“Practice Gaps: Where You Lose Patients and Profits Every Day and Don’t Know It”

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The biggest problem I see after working with practices all over the country for the past 14 years is most practices focus on one thing:

new leads and calls ONLY.

So, what is that the best way to grow your practice?

Is it SEO?

Is it PPC?

Is it Directories?

Is it Social Media?

Is it Mobile Marketing?

Is it Word-of-Mouth Referrals?

This is only a partial list but, as you can see, the list seems to be endless,
and many doctors are getting overwhelmed. And this leads to ONE of the
two following outcomes:

a) You don’t do anything (because you’re confused about the “best”
way to grow your practice and that means you remain stagnant
but we all know if you’re not growing, you’re dying or….

b) You do everything and chase every shiny object – buying into the
hype and false promises of slick marketers who sell you the latest
gimmick but does it really help you grow your practice with loyal,
raving fans who pay, stay and refer?

How do you grow your aesthetic practice?

So, what’s the right approach to growing your practice so you enjoy going into
the office every day, working with a supportive staff you are proud of, and meeting
with patients who say YES to you after you spend hours consulting with

The right approach is to stop, think it through and then strategically make decisions
based on solid data so you can create processes that build your practice with quality
patients who becoming raving fans who return, refer and give you good reviews.

For example, when all of your time, money and efforts pay off and the phone rings
with a prospective patient asking about a procedure, what happens?

–  Do they book an appointment?

–  Do they show up when they say they will?

–  Are they cordial to your staff and open to sharing with them?

–  Are they “pre-sold” on you or are they shopping around?

–  Are they ready to say yes (versus the dreaded, “I’ll think about it”)?

If you CANNOT say yes to the above questions, you have gaps costing you dearly
in patients and profits.

It’s not ALL about leads. 

It’s about what you do with these leads that makes you successful.

Join me on my next Webinar where I lay out the perfect Patient Attraction and
Conversion Blueprint that fills in the gaps costing you dearly in more patients and
more profits.

You may be surprised to discover how small tweaks create big results almost

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