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Odds are you lost patients this past year.  And, odds are, you can’t say for sure how many you lost, who you lost, why you lost them (it’s not all about the economy) or where they went and are now.

If you do nothing different, you’re going to experience lost patients again this year and in bigger numbers.  You can tell yourself patients today just want discounts are whatever else makes you feel better by not taking any responsibility for losing these valuable patients.

So here’s my advice to take or leave:

A great way to make more money is to STOP losing patients. It would take a minimal amount of effort and money to keep in touch and keep these patients coming back for more and referring their friends.

How much should you invest in keeping these patients?  Determine what a patient is worth to you for their lifetime, what it costs to replace them (16x that amount) and there’s your answer.

You have an opportunity here if you see it.  Most aesthetic physicians do nothing or very limited effort doing anything proactive to retain and keep patients.

There’s your opportunity.


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