Promoting Minimally-Invasive Procedures Using Internal Marketing – Part 3 of 4

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Now let’s talk about promoting your MI procedures using internal marketing to your current patients.  I highly recommend starting there. Your #1 asset is your database since they are your low-hanging fruit.

They already know, like and trust you and they are much more apt to respond to your marketing efforts.

By the way, next to email marketing, direct mail is still the cheapest form of promotion today because it’s so targeted since it’s going to people who know you versus advertising to total strangers.

And, you use direct mail to reactivate patients. Such as those you haven’t seen for a long time, those who came in for a consultation but didn’t book and those who need to return to finish their treatments.  Some of those patients were simply saying, “Not Now” or “Not Yet”.  Educate your patients about MI procedures using:

  • Patient newsletter
  • Fun postcards
  • Email messages
  • Birthday cards
  • In-House Seminars
  • Open House
  • Vendor-sponsored events

How to Price MI Procedures

Since MI procedures often entail multiple txs. Sell packages they pay for up front.

This ensures they visit several times and gives you the opportunity to bond with them and it also helps ensure they receive the best result possible.  Otherwise, there’s a chance you told them they needed 3-5 tx, they came in for one, never returned and now tell their friends it didn’t work.

Give them choices of packages that cross-promote comparable products and services so they decide which package to go with rather than decide if they should do it at all.

Here are some examples….

Free underarm LHR with leg LHR package.  The reason being if the aesthetic pt has hair concerns on one part of their body, they most likely have it on other body parts.

Buy 4 and the 5th treatment is free – Free is always a good word in promotion.

Buy a facial package and get LHR ½ off.  The point here is to introduce them to other comparable services you offer since an aesthetic patient. is most likely interested in lots of different treatments that keep them looking their best.

Every 4th visit = free product and that introduces them to your product lines.

Need more tips, tactics, strategies and resources to drive patients to your practice? Watch my free videos now.

Thank You, and I encourage you to leave any comments or questions below.

Article by Catherine Maley, MBA, Author, Your Aesthetic Practice and President, Cosmetic Image Marketing

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