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Playing it safe is a dying strategy.  Nothing is safe anymore. Change is the new constant. The world has turned upside down and you can’t hide and you can’t keep doing the same things you’ve been doing and expect a decent outcome.
The challenge is to wake up and see what’s going on around you. We all know the media changed but so have your aesthetic patients. They don’t get information like they used to, they don’t make decisions like they used to and they don’t just show up on your doorstep like before.

You must proactively engage, re-engage and nurture these patients with new strategies they’ll respond to.  For example,

Rather than a newsletter >>>         personalized letter

Rather than an email    >>>            direct mail invitation

Rather than a brochure  >>>          an interactive Website

Less impersonal           >>>            more personal

Less patient contact     >>>            more Face Time with patients

The key word here is to PERSONALIZE. Aesthetic patients want to feel special and they want a connection with you.


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