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Here’s what I know for sure (since I am this type of patient and I have many friends who feel the same way):

Your preferred aesthetic patient wants a trusting relationship with a skilled, experienced, professional surgeon who cares about her and gives her what she wants:  confidence in her looks and how she feels about herself.

This preferred patient is searching for her own “go-to” aesthetic physician who will keep her looking and feeling great throughout the years.  If you think about it, she has endless needs so she’ll designate you, or someone else, to be her Go-To Aesthetic Physician.  If you ignore her, she’ll wander around to a host of your competitors to keep her looking good with Botox, fillers, lasers and surgery.

I promise you, if you took good care of her, gave her a nice experience and good result, AND kept in touch with her so she knew you cared, you would see all or most of her aesthetic budget– and not just the little bit you see now.


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