Promoting Minimally-Invasive Procedures Using In-House Marketing – Part 2 of 4

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Use In-House Marketing to promote MI procedure to ensure every patient who walks through your office knows about every treatment, procedure and product you offer.  You never want to hear a patient say, “I didn’t know you did that” while having it done elsewhere.

Display albums full of before/after patient photos of other patients who have gotten great results from your MI procedures.  You can use the vendor’s at first but start collecting your own photos and the more, the merrier.  Also, be sure to collect photos of different skin types so the patient can relate to their own skin concerns.  Include patient testimonials since it’s more compelling for a patient to tell another patient about their own experience.

Use your vendor marketing kits filled with their posters, brochures, t-shirts, lapel pins and any other Ask Me About tools made available to you.  And, use your own customized materials as well.

By the way, it’s a good idea to turn your business card into your working networking card.  You do that by adding your services to it so a patient who pulls your card weeks or months from now will recall all you offer and mention you to their friends.  And, go one step further, have business cards made up with a special First Time Offer to be handed out to prospective patients who are interested in MI procedures.

Use tools such as skin analysis systems and computer imaging to help the pt visually see their own skin damage and concerns as well as the results they can expect.  Pictures really do say a thousand words and nothing is more compelling than seeing your own skin concerns.

And Gift certificates build word of mouth referrals as well as your database.

Offer beautifully-designed gift certificates by setting up a display at your checkout that includes a gift bag and tissue along with a sign that says, “Need a Quick Gift?”

The busy aesthetic patient who is checking out and has their wallet open will appreciate the convenience and will most likely add it on to their order.

Institute your own Refer a friend program.

We all know the best prospective patient is a referred patient.  They are already pre-sold on you, are much less price conscious and more apt to stay loyal to you.

Encourage your patients to refer their friends, family and colleagues to you by telling them you would love more patients just like them. And when they do refer someone, be sure to show your appreciation.  Send them a Thank you note, call them to thank them and for multiple referrals send them a gift card or invite them in for a complimentary treatment from your staff.

But always remember, good news travels fast but bad news travels even faster so be sure every patient has a good experience with your practice every time.

Need more tips, tactics, strategies and resources to drive patients to your practice? Watch my free videos now.

Thank You, and I encourage you to leave any comments or questions below.

Article by Catherine Maley, MBA, Author, Your Aesthetic Practice and President, Cosmetic Image Marketing

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