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I was reviewing ASPS stats from 2011 and it dawned on me how you could save a ton on money on promotion.

Rather than advertise to the entire world, why not focus on the most likely candidates for aesthetic rejuvenation.
Here are the stats:
40-54 year olds make up 48% of total cosmetic procedures performed. That’s 6.4 million cosmetic procedures; and,
55 and over make up 25% at 3.4 million; and,
91% are females
So, if you take a hybrid of those stats, your sweet spot patient is a female 45-60 years old since they make up approximately 73% of the total.
Now you just need to be where they are. Find out by asking your patients in this demographic what they watch on TV/cable, listen to on the radio, websites and blogs they frequent and so on. It’s a much better use of your marketing budget because they are more likely to want your services.
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