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Ask Catherine:

…is a weekly post where I select and personally respond to one question received from my consults, Webinars, emails or talks that I believe will help most practices. Please provide your feedback!

Ask Catherine

This Week’s Question:

Dear Catherine,

Every year at this time, we slow down. It makes me nervous because the phones are quiet and the schedule has openings.

I don’t really care WHY this happens at this point. I just need to know what to do about it.

What do you suggest?

Dr. W

Catherine’s Answer:

Hello Dr. W,

Thanks for the great question. You might be happy (relieved) to know that you’re not the only one experiencing this slump right now, so read on.

September has proven to be a slow month for aesthetic rejuvenation in general.  However, it’s NOT slow for those practices willing to put in the extra effort to encourage cosmetic patients to make time for themselves.

These cosmetic patients may have busy lives BUT life is still changing all around them. By that I mean… the aging process continues, they still have yearly events they want to look great for and social/emotional trends are in play ALL year such as divorce, dating, job hunting, etc.

Here are quick and easy ways to encourage these patients to visit you NOW so you stay busy and get over the September Slump…


Put Your Vendors to Work

Your vendors care a lot about you growing your practice using their products and services so let them help you.

They can orchestrate an event showing off their “stuff,” demonstrating results, and oftentimes, they can use their own resources to financially back up the marketing and costs of an event.  Call them today!

“On the Fence” Patient Follow-Up

Send a heart-felt letter to any patient who came in for a consultation but didn’t book. Show you understand what a big decision it is to spend time and money to look their best and reiterate how other patients felt the same; however, they loved their result when they decided to move forward. Now include a gift card for them to come back in to talk again or to experience a smaller procedure.  Have it expire September 30th to add a sense of urgency.

“We Miss You” Phone Call

Go through your patient records of those patients you loved but haven’t seen for awhile.  Let them know you welcome them back to your practice and offer them a special “We Miss You” procedure of a new treatment you offer or one they would most likely be interested in – this month only.

Sharpen Your Staff’s Skills – ½ Off + Free Shipping

When you’re slow, it’s more important than ever to sharper your skills so you don’t lose any potential cosmetic patients on the phone when they call you or in person when they visit you for a consultation.

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