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If 70% of your new aesthetic patients are not coming from current patient referrals, shame on you.

Today’s fragmented media outlets have your preferred patients scattered all over the universe so there’s no easy way to get to them so you have to spend way more money trying to be everywhere they are – very expensive, tiring and ineffective.

Truly successful aesthetic practices know that word-of-mouth referrals are the life blood of their practice and well worth the effort.

The majority of patients I interviewed for my book, Your Aesthetic Practice, told me they would have referred you to others if they were only asked.

You cannot take patient referrals lightly.

Set up systems to help ensure your patients brag about you to their friends and family.

And, then by all means, thank your patients through personal thank you calls, thank you note cards and thank you gifts.

Your patients must feel appreciated and encouraged to refer to you because behavior that is rewarded is repeated.


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