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Lots of wannabe aesthetic physicians who wish they were successful aesthetic surgeons are in a constant search for the hot opportunity.

They’re searching for the next hot patient opportunity, the killer conversion strategy, or anything else that promises the secret shortcut to eliminating what’s currently holding them back.

Their thinking being, I’d imagine, that aesthetic surgeons who are successful are successful because they know something that everyone else doesn’t like the cutting-edge thing, the inside track, the search engine loophole, the backdoor pay-per-click bidding strategy, the social media strategy that never fails, etc…

In other words, what most physicians seem to believe about successful  surgeons is that they’re lucky. They believe it’s easier for these successful surgeons because their market is not as saturated as yours and the Recession didn’t hit their patients as hard as it hit yours.

In other words, the thinking goes… sure things are what success is made of… find a sure thing and your success is assured.

But that’s wrong thinking that won’t help anybody win in aesthetics. The most successful surgeons I know aren’t opportunists nor are they lucky.

The most successful surgeons I know are STRATEGIC.

And that’s what Dr. Williams did. Instead of chasing marketing tactics, he took time to create a comprehensive and strategic marketing and business plan. He used a specific formula that allowed him to fill in the blanks.

Creating a strategic marketing plan allowed him to focus on the marketing tactics that REALLY brought him patients and more revenue, marketing that actually worked.

And the best: instead of spending a lot of time trying to learn the latest tactics – and wasting a lot of money on trial and error – he implemented a marketing machine that took his practice from mediocre to a 8-figure practice.

Discover how you can set up your own strategic marketing plan that REALLY brings you more patients and profits.

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