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There is one more false belief that can cripple your effective interactions with your aesthetic patients and that is the one about money – or lack thereof.

If you and your staff believe “nobody has any money”, “they can’t afford it” and “my patients are cheap”, you will project those beliefs onto your patients so they don’t buy as well as your prospective patients who will appear cheap to you because that is what you believe.  But please consider this:

If pricing was the only determining factor, then:

  • – everyone would drive a Honda
  • – everyone would wear a Timex watch
  • – everyone would shop at Walmart
  • – everyone would eat at McDonalds and so on..

I promise you, the majority of your aesthetic patients are not looking for the cheapest price but they are looking for a good result at a fair price so it’s the value they want.

The point is if your patient is only concerned about price, it’s because you haven’t educated them about other variables they should consider when choosing an aesthetic physician.


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