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One of the biggest secrets in aesthetic marketing that increases the response to your offers is….multiple exposures. The more times an aesthetic patient hears and sees your name, the more comfortable they will be with you and trust that you are the perfect solution for them.

Another way to get multiple exposures is through combinations of media. If at the same time your patient is receiving mail from you, they also see your ad in the local newspaper and their girlfriend mentions you… that’s powerful and compelling for them to call you since they feel as if they know you better.

Multiple exposures gives your patients instant recognition of your name and practice and a much better chance of them responding to your promotional efforts because they are mentally saying, “Oh yes. I know you.” and is now much more receptive to you.

Here are other low costs things you can use for multiple exposures to your aesthetic patients:

#1: A uniform business image – colors, your name, a logo carried over to your practice materials, your website, your signage and, of course, all of your advertising.

#2: Repetitive contact with fewer aesthetic patients rather than just one contact with a large number of prospective patients.

#3: Distribution of your brochures and business cards to strategic alliances.

#4: The sponsorship of a community event.

The point is to stay in front of your patients as well as your prospective patients. Because, when they are finally ready for aesthetic enhancement, they are going to look up and look for answers and you better be there for them!

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Article by Catherine Maley, MBA, Author, Your Aesthetic Practice
and President, Cosmetic Image Marketing

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