Practice Success Secret #3: Set standards so you never compete on price again

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Have you ever had to compete with groupon?
How about the patients who show up to negotiate with you?

Dr. Williams doesn’t give discounts.
He doesn’t have to deal with price-shoppers.
In fact, he’s charging 10-15% more than his competitors.

How does he do that?

The marketing machine he puts in place does not attract the discount shoppers.

He set new standards and strategically implemented them in his marketing to attract “the right patients”.

The Right Patients who are more than happy to pay premium price for his skills and expertise.

Patients who keep coming back for more cosmetic procedures.

Patients who are raving fans and refer him to their family and friends without asking for anything in return.

Patients who are walking testimonials for the quality of his work and the effectiveness/efficiency of his practice.

The secret is to change your focus to how much that one procedure is worth to you vs. what is the LIFETIME value of NOT ONLY that procedure but the countless OTHER procedures you get when that patient returns again and again and refers their friends and family.

So the take-a-way is to NOT attempt to sell everything to the patient on their first visit. It’s much more valuable to build a long-term relationship and you do that by focusing on what value, benefit, advantage or increased results you can give your patients so they won’t be able to do anything but buy from you – and buy for a lifetime.

Discover how to attract “profitable” patients without discounting at my upcoming Webinar where I interview Dr. Williams to get more details.

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What would you like to ask Dr. Williams about price-shopping patients?

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