?
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